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Chlorine Bleach Alternatives for Laundry

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Washing light colored laundry without chlorine bleach.

Keeping laundry white can be a challenge without the use of bleach. This guide contains chlorine bleach alternatives for laundry.


Solutions: Chlorine Bleach Alternatives for Laundry

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Tip: Using Borax Instead of Bleach

When washing whites, use borax rather than bleach to whiten. Bleach can cause yellowing if used a great deal and will eat holes in your clothes after a number of uses. I find borax is a better whitening agent for the fabrics I wear.

By Walker

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Here are questions related to Chlorine Bleach Alternatives for Laundry.

Question: Disinfectant For Laundry Other Than Bleach

What can I use in a laundry load (besides bleach) to disinfect colored clothing after a child has been ill and has soiled underclothing and bedding?

By SLL from MO


Most Recent Answer

By Connie P. [26]08/12/2010

I buy a 40 oz. bottle of Pine Glo from Dollar Tree to use as a disinfectant/cleaner. Just pour about 1/4 - 1/2 cup in with original wash cycle along with detergent. Cheap and effective. This stuff lasts a long time and very cheap. Hope this helps. Connie

Question: Chlorine Bleach Alternatives

I have tried using hydrogen peroxide as a non-chlorine bleach. But my whites were not as white as I thought they would be. What else can I try?

By Glenda from Arlington, TX


Most Recent Answer

By BJ [19]10/24/2009

For years people have used Mrs. Stewart's bluing to make whites look whiter. I have just recently started using it & it does seem to help. BJ