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Cleaning Foggy or Hazy Headlights

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Hazy Headlights on VW Rabbit

Headlight covers over time can become yellowed or hazy. This is a guide about cleaning foggy or hazy headlights.


Solutions: Cleaning Foggy or Hazy Headlights

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Tip: Repairing Foggy Yellowed Vehicle Headlights

Someone was just asking about a remedy for yellowed dingy headlights so I thought I would share with everyone what ended up working for me. My car headlights were horribly yellowed after 12 years of ignoring them. I could barely even see when driving at night because that's how bad they were!

Headlight lens restoration kits are $20.00 or more and contain enough supplies for a one time only use. For about the same price you can purchase the items in larger quantity separately and will then have enough supplies leftover for future restorations, and even to use on other projects, plus you might already have some or all of the items needed already on hand to do the job.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Wash the lenses very well with soapy water, rinse and wipe dry.
  2. Dip a corner of a rag in denatured alcohol (you can purchase it at paint stores and most hardware stores), rub it on the lens in a circular motion, repeat if necessary, until the lens loses at least the majority of the yellow coloration and then rinse.
  3. Quick soak a piece of 800 grit wet sandpaper in water, then sand the lens using small, circular motions until all yellowing is removed, then repeat using quick soaked 1,000 grit sandpaper and then again with quick soaked 2,000 grit sandpaper until lenses are smooth.
  4. It is a must to apply a coat of car wax afterwards to protect the lenses! Rub the wax on in a circular motion with a clean rag and then buff out after a couple of minutes.

By Deeli from Richland, WA

Tip: Cleaning Hazy Headlights

Recently I noticed the headlights on both my car and especially my son's car were quite hazy, thus reducing visibility at night. I purchased a cleaning kit at the automotive store, (not cheap,) which involved several steps, but didn't notice much difference in clarity of the headlights on either car. Before photo. After photo.

Two weeks ago, I was washing the cars and decided to use one of those white scrubber sponges you see advertised on TV. (Not mentioning any names, as the generic type work just as well, and are a good deal cheaper.) It looks like a little brick, and cleans just about anything. I had used one to remove tar and bug residue from my car exterior before, so thought I might give it a try on the headlights while I was at it. What a great idea! It did a wonderful job on the headlights of both cars, and took just a few minutes. My car was parked in the shade, so these pictures don't do justice to the before and after difference, but trust me, the small investment you make will be well worth it!

By Donna from San Diego, CA

Tip: Cleaning Headlights

If your automotive headlights get yellow or dirty, try to clean them with some rubbing compound. Just make a past and rub it into the headlight plastic covers and then wipe off. They will come clear like new. I have done this for many of my customers who were going to buy new headlights because the cover is so dim they could not see clearly at night.

The rubbing compound is also great to make old paint look new. Make a paste and wax your car with it and the when the shine returns, use some good wax to keep it looking new.

By Jackie the Lemon Pro from L.A., CA

Tip: Baby Oil for Foggy Headlights

I wouldn't do this unless your headlights are old, very yellowed, and foggy. If your headlights are already damaged as in you've used sandpaper and/or restorer and NOTHING is bringing them back from the fog, you can use baby oil on a paper towel and buff until clear after you wash them well.

    By htbass [1]

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    Question: Foggy (Or Hazy) Windows in Car

    Does anyone else have a problem with the inside of your windshield fogging up? It almost looks like a haze. Turning on the defroster does not help. I've tried water and ammonia. That works for a few days, then it's back again. Maybe I put too much water or ammonia in the bottle.



    Most Recent Answer

    By Andy (Guest Post)12/27/2008

    Hi folks, I bought a used 2002 Montana in December when it was very cold. Windows fogged up so much I couldn't see out the side windows at all. No smell of coolant. After spending many hours of investigation, I finally discovered the problem. In the back of the glove box there is a compartment which contains air filters. I removed the air filters and looking inside with a flashlight I saw in the very back, a little higher on the firewall, a plastic door which was shut. I gently opened it. Now fresh air gets in and NO more FOG. I hope I just saved you some time so you can spend it with your family. -Andy
    amolter2002 AT

    Question: Using a Brillo Pad on Cloudy Headlights

    Could a Brillo pad be used to remove the film and oxidation that is on the headlight lenses? I have used the toothpaste method and the baking soda method and neither helped.

    By Gary


    Most Recent Answer

    By Deanj08/19/2011

    If is on the inside why have companies made a product to restore the outside of the lens and not the inside of the lens.

