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Cleaning Cookie Sheets and Bakeware

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Bakeware on White Background

Cookie sheets and other types of bakeware can be frustrating to clean, especially the baked on grease and cooking sprays. This is guide about cleaning cookie sheets and bakeware.


Solutions: Cleaning Cookie Sheets and Bakeware

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Tip: Cleaning Old Stained Cookie Sheets

Put the old cookie sheet in the sink add a little water and add some baking soda and peroxide.Leave it soak for about 1 hour and the grime should wipe right off.

By coville123 from brockville, ontario

Tip: Store Cookie Sheets Lined With Foil

I have two young boys and a very busy life, I found keeping nonstick foil on my cookie sheets and storing them in the oven to be both a money and time saver. I have two cookie sheets; one large and one smaller one. I store them lined with nonstick foil at all times in the oven.

I take them out to preheat the oven and then put whatever I am cooking directly on them and this saves on time since they are always ready to go, space in my cabinets and since I can just re-use them without washing, or remove the foil if it is dirty, and then not have to wash the cookie sheet. This tip saves money and time.

By Cheryllynn from Smithsburg, MD

Tip: Cleaning Bakeware

I was making coffee cake muffins and the brown sugar dripped down into the cups. I filled the tins with water and stuck it back in the hot oven until the oven cooled. Then I took the tin out and washed with soap and water. The baked on sugar was removed with ease.

I even used the method with the bread pans. It works great when you spray them, it loosens the grease and gets rid of the greasy sticky feeling.

By Alice from West Brandywine, PA

Tip: Use Self Cleaning Oven for Hard to Clean Bakeware

Do you have broiler pans or cookie sheets that have build up on them so bad that no matter how hard you scrub them it will not come off? Don't worry, my husband showed me a way to clean them where I don't even have to touch them. Do you have a oven with a self cleaning feature? Well if you do, the next time you fire that puppy up, place your broiler pan, cookie sheet or any solid metal pan in there before you start (no nonstick please) and let the oven do all the work for you.

When the oven is done, just let the pan cool and wipe with a damp cloth. There ya go, shiny as the day you bought it. It costs so much in electricity to clean your oven you might as well get more bang for your buck.

By Melissa from Greeneville T.N.

Tip: Don't Scrub Your Cookie Sheets

Aluminum cookie sheets do much better if you just wash them in the sink. Do not put in dishwasher ever or scrub hard with a metal scrubber. After awhile, your cookie sheets will turn black and be "seasoned" like cast iron and will be practically non-stick.

By littlegamma from Southern, AL

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Here are questions related to Cleaning Cookie Sheets and Bakeware.

Question: Cleaning Baking Sheets

I have heard that you can put your cookie sheets in your self-cleaning oven with no problem and they come out as good as new. Is this really safe? My pans have a lot of black residue on them from constant use and my new oven gets really hot when it cleans. I do not want a flash fire in my oven when I clean!

Thanks for your help,
Marion from Ontario, Canada


Most Recent Answer

By lmc92200003/08/2015

Putting all metal cookie sheets in a self cleaning oven really does work and it does nothing to the oven. The oven heats at temperatures so high that it literally turns anything to ash. That includes all the build up on the cookies sheets. It is perfectly safe and so much easier than any other method.

Question: Removing Baked on Grease on Ceramic Bakeware

How do you get off cooked on grease from the new ceramic bakeware and off of Corningware bakeware? I do not use a cooking or baking spray on these, but the grease always seem to fly and bakes on the rim and the outside of the pans. I won't use the Corningware since my hubby thinks they should be spotless and I cannot get them clean!


By Mary from Hamilton, ON


Most Recent Answer

By Mary [5]02/13/2011

I tried the dishwasher soap and it worked great!

I may try some other ideas after I run out of the soap!


Question: Cleaning Cookie Sheets

I just burnt my grandmother's new cookie sheets while baking cookies. How can I clean them?

By MaKenzie from Norwood, MA

Most Recent Answer

By Maryeileen [76]02/28/2011

Someone asked what she used them for. If you read her post carefully, she said that she burned the cookie sheets. Depending on what they are made of, you could soak them in hot, soapy water for awhile, scrub them, and then put them in the dishwasher.

Question: Cleaning Old Cookie Sheets

I put my old cookie sheets in the self cleaning oven to clean them. Now I have black spots all over them. What do I do to get rid of them?


    By Tim B. [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Pixiedust7 [7]05/24/2015

    In the past, I have used a paste of either Bon Ami or Barkeeper's Friend, and a bit of elbow grease, to scrub spots and baked on stains from aluminum and steel cookie sheets. Just sprinkle some of the powder on the spots, moisten with a drop or two of water, and scrub with a sponge, scrubber or whatever. It usually works.

    Question: Cakepan Safety

    I washed my Wilton cakepans in the dishwasher now they are discolored are they safe to use now?

