Cleaning Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs

Commercial eggs are cleaned in the processing plants. However, if you buy farm fresh eggs you may be wondering how best to clean them. This is a guide about cleaning farm fresh eggs.


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Tip: Corn Brush for Cleaning Eggs

corn brush

Most of the forums online say to clean your freshly laid eggs by just rubbing them clean with your fingers under hot, running water. This can take quite awhile, especially in the winter when the chickens get everything muddy with their feet. It's also kind of gross. I have found the perfect tool for cleaning my eggs. I use a corn brush, made for de-silking corn cobs. It is a gentle, yet really effective scrub brush.

    By Bella Blue [44]

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    Question: Cleaning Farm Eggs

    How do you clean farm fresh eggs?

    By Kaydee from Mandan, ND

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    By PENNY K [15] 06/16/2010

    Wipe the eggs with a damp and wrung out cloth if there is obvious something on them, otherwise leave them alone. There is a coating on them naturally that keeps bacteria out of the shell/and therefore the egg. The shell is porous to some extent.

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    By Robin Gamroth 12/05/2010

    I have a very good book that is a guide in egg safety. What it states and I use myself, is that because the protective bloom gets washed off, once you wash the egg you need to replace the coating. Discard any eggs that are truly spoiled or truly dirty, dip the egg for 30 seconds in a solution of 1 teaspoon bleach to 1 quart water heated to 101 degrees F, wipe the egg dry with a paper towel or clean rag, then rub the egg with vegetable oil before refrigerating to prolong shelf life. I hope this helps.

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