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Question: What kind of dog is this? (Chow Mix?)

Chow Mix?This is my 2 and half month old PAPAYA. Please somebody tell me what kind of dog he is.

Thank you!
Kina from Tuggerah

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In Memory of Gentle Benjamin (Chow - Retriever Mix)

Gentle Benjamin Louis Stephens was 18 years old. He was a Chow and Golden Retriever. I got Gentle Ben from a shelter in Pennsylvania; he was a 4 week old beaten puppy and his name was B.D for Battered Dog which we, of course, changed.

Benny was a amazing boy, my best friend he will always be. I wanted to share with everyone what a great boy he was and is. Ben was born in '95 and has been through all my ups and downs life has given me. I have given a lot to him, but he in return has given me so much more. I had to put him to sleep on February 4, 2011 (the day before my birthday). He was old and in pain and his quality of life was getting bad. As much as it hurt I had to let him go for I am not a selfish person.

I stayed the whole time with him while his journey ended. I laid him on the floor on the blankets and sat and petted him while he got a shot to put him to sleep. I could not bear him going through this alone as I did not want the last person in his life for him to see was a doctor. He went to sleep and I closed his eyes for him as my eyes were full of tears and running down my face. It is a very sad thing to go through when you lose a loved one.

So, I just wanted to share with you the memory of Gentle Ben a wonderful boy. RIP Gentle Benjamin Louis Stephens you will be missed dearly. I love you always and forever. Mommy.

By Sandra

Gentle Benjamin (Chow - Retriever Mix)

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Big Bear (Chow Lab Mix)

Big Bear is 4 years old. Bear is a mixed breed of chow chow and black lab. Bear adopted us 3 years ago. He was allowed to run loose, and became our porch watcher. When his family moved, we invited him to join our family.

Bear loves to play tug of war and gives great "Bear hugs!" Bear was neglected and abused at the beginning of his life. He now gives as much love as he receives. He is a welcomed member of our family and there's never a moment when we aren't protected by him. He's usually laid back, but will jump to attention at the slightest alert.

By Cathy from MI

Big Bear (Chow Lab Mix)

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Cinnamon (Chow-Golden Mix)

My Chow/Golden Retriever mix is 9 months old. Cinnamon was found at a shelter by a family friend after coming from an abusive home. Our friend became no longer able to take care of her. The shelter told our friend that if Cinnamon returned there, she would be put to sleep, so we took her in and have loved her ever since. She is the most playful and affectionate dog. She's well behaved and loves children.

By Joshua

Cinnamon (Chow-Golden Mix)

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In Memory of Harley (Golden/Collie/Chow Mix)

Harley was a 12 year old golden/collie/chow mix. I got her in September 1997. I found her on the side of the road. She loved to go for rides with her head out the window, and she very much loved chasing squirrels. I had her since she was a pup. I have never had a best friend like I had with Harley, we did everything together.

She was very protective of my 4 year old daughter. They loved each other so much. Over the years, she developed cataracts and went blind and had cushings and diabetes. I had to give her shots twice a day. She was a survivor.

You might think that I lost her due to her illness, but actually I lost her due to a freak accident. I had her cremated Aug 18 2009. She sits on a mantel with her death certificate and bookmarks with her paw print and a clipping of her fur. I miss her so much. See you in Heaven, Harley.

By Robin from Whiteland, IN

Harley (Golden/Collie/Chow Mix)

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Kiam (Chow Chow Terrier Mix)

Kiam is about 9 weeks old. She is a Chow chow Terrier mix. :) I got her Aug. 13, 2010. She likes to bite everyone's foot or hand. She's very playful and intelligent. She loves to eat a lot.

By Eula

Kiam (Chow Chow Terrier Mix)

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Boo (Chow/Lab Mix)

Boo is our 5 year old Chow/Lab mix. This dog wandered in my yard about 6 months after our 14 year old dog passed away. We posted flyers trying to find the owner, and tried to give him away after no one claimed him.

He likes to play catch. He has many toys, but he has one favorite white ball that he loves for us to throw or kick and he catches it. He lost that particular ball for a few days, and really missed it.

This dog "found" us when we were grieving for our other dog. I tried so hard not to fall "in love" with him. He had beady little eyes, but those eyes saw way down to my heart and I gave in. We think our dog that passed made it to heaven and told God how lonesome we'd be, and to send us another companion, not a replacement, but another one to love. He does some things sometimes that remind me of my late dog, and he warms my heart. He thinks he's the size of a Maltese! We do believe he was sent to us for a reason.

By Denise from GA

Closeup of Boo looking up at the camera.

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Dozer (Chow-Shepard)

Dozer is 11 years young. Dozer is a Chow-Shepard. I got him from a Shelter Adoption. He likes to grab a toy of his choice, sneek up behind me and nudges his head between my knees while I am standing, like peek-a-boo Mom, I want you to play with me with this toy. If I spread my stance, he walks right between my legs and turns around, like "Mom I want you to play with me with this." It is so funny.

