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Cleaning Musty Odors From Shoes

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Musty Shoes

Shoes that have gotten wet or been in storage for a period of time may develop a musty odor. This is a guide about cleaning musty odors from shoes.



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Question: Musty Smell on Boots

HELP! I have just been given some faux fur lined suede boots by a friend. They are so lovely, but they have been in a cupboard that was a bit damp. It is not causing any problems to the actual boots, except they smell a bit musty. Has anyone any solution to how to make them smell a bit fresher please? Many thanks.

Monique from Somerset, UK


Most Recent Answer

By Mary (Guest Post)04/06/2008

Is musty the same as mildew? I know that mildew odors can be dissipated by using vinegar. If the boots are clean, then just set a sponge soaked in vinegar, and wrung out, under the boots and put the sponge and boots in a plastic bag and tightly close for a few days.

Question: Musty Odor on Stored Shoes

I have shoes and a bag that were in a box in my cellar. It was in a cedar box (I thought). How do I get rid of the odor from the cellar? I am hoping there aren't any bugs. Thank you.


By Victoria from Fairview, NJ


Most Recent Answer


Fill them with scrunched up newspaper and let them sit that way for a day or two. The carbon from the newspaper print usually gets rid of all odors and moisture too!

Question: Getting Rid of Musty Smell on Shoes

My sneakers got rain soaked and now have a musty smell. It is still there even after washing and drying. How can I get rid of the smell?

By G.B.

Solutions: Cleaning Musty Odors From Shoes

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