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Dachshund Breed Information and Photos

Photo of a Mini Dachshund by the water.

Despite their small stature, Dachshund are courageous dogs with lots of stamina. This is a guide about Dachshunds! It contains breed information and photos.


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Article: Breed Information: Dachshund

Dachshund Breed InformationBreed Description: Dachshunds come in two sizes, standard and miniature, and three types of coats: smooth-haired, longhaired, and wirehaired. The breed is easily distinguished by its low, long muscular body and disproportionately stubby legs-perfect for moving about in the tunnel or den of a badger. Despite their lapdog status, this breed has stamina and agility and displays great courage.

Group: Hound group

Purpose of Breed: Hunting badgers

Country of Origin: Germany

Average Size: Standard Dachshunds are 8 inches and weigh 16-32 pounds. Miniature Dachshunds are 6 inches and usually weigh under 11 pounds.

Color(s): Dachshunds can be any color, except white.

Coat Type: Standard and Miniature Dachshunds have three coat types. The smooth- haired coat is short and shiny, the longhaired coat is of medium length and slightly wavy, and the wirehaired coat is thick and hard.

Grooming: The longhaired and wirehaired coat varieties require more grooming. In general, Dachshunds are medium shedders, have very little dog odor, and need less bathing than most other small breeds. This breed requires standard care for eyes, ears, pads, and nails.

Exercise Needs: Dachshunds do well in apartments as long as they get a moderate amount of daily exercise to prevent obesity. They are naturally suspicious and tend to bark at strangers.

Temperament: Dachshund's are lively little dogs with an independent nature and playful spirit. They tend to bond deeply with one person, and although they love to play, they often do so by their own sets of rules. This breed is highly intelligent, but their independent nature can make them a bit mischievous and difficult to train. Still, they are loyal and affectionate and make wonderful companions.

Common Ailments: Susceptible to genetic eye disease, disc and skin problems and obesity.

Life Expectancy: Can be long-lived, up to 16 years.

Trivia: Dachshund's were originally bred for hunting badgers. Translated from German, the name means Dachs (badgers), hund (dog).

More Information: Dachshund Club of America, Inc.

By Ellen Brown

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Here are questions related to Dachshund Breed Information and Photos.

Question: Do Mixed Breed Dachshunds Have Stronger Backs?

I just got a mixed breed dachshund. Since he mostly resembles a Dachshund I was wondering if his back would be stronger than a purebred dachshund?

By alleycat from OH


Most Recent Answer


No I have a mix breed she is part Dotson and Chiwawa with the Doston back and chiwaw face. I just took her to her Vet last week and she has been on pain pills and not herself. It hurts me to see her like that she is such a sweet dog. Vet said one day she may need back surgary. I highly suggest do not let your pet jump from beds and couch really hard to do because I love to cuddle with her but from here on out I will have to pick her up to be on the bed and put her down before she jumps! but try not to allow it on high things they always will jump down!
Good luck it really hurts to see them like that.

Question: What are the Differences Between Standard and Miniature Dachshunds?

What are the differences between standard and mini Dachshunds other than size?

By Jim


Most Recent Answer

By Nikki11/19/2010

AKC will say there are only two sizes of dachshunds; a mini which must be under 10 lbs and a full sized which can be up to 32 lbs. I personally own a 12 lbs dachshund and I as well as most people call them tweenies because they are too heavy to be miniatures but not quite full dachshund size. But appearance wise if breed properly they should look exactly alike. Full size ones chest seem larger but that is only due to size comparisons.

RE: What are the Differences Between Standard and Miniature Dachshunds?

Question: Weight of Dachshund Puppy

My 2 week old Doxie puppies look very large to me. Their mum and dad are both mini Dachshunds. What is the average weight of a 2 week old puppy?

By Belinda from KZN, South Africa


Below are photos related to this guide.