He has the most beautiful coloring of fur. I turns Red in the summer and is fluffy like a chow but is shorter in length. He also obeys by a snap of a finger! Pretty darn good for a 95 lb. (puppy)

By Marty from Valparaiso, IN

Dozer (Chow-Shepard)

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Lacey (Rottie/Chow Mix)

Lacey is a 9 year old Rottie/Chow mix. I got her for Christmas from my son. She likes to go to the beach and chase the fishes. She loves to dig holes and lay in them to get cool.

By Donna

Lacey (Rottie/Chow Mix)

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Maggie Mae (Chow Chow Mix)

Maggie Mae is one of ThriftyFun's Mascots. Although the TF's mascot family is growing, she was one of the first! Maggie is about 8 years old and a Chow Chow mix. My mom got her through the Northwest Chow Rescue in 2004. Maggie is a chow mix. Photo of Maggie close up.

Maggie goes to the ThriftyFun office everyday along with her sidekick Rocco. This is her favorite part of the day, along with going home (or maybe it is just the car ride). Maggie is a very sweet dog. When you get a treat out she promptly does every trick she knows just hoping one of them will get her the treat!

By Stella

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Billie Holiday and Maggie (Chow Mix)

Here are some of the ThriftyFun Office Assistants. Billie Holiday is a long haired black diva that thinks everything in the house belongs to her. Billie is 8 years old. She likes to walk in front of my computer screen while I'm trying to get the newsletters out. She's hard to see through. Fluff, fluff, purr, purr.

Maggie is a Chow mix that was rescued from an Animal Shelter in Oregon. She had been tied to the fence outside the shelter so no one had any history about her. She had been spayed so someone did care about her at one time. The vet figured she was between one and two when we got her last July and probably had a full blood chow mom and a mixed up dad. She's a sweetie, rarely barks, has good manners and loves to follow the cats around.

Susan from ThriftyFun

Maggie (Chow Mix)

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Sara (Chow Mix?)

Sara is a one and a half year old dog. I'm not sure what breed she is. She looks like a chow and...? I got Sara while stopping at a yard sale in a somewhat bad area, when I got out of the car, I heard a puppy crying.

I saw a man carrying Sara, he had her little legs bent, and he had a gun over his shoulder. All I could do was ask the guy "What are you doing" (I'm like that, explains me often being in trouble but all is well.) He said "I'm gonna kill this dog, I warned her enough." All I could do was tell the man "Let me have her." He said yes and when he let the puppy go, she ran directly to me and I swear she was smiling.

Wow, was my family surprised to see this pretty little girl come up the driveway with me. At first sight they thought she looked more a bear cub than a dog.

My little boy named this dog Sara. He named her for Sara from the Bible because he didn't want Sara to ever look back. Sara blesses our family and we love her very much. Sara always welcomes us with a hug. Sara loves to love. I find it so amazing that animals give far more than they ever take.

By Maryjo from Salem, WV

Sara (Chow Mix?)

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Bruno (Rotti/Chow Mix) and Loosey (Burmese Mtn. Mix)

Bruno is 10 years old and Loosey is 10 months old. Bruno is a Rottie/Chow mix, and Loosey is a Great Pyrenees/Burmese Mountain mix. Loosey is going to be a big girl, already 130 pounds! Both were rescues. They like the beach and riding in the golf cart. We love them the most!

By Marcy from Palm Bay, FL

Bruno (Rotti/Chow Mix) and Loosey (Burmese Mtn. Mix)

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Winston (Chow/Retriever Mix)

This is Winston Ogden Churchill. He is 7 years old and is a Chow/Retriever Mix. I found him when he was about 3 months old at the Humane Society. The moment I saw him "behind bars" my heart just broke into a thousand pieces. I knew he was meant to be part of our family.

He loves the water and also loves to take a ride in the Wrangler to get ice cream. When he's chillin' he resides under our bed (don't you dare stick your hand under the bed to get him because this usually friendly dog will rip your arm off!) He's mostly very friendly...until it's time for a bath. I don't get it, he loves the stream and will lie it all day. But he HATES getting a bath.

By Corinne from Ellwood City, PA

Winston (Chow/Retriever Mix)

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Tucker Lee (Golden Retriever/Collie/Chow Mix)

Tucker Lee is 2 years old. He is a Golden Retriever, Collie and Chow mix. I adopted him from Partners for Paws.

He likes to sit on my lap and play with the cats. He gives high 5's, shakes paws with you and give puppy kisses on command. He is such a sweet natured dog.

By Ida from Circleville, OHIO

Tucker Lee

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Max (Lab, Rock and Chow Mix)

Max is 4 years old and is a Lab, Rock and Chow mix. He was my daughter's pet for 3 years. She moved and couldn't take him with her so I guess I adopted him.

This is my 3 year old grandson, Hunter with our dog Max. (His father named him Hunter because he loves to hunt) They were watching us move furniture around. When I turned around, this is what I saw and grabbed the camera. With little ones you have to grab the moment.

By Barbara from Wiggins, Ms.

Max and young boy

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Chakita (Akita/Chow Mix)

Chakita is 10 weeks old and is an Akita/Chow mix. I got her for my birthday. She likes to play ball and do tricks for cookies. She is very smart. Chakita (Akita/Chow Mix)

By PJ from Oklahoma

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