Cleaning Stained Porcelain

Stained Porcelain Cup

Cleaning stains on your porcelain cups and other porcelain household items is not as hard as you may think. This is a guide about cleaning stained porcelain.


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Tip: Denture Tablet for Stained Porcelain

I use a denture tablet in water. Just fill the cup with water and add a denture tablet and let it sit for several hours. Then just pour the water out and wipe the cup with a paper towel or dishcloth.

    By shirlee [8]

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    Tip: Cleaning Porcelain Stove Grates

    To get stove top grates clean, place in a large plastic bag or sealable container with some ammonia. Close up the the bag or container and wait several hours. The grates will be easy to clean. Remember to exercise safety precautions when using ammonia.

    By redbudtx from Dallas, TX

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    Tip: Salt Paste for Stains on Porcelain

    Coffee cups stained with coffee? Make a thick paste with simple table salt and warm water and use a soft rag and wipe the coffee cup inside and out with the salt paste. Sparking new!

    You can also use the salt paste for porcelain sinks in the bath and/or kitchen. It's so much less expensive than store bought products and works as well or better than most!

    By MasterMom from Round Rock, TX

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    Question: Cleaning Stained Porcelain Butter Dish

    It looks like someone put the butter dish on the stove and burned into the porcelain.

    By Carol

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    Question: Cleaning Porcelain Village Pieces

    We have a Department 56 village and had a flood Wednesday. How can we clean the porcelain village? Please help. Thank you.

    By Betty

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