    Question: Repairing Cloudy Headlight Lens

    Could a Brillo pad be used to remove the film and oxidation that is on the lens? Also, I would not use much pressure, but the cloudiness seems to remain. I have used the toothpaste method and the baking soda method and neither helped. Thanks if you could answer this question.

    By Gary

    Most Recent Answer

    By ccdomonic09/15/2011

    The cloudiness is caused by sun damage to the outer surface of the plastic lens which has to be removed. You could use 2000 grit, wet and dry paper auto cutting compound or auto cutting polish, and a bit of elbow grease will bring them up like new.

    Question: Headlight Dingy and Yellowed

    How you do remedy the dingy yellow film on vehicle headlight lens?

    By Suzyn

    Most Recent Answer

    By MJ [2]10/25/2012

    Clean a clouded headlight lens with toothpaste. Use a soft cloth.

    Question: Cleaning Headlights

    How do I clean automobile headlights? Mine are really stained. I know they have the kits, and the pros, thanks!

    By Bella B from Houston, TX

    Most Recent Answer

    By HAPPYINHARNED [13]02/05/2012

    I have read about cleaning them with brake fluid. Have not tried it but I will try it first when need to. Good Luck.

    Question: Plastic Headlight Covers Aren't Clear Anymore

    What can be done for interior cloudiness of headlight covers?

    By Kacky from Wrightsville Beach, NC

    Most Recent Answer

    By 2Paladin02/07/2011

    The yellowing you see is oxidation from sun exposure. There are degrees of oxidation, and the degree to which it can be removed depends on how much work you are willing to do. The only way to completely restore a yellowed headlight is to remove the oxidation, exposing new live plastic.

    If there is extensive micro cracking deep into the plastic, the headlight may not be restorable, but surface oxidation and micro-cracking can be successfully removed. The trick is to remove just enough plastic to make the lenses clear again and then protect them from future damage.

    Yes, the creams and pastes will work to some extent in making the lens look clearer temporarily, but this is mostly a result of filling in the micro pitting / cracking on the damaged lens, and doesn't last. They are a quick cheap temp fix at best. The kits such as the ones made by Permatex, Meguires and Turtle Wax do work really well, but you have to follow the instructions exactly, or you will damage the headlight, as some here apparently have. One trick I have found that helps is to if at all possible, remove the headlight from the vehicle, as it makes it a lot easier to do a proper job.

    Now to the kits. They are all basically the same in that they have 1) Abrasive sheets, pads, or sandpaper, usually in grits of 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, and 3000. 2) Some sort of polishing fluid or paste. The trick with the abrasives is to start with the FINEST one that will remove the oxidation (1000 grit is the coarsest I'll start with) and to keep the headlight and the sandpaper pad very wet. Soak the paper for a few minutes in water, and keep a spray bottle of water handy to keep the headlight and paper wet.

    Spray the headlight, the, sand back and forth in one direction with the 1000 grit (keep it wet) until most of the oxidation is off and you have a smooth surface. Then wipe the residue off with a wet terry cloth towel, and switch to 1500 grit, sanding 90 degrees to the direction you did with the 1000 grit. (Again keeping everything very wet.) Wipe it off again and now go to the 2000 grit, 90 degrees from the direction of the 1500 grit. lastly, wipe it down one more time and repeat with the 2500 or 3000 grit.

    Now wipe off all the sanding residue, take a clean terry cloth rag and use the polishing paste or liquid liberally, and polish in a circular motion, until the lens becomes clear and shiny. Step back and admire your hard work.

    The Turtle wax restoration kit comes with a lens sealing wipe, that you apply in one direction, then let cure for 24 hours which will prevent re-oxidation. If you aren't using their kit, you can apply Plastix polish or one of the aforementioned cremes with UV protectant. Then, whenever you wash the car, take a few minutes to touch up the headlights, and you shouldn't have to do the heavy duty cleaning/restoration again.

    Question: Making Frosted Headlights Clear

    How do I make frosted headlights clear?

    By Gail

    Most Recent Answer

    By Gale Silveira05/16/2011

    Hi Gail
    After my 1st post to you I went to as seen on TV and found the product to clean car headlight's called Fast Brite Lens restore and costs $10. plus shipping. Good luck. I'm going to try it too.
    Gale in Ca.

    Question: Cleaning Auto Headlights

    What is the best and easiest way to clean the headlights on your car?

    By GG