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Crafts Using Glass Soda Bottles

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Although not as common as they once were, glass soda bottles can still be used for your craft projects. This is a guide about crafts using glass soda bottles.



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Question: Crafts Made with Glass Coke Bottles

Glass Coke BottleI have many glass soda bottles, 30 or so, and I love to make arts and crafts. When I look online for ideas, I can only seem to find crafts for plastic bottles.

By Hannah

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By jean99 6 30 05/28/2012

I use a small green coke bottle for olive oil which I keep on my counter top. I buy a big bottle of organic olive oil and freeze it. I fill the coke bottle when it gets low. That way you can keep your oil from going rancid. I use a pouring wine stopper on the top of the bottle. You could also use a cork or you can make a stopper with non toxic polymer clay.

I've also seen a picture of a coke bottle turned into a liquid hand soap dispenser. You will need the pump apparatus from a used hand soap container. If the tubing is not long enough to reach the bottom of the bottle you can extend it with plastic tubing.

You can use coke bottles as salt and pepper shakers at a picnic or barbeque. Just fill them and put the caps back on tightly. Punch holes in the caps with nails. Punch smaller or fewer holes for the pepper, and larger ones for the salt.

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Question: Christmas Tree Made From a Coke Bottle and Tissue Paper

How do I make a Christmas tree with a Coke bottle, tissue paper, and glue? It is made by cutting tissue paper into squares and covering the whole bottle. I got this from Girl Scout in 1967. Can someone help?

By Marianne

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