Cleaning Urine Stains from a Mattresses

Up close photo of a pillow top mattress.

Mattresses are expensive so replacement isn't always an option when they get soiled. It can be tough to remove urine stains on your mattress though. This is a guide about cleaning urine stains from a mattress.


Solutions: Cleaning Urine Stains from a Mattresses

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Tip: Removing Any Stain from a Mattress

Ten minutes is all it takes!


  • 8 fl oz peroxide
  • 3 Tbsp baking soda
  • 2-3 drops any dish detergent
  • empty spray bottle


  1. Mix all items in the bottle, but "do not" shake. Swirl it around until it is all mixed together.
  2. Use right away, cover the stain and just walk away.
  3. Come back in about ten minutes and, poof, it's gone! Hope this helps :)

You can't save the leftover mixture due to it only working for 20 minutes.

By turtleplum14 [1]

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Question: Urine Stains on a Mattress

How do I remove urine stains on a mattress?

John from UK


Best Answers

By rea020605/18/2011

1 tbsp baking soda mixed in 1 cup of warm water.
Spray it to affected area (not all in once though..^^), until the bottle is gone.
The smell and most of the stain will be gone too.
Hope it was good enough.


Best Answers

By Nola Carpet Cleaning02/23/2011

Go to Pet Smart and buy enzyme cleaner. Apply to affected area and blot with wet towel. Repeat until stain is gone.

Best Answers


I've heard that Resolve works really well and is available at just about any store.

Question: Removing Urine Stains from a Mattress

How can I remove a fresh urine stain from a mattress and feather top?


Best Answers

By Beth [25]08/01/2011

Nature's Miracle, available on-line or in pet supply stores. They sell several different ones, some even for getting urine out of laundry.

Best Answers

By Keeper [58]07/30/2011

Years ago I worked at a hotel. We sprinkled the entire area with corn starch then laid a sheet of plastic over the area. The following day it was vacuumed up. It only works of fresh stains.

Question: Removing a Urine Stain from a Sleep Number Bed

I have a king Sleep Number bed with a very large dried human pee stain on it. I took it to a local laundromat and washed it in the biggest one. I used one and a half cups of Tide soap and a half a bottle of bleach, on hot, but that brought out a yellow kinda brown stain. It is just not coming off. This is a $1,500. set. Can some one please help? I did not try to dry it so it's in my car wet in a trash bag.

By Heather

Most Recent Answer

By turtleplum14 [1]06/18/2013

Only takes 10 minutes!
3 Tbsp of baking soda
8 oz of peroxcide
And a couple drops of dish detergent!

Mix these in a spray bottle - don't shake, gently slosh around till everything is blended. Spray stain and just walk away! Come back in about ten minutes and poof its gone! Hope this helps :)

Question: Removing Urine from a Foam Mattress

How do you take pee out of a foam bed?

By Aliana V.

Most Recent Answer

By Bare Buttocks09/02/2011

Foam.... The only idea I can come up with, is taking that piece of foam outside, and give it a shower with a COLD water hose. Let it drip off, and air-dry for some days.
No guarantees, because foam is really sensitive with water over 40 degree Celcius, or if not properly dried.


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Archive: Removing a Urine Stain From a Mattress

Does anyone have ideas how to clean a mattress? My puppy left a few urine stains. I'm actually selling the mattress, so I need it to look its best.

Jessica from Roseville, CA

RE: Removing a Urine Stain From a Mattress 04/01/2006
Mix this & spray on. Must use within 20 minutes & do not attempt to store the remainder in a closed bottle. It works by producing by-products that are only active for that time period anyway. Stored it leaks or foams out of the bottle!

Mix: about 8 oz. Hydrogen Peroxide (brown bottle in 1st aid aisle) & 3 tablespoons baking soda (small box in baking aisle), & a drop of liquid hand dishwashing liquid. Mix well & spray onto stain, within 5 minutes stain should be gone. If the baking soda leaves a white powder, you can vacuum it off, or wipe w/ damp rag, but this usually is not a problem unless you add too much baking soda.

