Cleaning Auto Glass

Cleaning Auto Glass

Right up there with windows, cleaning auto glass is a necessary, if not particularly fun project. This is a guide about cleaning auto glass.


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Tip: Cleaning Auto Glass With Whiting

Easy removal of road grime from automobile glass. Before washing auto, wet the window glass and let most of the water run off. Sprinkle powdered whiting (found in paint dept.) and scrub window with a plastic type kitchen sponge. Leave the powder to dry, now clean all the windows. As you begin to wash the auto, the soap suds will remove the whiting and the glass will be clean. (Whiting is a super fine polish compound; it will not harm glass; but will leave a white powdered residue if you don't wash it off, the same as the old auto waxes.)

By cajun62234 from Collinsville

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Tip: Tips for Cleaning Car Windows

Tips for cleaning a car or trucks windows. Post your ideas.

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Question: Cleaning The Inside of Your Car Windows

I was reading the post about the person who was trying to get wax build up off the outside of their car window. That made me wonder this... what on earth can I use on the inside of my car windows to get them clean and streak free? They don't seem too bad until the sunlight glares off of them and then I can hardly see out them.

Tonya from Tyler, Texas

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By Ann (Guest Post) 03/01/2009

I like the product Invisible Glass with disposable Shop Towels (scott)

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