Hippie (Mini Wire Hair Dachshund)

Hippie is now a 3 year old Mini Wire Hair Dachshund. Hippie is a registered Doxie from Stone Valley Breeders and I got him for a gift and addition to our family for my husband 3 years ago. Hippie enjoys all activities: racing, car shows, riding the 4 X 4 buggy in the woods (which he considers his), and playing in the water. He loves everyone and especially his daddy and mama. Hippie is the absolute most precious little guy ever! We love all animals and of course all the ones that are or have been in our lives, but Hippie is just an exception and he knows it. (haha) He brings us such joy and entertainment.

For a look at Hippie two years ago click here: Hippie

By Dawnie from Cumming, GA

Hippie on a float board in the pool.

Angel (Mini Dachshund)

Angel is 22 months old. Angel is a black and gold, long haired, female, mini Dachshund. In July of 2009, I was pining for a new baby after the loss (about 3-4 years prior) of our beloved "Josie", same as Angel but a black and tan and I started doing a search. We ended up searching online, and we saw her photo! Angel was born into our lives upon arrival at the airport on 07/31/2009 midnight.

She was, and still is, beautiful! She steals anything not nailed down and runs under the bed with it. It's a game to her because she likes to have you try and coax her out with treats. She also loves playing on the floor with her Daddy and running around the yard with him. She loves watching Animal Planet, and getting her picture taken.

Angel especially loves Christmas! When she sees her stocking going up on the mantle, she gets so excited. Then on Christmas eve, she sits there and stares at it. About 4-5 am Christmas day, she starts waking us up. First things 1st - that stocking!

By Geri H.

Angel (Mini Dachshund)

Hippie (Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund)

Hippie is almost 2. He is a Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund. I met a very nice lady while antiquing that breeds the Dachshunds. He loves to stay in the shop and work on cars with his Dad. He loves to get in the tool drawers and play with the tires. He gets so excited to hear the Hot Rods crank and loves to go for rides in them!

He has brought so much joy into our lives. My husband recently had open heart surgery. When I brought him home from the hospital, Hippie has been right by his side and very protective of his Daddy. He makes every step with him. So I would dare to say he has become his little nurse.

By Dawnie

Berkley (Minature Dapple Dachshund)

Berkley is a 9 year old Minature Dapple Dachshund. Berkley was a gift to my daughter from a friend while in college. Between college and work, there was little time left for Berkley. So during Spring Break, Berkley came to stay two weeks so mom could go for a break herself. Two weeks turned into 9 years and he's still here and will stay here!

He loves to eat! He also likes riding around town with the window down and the wind blowing his ears back and laying out in the front yard sunning in the summer. Berkley is my world! He loves to give kisses and lick the lipstick off his aunt DiDi.

He likes rolling around in the dry grass scratching and then looking like a scarecrow with dry grass sticking to him all over even in his 1 cm eyelashes! He loves chasing squirrels and cats, knowing he will not know what to do with them if he were to catch them.

By Nini from Sweetwater, TX


Simon (Standard Dachshund)

This is Simon (red) and Buster (black and tan). Simon is a 7 year old Standard Dachshund and Buster is a 5 year old Mini Black and Tan Dachshund. We got Simon from a city breeder and Buster from a country breeder. Each one has a definite city dog/country dog personality.

Simon likes to play tug and cuddle under the blankets and Buster likes to play ball and tear his toys apart. They are true best friends. I call the picture "The Ying and Yang of Dachshunds."

By Robin from Aurora, CO

Simon (Standard Dachshund)

Tubby (Miniature Dachshund)

Tubby Butt is a 2 year old Miniature Dachshund. I got her last year. She was in a puppy mill and I rescued her. She was skinny and hairless and had her leg broken. Now she is the happiest doggie ever. I love her more than life itself.

She likes to play with my other doggie and eat everything and run and jump and just anything is fun for her and with her.

I am so glad I adopted her and she has the best home ever.

By Kathy from Valley Falls, KS

Dog snuggling under blanket.

Princess (Standard Dachshund)

Princess is a 10 years old Standard Dachshund. Her birthday will be April 1. I got her on Mother's Day, 2000 from a breeder we she was 8 weeks old. She's been the best Mother's Day present I've ever gotten. Princess is a very fun loving dog, even at the ripe old age of 10.

