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Crafts Using Glass Flower Vases

Wrapping yarn around a glass vase.

These cut flower display containers that are easy to come by, can be fun decorating projects. This guide contains crafts using glass flower vases.


Video: Making a Yarn Wrapped Vase

This video shows you the easy steps to making your own unique vase by wrapping it with yarn. View the full project here: Yarn Wrapped Vase

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Solutions: Crafts Using Glass Flower Vases

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Tip: Decorating an Old Bud Vase

Santa painted on bud vase.

Old bud vases make great decor or find new usefulness as a candy dish.
I painted mine as a Santa for Christmas.

    Looking down at candy in painted vase.

    By lnygaard [100]

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    Yarn Wrapped Vase

    Vase in the WindowGoodwill always has a bunch of glass vases for sale. I decided to dress up one of these vases by wrapping it in colorful yarn. It turned out really cute!


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    Tip: Decorate a Vase Like a Doll

    If you have extra, empty vases, cover them with cloth of your choice. Place a heavy object in bottom to keep the vase from falling over. Buy Styrofoam craft balls or doll heads to fit in the vase opening. Add facial features to Styrofoam balls. Use some yarn for hair. Make a cap from cloth to match the body. It is a good way to use extra vases for inexpensive gifts or knickknacks. I take them to sick friends for a "Get Well," or "Cheer up," gift.

    By Gladys

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    Here are questions related to Crafts Using Glass Flower Vases.

    Question: Crafts With Glass Flower Vase

    I am searching for ideas on reusing glass flower vases. I want to do something with them for a Christmas bazarr. I have all sizes and shapes of vases and rose bowls. It needs to be something easy and inexpensive, as I have many! I hate having to toss them.

    Thanks, in advance, for any 'solutions'!


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    By (Guest Post) 03/29/2006

    glass painting or glaze pens could be used to decorate them.

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    Question: Crafts for Large Glass Vases

    I have several medium to large glass vases that are sitting around collecting dust. I'm wondering about crafts to do with them. I have one on my table filled with pine cones and acorns and other seasonal dried flora as decoration. Thanks!

    Stefani from Lexington, KY

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Lisa (Guest Post) 09/17/2008

    I used two of mine for betta fish tanks. Bettas like small area tanks and they look great with some lucky bamboo coming out of the top. Good luck

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