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Cleaning Nicotine Stains on Blinds

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Cleaning Blinds

Nicotine stains from smoking can develop on many surfaces in a home or office. This is a guide about cleaning nicotine stains on blinds.


Here are questions related to Cleaning Nicotine Stains on Blinds.

Question: Removing Nicotine Stains from Blinds

I have vertical blinds, made of some plastic mash, to let some light through. Over some years nicotine (smoke) has stained the verticals. I have tried soaking in vinegar/water, no success. Help!

By didi

Question: Nicotine Stains on Blinds

How do you clean nicotine stains on vertical blinds?

Paul from Ocala, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Donna (Guest Post)08/09/2008

For vinyl blinds, I used baby wipes dipped in a mixture of Borax and water, and it did a very good job of getting nicotine off the blinds.

Solutions: Cleaning Nicotine Stains on Blinds

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