She has 2 sets of toys. Inside toys, and outside sticks. Inside she will play with whatever toy she can find. She loves to grab a toy and get you to chase her around the house. She also loves to chase and wrestle with our other dog, Buddy, and our cat. When I'm on the computer she lays under the desk. Outside she will chase sticks for hours. She also has a ball barking at the birds and whatever other wildlife come into the yard.

Princess is my best friend. She has been through a lot with me and always come through like a trooper. She's fun, brave, loving and so much more. I can't imagine life without her. She's become a real part of my soul.

In this picture she wrapped herself up in this blanket that I made for her, and used one of her toys for a pillow and was sleeping peacefully!

By Cricket from Parkton, NC

Princess (Standard Dachshund)

BamBam (Dachshund)

BamBam is a 5 year old Dachshund. I got both him and his sister Pebbles on Craigslist last October. They went from being crated day and night, to having a doggie door and free run of the yard.

BamBam loves tracking all the squirrel smells in the yard. He is such a good boy. He loves to meet and play with other dogs, but wasn't ever socialized. It takes him a little bit to warm up to other humans, but look out after you have become his buddy; it's kisses every time!

By Amanda C.

A brown dachshund on a cream colored couch

Linda (Dachshund)

Linda is a 3 year old Dachshund. One day, in a store, we saw a sign saying they sold puppies and a week later we bought her. She likes to pose for photos and scare away birds from our garden. She goes crazy when it comes to taking walks.

By Silvia

Linda (Dachshund)

Hippie (Mini Wirehair Dachshund)

Hippie with his Santa hat.

Your Pet's Age
4 years old

Your Pet's Breed
Mini Wirehair Dachshund

How and when did you get your pet?
He has been a part of our family since he was 12 weeks old.

What does your pet like to do for fun?
Ride his 4 x 4 buggy with his daddy. He loves to chase squirrels.

Do you have anything else to share about your pet?
He loves Thrifty Fun website.

By Dawnie [4]

Bobble-Head Lou (Mini Dachshund)

BoBBle-Head Lou is a 9 year old Mini Dachshund. He was one of 8 babies my pair of Doxies had. He was so tiny he was literally the size of my thumb and I had to bottle feed him from day 1. He's one of a kind this dog is. His head was so big!

He Loves going out on our boat to ride on the kneeboard! Of course one of us is in the water with him and he always wears his life jacket!

This picture doesn't show my husband holding the big trout he just caught. That's why he's licking his lips! This dog is loved by the whole community here. When he had gotten Parvo at a year old, he had almost every household lighting a candle for his speedy recovery, the big cathedral church's Weds night prayer was for him and he got Roses sent to him at the vets too! Amazingly he was home and well in under 24 hours.

By Randi

Mini Dachshund

Pebbles (Mini-Dachshund)

Pebbles is a 4 year old Mini-dachshund. I got her and her brother BamBam on Craigslist last October. She is totally fascinated with the squirrels. In addition to chasing them all day, she loves to dig up the pecans they hide, and eats them!

Pebbles is very affectionate. She loves to be held and talked to like a baby. I actually have her in a real baby carrier that goes over my shoulder, so she can sit with me while I am online. She can be a drama queen, and work up a tear so fast, it is not funny!

By Amanda

A brown mini dachshund on a cream colored carpet.

Marvin (Dachshund)

black and tan Dachshund

Your Pet's Age

Your Pet's Breed

How and when did you get your pet?
We adopted him 3 years ago.

What does your pet like to do for fun?
Plays with kids' toys.

By Bernie [1]

Lester (Dachshund)

Lester is a 3 years young short haired dachshund. I drove over 300 miles to pick up Lester when he was 6 weeks old. Lester loves his tennis balls and he will play with one for hours when it's stuffed in an old sock.

One of his favorite games in putting his toys in the bathtub or any trash can or any where he can hide it. He loves his balls popping up and down in his kiddie swimming pool in the summer. He likes playing with his friends at dogie day camp.

