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Craft Ideas Using Zippers

Zipper Flower Purse

Zippers can be used in creative ways to make pins, hair clips or for decorating clothing, purses, and bags. This guide contains craft ideas using zippers.


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Zipper Flower Purse

Zipper Flower PurseA purse with unusual trim.

Approximate Time: 5 hours


  • pattern for purse, I used McCall's 5599
  • interfacing
  • sewing thread
  • sewing machine
  • buckles for attaching strap
  • lining
  • metal zippers
  • fabric glue
  • needle


This purse has directions included in pattern. I think you could take any purse you buy that is rather plain and use this idea also. I have included everything that you need in the supplies to make the purse from scratch, but you certainly could use one that you have bought.

    The roses on it are made from metal zippers. You take a metal zipper, I think these were 12 inch length ones, and cut the stopper end off so they are separated. Now you have two pieces.

  1. You put them together on the short end to get enough length to gather them into a rose.
  2. Then you thread a needle with a double thread and run a gathering stitch on "tape" of the zipper.
  3. Sew the bottom as you go to form a rose.
  4. I used three lengths for the center rose, but the rest were all two lengths.

  5. Then take one length to make the trailing stem, cutting the "tape" close to the zipper.
  6. After you get all these done, glue them to the bag with fabric glue.

By Elaine from IA

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Recycled Zipper Flower Pin

Finished flower pin.Use old zippers to create flowers for pins, shoe clips, photo frames, etc. I prefer the zippers with silver metal teeth, but the nylon zippers also work for this project.


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Zipper Hair Clippies

Zipper Hair ClipsPulled-apart zippers transform into funky hair clippies, sure to delight a girl or woman of ANY age!

Approximate Time: 15 minutes


  • hair clip
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue
  • zipper


  1. Separate zipper into its two parts.
  2. Starting at one end, start rolling zipper onto itself and securing with hot glue.
  3. Continue gluing zipper into place, making loops and paisley shapes until length of zipper is reached.
  4. Make sure to roll the end upon itself as you did for the other end of the zipper to complete shape.
  5. Look for ways to bend the shapes together to make it compact and swirly; glue wherever needed to secure your desired design.
  6. Finish by hot-gluing hair clip to the back of your creation; adorn and smile!

By Brianna Southworth from Dutch Harbor, AK

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Here are questions related to Craft Ideas Using Zippers.

Question: Craft Ideas With Zippers

What can you make from lots of zippers?

I have an abundance of all kinds of zippers, different sizes and was wondering if anyone has any ideas of what crafty thing I could make from all these zippers. Something unusual that nobody else has. I sew all the time but hardly ever use these zippers. I make mostly things that are easy to make. Thanks for your feedback.

Marian from Danville, VA

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Most Recent Answer

By Milenda (Guest Post) 11/12/2007

Here in Milw, WI the fairs all had the zipper purses. They were really cool, as you could unzip the entire thing down to 1 strip! Then you just started zipping up and next thing you knew, it was a purse with a flap for a cover. ;p

But I've seen Pre-preteens with mini purses that were all zippers that one mom actually had a pocket for each zipper!I don't know if it opened in the middle at all. But there was over 10 pockets in it with all the zippers.

You can also make stuff an animals. (we made hot/cold packs out of them at our shelter) You open the back seam of a stuffed animal and take out all the stuffing.

For make an animal... you bag up the stuffing separate, then install the zipper along the back of the animal. It is then resold as stuff your own etc.. Most of the time they make accessories for the animals as well such as hats, clothing etc.

For a hot/cold pack... You make a bag out of cotton material that is filled with rice/cherry pits/beans/herbs whatever you want to use and sew it shut. This is then put n the stuffed animal and a zipper is sewn along the back of the animal. Now you can either freeze or heat in the microwave the hot/cold pack and still wash the stuffed animal when it gets dirty. This is great for animals that are new (babies) or older ones during the winter that need a bit of "heat" in bed etc. Also works for cold nights and you want something warm for your feet! I have also known a mom that uses the cold packs for her little ones when they have a fever. It helps to cool them down.

Animal purse/pouch. You can also sew a liner for the inside of the stuffed animal to turn it into a purse, or pj case. (my son uses it to put his book and night light in when he goes to bed so they don't disappear) Girls like when there is a handle on it to carry the animals around.

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Question: Zipper Flower Pin

Martha Stewart had a gal on the show that demonstrated the crafts she does with zippers (made into flowers that you can use as a broach or a hair accessory). I can't find it anywhere. I went to the Martha Stewart Living website and it's not there. She was on her show the week of Dec 21, '09. Can you help?

By Tori from Spokane Valley, WA

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Most Recent Answer

By SavedByGrace 1 2 02/05/2010

Here it is with the video from Martha Stewart.

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