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Crafts Using Ice Cream Containers

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These pails can be reused in many creative ways. This guide contains crafts using ice cream containers.


Solutions: Crafts Using Ice Cream Containers

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Tip: Reuse Large Ice Cream Tubs

I buy ice cream in the clear buckets with handles. After the ice cream is gone, I wash and dry the bucket and lid. Then I use the bucket as a container for storing flour, sugar, cornmeal, cookies, chips, etc. I take an index card write the name in maker and tape it to the lid after trimming off the excess. I make sure that the entire index card is covered in tape, so that it is protected from dirt, water, etc. These containers are great because they are stackable, clear, and cheap to replace. The handles make them easy to carry around.

By Jennifer from Annville, KY

Tip: Reusing Plastic Ice Cream Containers

Since we love ice cream so much, I like to buy the 5 quart size plastic containers of it. But instead of throwing the container away, I wash it out and reuse it for different things.

For instance, when I mix up cleaning solution, I invariably have a lot left over when I'm done cleaning. So I mix it into one of these containers, with the lid and the handle, and it is much easier to carry without fear of spilling along the way, and when I'm done I can just cover it, and save it for the next cleanup job.

Another thing I use it for is when I'm re-potting my house plants. It's a great size for mixing the different types of potting mixes, and also it's a good size for either scooping out of into a smaller pot, or pouring out of into a larger pot. And again, any left over mix can be covered and saved.

I have several in my bathroom. These I leave uncovered and have crocheted a pretty cover for them. One holds wash cloths, one holds extra bars of soap, and one is for other small bathroom items. Each hangs from a hook under a shelf on the wall. One is in the car hanging on a hook behind the front passenger seat, to catch any small things in the car. I keep one in the bathroom closet to hold all my pets' supplies such as the little tubes of flea drops, ear mite meds, heart worm pills, anything else like this. I also keep one in the bathroom for common medical supplies for us. Like band-aids, Neosporin, bandages and tape, a packet of extra ace bandage clips, things like this.

I keep one in the kitchen that my pets love because that's where I keep their little bags of treats too. As you can see I have them all over the place. They are so handy! And if I need another one, all I have to do is get some more ice cream!

By Cricketnc from Parkton, NC

Tip: Ice Cream Halloween Bucket

With the dog days of Summer up on us now, a cold dish of ice cream is one of the first things some people think of to cool off with. If you have children, you might already purchase the plastic 1 gallon pail containers of ice cream. If not, you might want to after reading this tip. After the ice cream is gone and the pail and lid and clean, make a cute Halloween treat pail!

Cut a hole in the the lid large enough for large hands as well as small hands to fit into comfortably. Then, paint both the lid as well as the outside of the bucket in Halloween colors of orange and black to resemble a Jack O Lantern. Either your little ones can carry it to collect Halloween goodies in or you could have your Halloween goodies in it on a table near your door for your Trick or Treaters to choose their Halloween snack or goodies from! With a few more months of hot weather, now there's more reason for buying more of the buckets of ice cream, make enough for all your kids or grandkids or sell them at your yardsales!

By Terri H. from NV

Tip: Reusing Ice Cream Containers

For bag handles, I cut out handles out of ice cream lids, then I wind ribbon, fabric strip, or even string around handles for a individual look. A lot cheaper than buying new. I also make windchimes out of plastic lids. I draw around cookie cutters, add fishing line and a stick to hang from with small bells at the bottom ends.

By Glenda from Queensland, Australia

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Here are questions related to Crafts Using Ice Cream Containers.

Question: Ice Cream Pail Crafts

Does anyone have any ideas for crafts kids can make using 3 or 5 gallon ice cream pails, beyond the usual Easter or Halloween baskets?

By Vonni A.

Question: Ice Cream Bucket Gift Baskets

I have lots of ice cream buckets and would like to make gift baskets out of them. I need to know how much material to buy and ideas?

By Sue S.


Most Recent Answer

By Sheilah Link [5]12/22/2011

If they are plastic, you can use plastic bumper paint from a car supply store to cover the printing.

Question: Baskets Made from Plastic Ice Cream Buckets

I talked to a lady that makes baskets out of plastic ice cream buckets and cloth. I would like to find out how to make them. Does anyone know where I can get step by step instructions?

Kim from Fairmont, WV


Most Recent Answer

By KL [3]11/09/2008

Here is another pattern for sale:

The links below are for the same type thing only using a larger bucket instead of ice cream tub. Perhaps you could adapt it down:

Question: Crafts Using Empty Ice Cream Containers

I have lots of empty colored plastic boxes with lids (oval and rectangle shapes) in which ice cream was sold. I am looking for some ideas for crafts or whatever using these containers as they are too good to be discarded. Thanks.

Hafee from Colombo

Most Recent Answer

By (Guest Post)09/10/2008

Here are ideas for you to consider.

1. Make a hand draw string handbag. Use the bucket for the base just slip it inside. For making it quiter just glue some felt insde the bowl.

2. Paint add floppy ears and a handle to make Easter buckets.

3. Flower pots, just drill holes and paint it . Instead of drilling them you can make holes using nails, or soldering iron.

4. Use them to store your billo pads.

5. Paint them and decorate to make your own femine talc powder holder just buy the powder puffs.

6. Paint and make them a mini worm bed box for the fisherman.

Good luck.

Question: Uses for Ice Cream Buckets

Ideas for using the large plastic ice cream buckets. Post your ideas.

Most Recent Answer

By cj [3]01/01/2005

Spray paint them and the lids and fill with cookies, candies, etc to give as a christms gift. Or after spraypainting them drill several holes in the bottom and put a plant in them for a gift--add a festiver ribbon.

We also use them to buy large ags of dog food for our chihuahua and keeping it fresh in these plastic tubs and they really stack well


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Reusing Containers for Other Uses

You can recycle small plastic containers for other uses. I just found out that the little plastic ball that my pantyhose sox came in is just the right size for keeping my temporary dental device when out of my mouth! I also recycle small orthodentic wax containers - which with labels make good little containers for pills while traveling. Of course, our mothers always kept pins, needles, etc in old metal sucrets boxes. Altoids still uses them - and some other European candies.

By Pam from Los Angeles

RE: Reusing Containers for Other Uses

We use leftover cottage cheese, butter containers, etc. for leftovers to send home with kids. They know if they bring them back, Mom will refill them. (09/13/2006)


RE: Reusing Containers for Other Uses

RE: Reusing Containers for Other Uses

I recycle all sorts of empty containers, plastic or glass. Makes good sense to get more uses from them! (09/13/2006)

By Debbie52

RE: Reusing Containers for Other Uses

An ice-cream container (large plastic round one) can be used for a playhouse. Even with the lid on. Upside down. Spray paint and draw flowers on the outside. Cut holes for windows, doors, make the furniture out of other used containers, and a washcloth is a great "carpet". Can be taken on trips, and on the go as the container holds everything for long entertainment. This idea can also be used for a make believe barn for the farm animals. (06/18/2008)