By kidsNclutter

Archive: Removing a Urine Stain From a Mattress

I need help removing urine from mattress. Cristalboone From Marrero, LA
RE: Removing a Urine Stain From a Mattress 05/20/2006
I would suggest an enzyme cleaner. You can get them at Wal-Mart (or similar stores) in the pet section (usually with pet shampoos). They not only work great on urine, but they're amazing at getting out other stains and smells.
By Keena
RE: Removing a Urine Stain From a Mattress 05/21/2006
By librarian613 (Guest Post)

Archive: Urine Stains on a Mattress

How do you get human urine stains out of a mattress?

Grace from Ohio

RE: Urine Stains on a Mattress

I have had good success using just plain rubbing alcohol and pouring it on the stain/odor. Take a damp cloth and feather the edges of the stain. Dry thoroughly outdoors or use a fan. The odor and stain should be gone. (06/23/2006)

By certified

Archive: Urine Stains on a Mattress

How do I remove human urine odour and stains from a mattress with Borax?

Serina from Rankin Inlet, NU

RE: Urine Stains on a Mattress

I used Urine Be Gone for a stain on my mattress (my child had an accident). It was a horrible mistake. The stain just got bigger. Now I have a second stain to try and remove!! I will never use this product again.

By Alicia

RE: Urine Stains on a Mattress

KidsNclutter has the best solution (Read it further down the page). Just spray her ingredients on the mattress and the stain and smell are gone. (04/14/2007)

By Lyn

RE: Urine Stains on a Mattress

We had just purchased a Pillow Top mattress from a local store, and were planning on returning it because it was too soft. Enter the family dog, who felt that she should pee right on top of the mattress. I found this page and tried the Hydrogen Peroxide, baking soda and pinch of detergent method and hair dryer, and I must say it worked wonders. No stain at all, and it doesn't smell that I can tell. (05/31/2007)

By Ken (Philadelphia)

Archive: Urine Stains on a Mattress

How do I remove urine from a mattress? I have a 2 year old sharing my bed, a pillow top mattress, and I tried to steam clean it.


Archive: Urine Stains on a Mattress

What is the best product to get urine out of a mattress?

Jim from New York, NY

RE: Urine Stains on a Mattress

While I haven't had that problem, I have used peroxide to get a couple of other stains off my mattress and it works quickly. I have also used Resolve carpet cleaner a few years ago to get a pet urine stain out of my mattress. Resolve works well on a lot of fabric items - carpet, curtains, couch, mattress. I would spend a couple of bucks on a mattress cover. (11/14/2008)

RE: Urine Stains on a Mattress

I have this problem and tried fixing it using Hydrogen Peroxide and it seems to have made the problem worse as the stain mark has spread a lot wider. The stain mark is brown on a new cream pillow top mattress. Does anyone know how to get rid of this stain? (12/23/2008)

By Guy

RE: Urine Stains on a Mattress

My boyfriend wet the bed due to his sleep apnea. Happened this morning, I blotted everything I could then sprinkled the bed with corn starch. It smells great and most of the stain is gone, but I have one spot that is still wet. How do I get the liquid out from the mattress? It's a pillow-top. Thanks. (01/04/2009)

By Becky

RE: Urine Stains on a Mattress

I used the hydrogen peroxide mixture on a brand new mattress that had dried up dog urine on it, and it worked like a charm. Thank you so much! (01/23/2009)

By Kim S

RE: Urine Stains on a Mattress

Used the peroxide, baking soda mixture as posted from 11/5/08 on a huge old urine stain. Worked like a charm! Thank you. (02/08/2009)

By Mom in CT

RE: Urine Stains on a Mattress

Hello. I tried the hydrogen peroxide method, the yellow urine stain has gone, but now there is a big patch of stain of the solution I put on the mattress. How do I resolve that? It has been 4 hours since I applied on the mattress. I had put the mattress in a standing position. Please help. (03/01/2009)

By Gainesville

Archive: Urine Stains on a Mattress

I have a month old human pee stain on my fairly new mattress. I was able to get most of it out with hydrogen peroxide mixture, but there is a big ring now and the stain has gotten bigger.


Archive: Urine Stains on a Mattress

How do I remove human urine stains from a mattress?