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Cleaning Dog Drool from Microfiber

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Microfiber Couch.

If you allow your dog to get up on the furniture, you can end up with saliva stains. This guide is about cleaning dog drool from microfiber.



Here are questions related to Cleaning Dog Drool from Microfiber.

Question: Dog Drool on Microfiber (and Microsuede)

I have a microsuede couch that looks horrible, I have three dogs who drool A LOT! Please help tell me how to clean the stains.

Brittany from San Antonio, TX


Most Recent Answer

By Mary (Guest Post)11/08/2008

I use baby wipes! They work well and I have heard it's because of the alcohol in baby wipes and of course the moisture. The secret to a microsuede couch is not to get it too wet or it leaves spots or rings. I have already read on the net just pure rubbing alcohol will get spots out yet I have not tried that.

Question: Cleaning Dog Saliva from Microfiber Couch

I have four dogs. I have slobber from them on my microfiber couch. How do I remove it?

By Nina from Lavallette, NJ


Most Recent Answer

By Jennifer02/06/2010

I would try Windex it has done awesome for us for our micro fiber couch.

Question: Removing Pet Drool Stains on Microfiber Couch

Does anyone know how to get pet saliva stains off a microfiber sofa? My dog chews everything and his saliva drool has made water mark like stains on the sofa

By Pam from Keene, NH

Solutions: Cleaning Dog Drool from Microfiber

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Archive: Dog Drool on Microfiber

How can I get a dog drool stain off my microfiber love seat? Is bringing the cushion covers to a dry cleaners a good idea? Can they get it out or will it hurt the fabric?

Jessica from Parks, Louisiana

RE: Dog Drool on Microfiber

I used this furniture protection stuff that i purchased with my couch, and it works on all the small areas, but i have yet to find a remedy to get the large areas out. (01/20/2007)

By Stephanie Mcalister.

Archive: Cleaning Dog Saliva from Microfiber Couch

My dog loves to take his chew toys onto my microfiber couch. Unfortunately, his saliva makes the couch wet and it seems like it has matted down the microfiber. Now I have whitish stains on my chocolate brown couch, and the fiber is matted down. A friend of mine washes her microfiber cushion covers in the washing machine. That just seems like it would mat down the fibers even more. Does anyone have thoughts or suggestions on this?

Merlynda from San Diego, CA

RE: Cleaning Dog Saliva from Microfiber Couch

I dab ours with rubbing alcohol. It seems to work. (10/03/2007)

By SusannL

RE: Cleaning Dog Saliva from Microfiber Couch

I have the same problem! I just couldn't stand it anymore and removed one of the cushions and put it in the washing machine on the most delicate cycle I have for a very short time with just a drop of detergent. I then put it in the dryer on air only (no heat). It turned out great and I plan on doing the others now. (10/03/2007)

By Sara

RE: Cleaning Dog Saliva from Microfiber Couch

Two things; 1) no fabric softener, and 2) use a garment brush after you put the covers back on to smooth the fabric back to a like-new appearance. Lacking a garment brush, use your vacuum with the upholstery brush attached. (10/05/2007)

By purrplekat