    By Rick

    Most Recent Answer

    By Jenny08/29/2015

    They are just discolored and will still work fine. I wouldn't put them in the dishwasher anymore--or any aluminum because the dishwashing detergent can not only discolor the metal, but create "pits" in the surface. You want to keep the surface smooth so they are as easy to clean and as "non-stick" as possible. But the discoloration is only a cosmetic effect.

    Question: Cleaning a Sticky Cookie Sheet

    I have a very good quality cookie sheet. Southern Living sold these I believe at home shows years ago. I used it to cook Texas toast and it is now sticky, even after several washings with dish soap. Can I get rid of the "sticky?"

    By Liz

    Question: Cleaning a Metal Cookie Sheet

    I have a very good quality baking sheet, it has burnt food on it. I have tried Comet, dish soap, and soaking it; none have worked. What will work?

    By Leslie

    Question: Cleaning a Burned Cookie Sheet

    I would like to know how to clean burned on food on a cookie sheet?

    By Lucy G. from Wilmington, MA


    Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

    Archive: Cleaning Aluminum Cookie Sheets

    Is there any product that'll clean aluminum tin cookie sheets and pie pans like Easy Off cleans stainless steel and glass? I can't stand the baked on grime anymore!


    RE: Cleaning Aluminum Cookie Sheets

    You will never get it clean. Aluminum is not a good idea too cook on. (08/15/2005)

    By Joyce wis

    RE: Cleaning Aluminum Cookie Sheets

    Aluminum cookie sheets are hard to clean once the fat gets baked on. Depending on how much you value your cookie sheets, there are a couple of things you can try.

    If you don't care too much about them, use steel wool on them. Under running water, very, very lightly scrub the dark brown surface until it flakes away. You'll be able to get most of the guck off. If you are very persnickety about your pans, use a Mr. Clean Eraser and do the same thing. It works more slowly, but you are less likely to scratch or gouge your pans with this product. (08/15/2005)

    By Katie A.

    Archive: Cleaning Cookie Sheets

    I bought new baking sheets and baked some cookies and now the cookies have left stain marks. How do I get them off?

    CyndiT from Plainfield, IL

    RE: Cleaning Cookie Sheets

    I have always used soap filled steel wool pads (SOS pads). If you do a quick light cleaning with them after each baking session your pans will stay nice for years. I'm still using plain aluminum pans and baking sheets I've had (and used continuously) for 30 to 40 years and they still look great. I'd rather have the very faint scratch marks in the aluminum from cleaning with steel wool than have the burned on grease that you get otherwise.

    Here's a neat tip I picked up from a ThriftyFun post: place your used, wet SOS pad on a small square of aluminum foil and it will not rust. This works great. It's probably one of the favorite pieces of information I found on this web site. Another tip, do not put aluminum articles in your dishwasher with dishwasher detergent. It will turn them dark and rough. You can however put aluminum in your dishwasher and run a rinse with "water only" to get the surface gunk off. I do this when I'm cooking for a crowd and want to get a lot of pans rinsed so food won't dry on them before I can give them a good washing. They're out of sight, out of the sink and out of my way until after the meal is served. My kitchen is small, with limited counter space so this works very well for me. (12/24/2006)

    By Grandma Margie

    RE: Cleaning Cookie Sheets

    Even though I have cookie sheets I prefer to buy wax paper and just line my cookie sheets; which cuts down on my clean up time and preserves my somewhat ungodly looking cookie sheet. Once you start cleaning your cookie sheet with any abrasive it looses its luster. (12/24/2006)

    By Ms. Tamie

    RE: Cleaning Cookie Sheets

    Spray the warm sheets with oven cleaner, and place them back inside the oven as it cools. Then remove them and the crud should scrub off pretty easily. (12/25/2006)

    By Linda

    RE: Cleaning Cookie Sheets

    There is a product on the market called "Dawn Power Dissolver". It is made by Proctor and Gamble. We use it in the elementary school kitchen to remove the burned on buildup of grease on all the baking sheets we use. I have used it at home as well, on my aluminum pots and pans. I found it in my local grocery store. It works great. (12/26/2006)

    By Granny Sandy

    RE: Cleaning Cookie Sheets

    Sometimes vinegar will do the trick or the Magic Eraser. (01/05/2007)

    By kimmcg

    RE: Cleaning Cookie Sheets

    I just ordered a product called Magic Sheets, it removed all the oil and grease from my new cookie sheets. it is all organic. I also had baked chicken and I didn't need to soak the pan for hours, it is great. You can find them at (01/27/2008)

    By Kathy

    RE: Cleaning Cookie Sheets

    Not a cleaning solution, but a way to continue to use your cookie sheets that have baked on goo. Purchase one or more Silpats. They are marvelous. Buy one each month as they run around $20. They come in several sizes so price will go up, but they are worth every penny. Never grease another cookie sheet, ever. You can even buy one for your toaster oven. And a great way to prevent grease buildup on new cookie sheets. (05/10/2008)

    By mozark

    RE: Cleaning Cookie Sheets

    Barkeeper's Friend (from Wal-Mart) is the best I've found for stuff like this. I use it all the time and love it. (01/21/2009)

    By Abigail