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Cleaning a Composite Deck

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Composite Deck

Composite decks are considered more durable than the traditional wooden versions. However, they do still require proper cleaning to look their best. This is a guide about cleaning a composite deck.



Here are questions related to Cleaning a Composite Deck.

Question: Seeds Left Black Spots on a Composite Deck

Some weird tree seeds fell on my non-maintenance deck and made black spots all over it. I tried water and a brush, but it won't come off. Anyone, please help!

By Ila S from Mandan, ND

Question: Removing Melted Plastic from Trex Deck

I have a heavy plastic container on my deck for cigarette butts. Somehow one of the butts did not go out and other butts started to burn. When I lifted the plastic container, the whole bottom was melted to the Trex deck. I got some of the hot plastic pulled off, not all of it, now that it is cool I can't remove it, I tried scrubbing it, and it's not working, I need help! Thank you.

By grandmaninnybug

Solutions: Cleaning a Composite Deck

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