I don't need a security system or a weapon for protection because Lester raises the roof when a porch light comes on next door or a stranger walks down the street or knocks on the door. His favorite place in the house, rather than cuddling in my lap, is sitting on the sofa looking out the window for the bad guys who may want to bring harm to me.

By Betty

Lester (Dachshund)

Molly (Dachshund)

Molly is 2.5 years old and a Dachshund. I was given Molly in Sept 2008 by her owner who was traveling a lot and wanted a good home for her.

Chasing a tennis ball is her favorite activity. Molly can be difficult to get to know but once you do, she will have you wrapped around her big paw. She loves to bark at squirrels and dig in the mud.

By Kim

Molly (Dachshund)

Stanley (Long Hair Standard Dachshund)

Stanley is 8 years old and a Long Hair Standard Dachsund. I got Stanley through a friend who breeds and show them. He loves to sit and beg for food most of the time. He goes to work with me everyday, since I groom dogs for a living.

By Maureen from Newark, Ohio

Standard Dachshund

Molly and Oliver (Dachshunds)

Molly and Oliver are Dachshunds! They are best friends. They play together all the time. They are so funny together! They act just alike.

Molly is 2 years old. I Bought Molly from a friend in March 2007. She likes to dig, bark at birds, relax on the back of the couch, and run around the house really fast! I love my Molly, she makes me smile every time I look at her :D

Oliver is 4 months old. I got him recently from a friend who had a litter. I Couldn't resist. He likes to chew on flip flops and rugs. He has a very unique personality!

By She27 from Chattanooga, TN

Two Dachshunds on couch.

Hippie (Mini Wirehaired Dachshund)

Hippie is 4 years old and a mini Wirehaired Dachshund. I picked Hippie as a gift for my husband from a wonderful family from Stone Valley.

Hippie loves to be the center of attention. He loves racing and football and of course riding "his" buggy in the woods with his daddy. Hippie brings so much happiness to our family. Those little eyes can just melt your heart not to mention all the snuggles he gives

Happy Holidays from Hippie 2012

By Dawn from Cumming, GA

Hippie (Mini Wirehaired Dachshund)

Buddy (Miniature Dachshund)

Buddy is a 7 years old Miniature Dachshund. His birthday is March 7. We got him from a breeder at 8 weeks old. I traveled 300 miles to get him and he's been worth each and every mile, and then some!

Buddy loves to play with his squeaky toys, play with the cat or with our other dog, Princess, sleep with me under the covers. Loves to bark at the birds, squirrels and other wildlife that come into the yard. Loves to snuggle, whether it's with me, my husband, Princess, or the cat. Buddy is my little lover. He will cuddle for as long as you'll cuddle with him.

In this picture he's modeling a new sweater that I made him. I make both the dogs a new sweater every year. He loves them because he's learned over the years that they do keep him warm outside.

By Cricket from Parkton, NC

Buddy (Miniature Dachshund)

Baron von Frank Fruiter (Miniature Dachshund)

Baron von Frank Fruiter, is a four year old Miniature Dachshunc. Frankie is from a litter of my other Dachshund, Priscilla. Frankie likes to chase cats and chew the squeakers out of his mother's toy, because he can't stand the noise they make. When Frankie was born he was not breathing very good. It took me almost and hour of giving him mouth to mouth and putting Q-Tips up his nose and down his throat to get him to breathe like the other puppies in his litter. His original name was supposed to be bubbles, because when I first gave him mouth to mouth, bubbles came out of his nose. He also thinks he is a prairie dog. LOL

By DAWGZ from Newalla, OK

Dog sitting up on haunches.

Doodle Bug (Miniature Dachshund)

Doodle Bug is an almost 2 year old Miniature Dachshund. My husband brought her home as an early Christmas gift for me in 2009. Doodle Bug loves to snuggle, she is a real lover. She is an avid hunter of cattle and squirrels. She also loves to run with my husband and terrorize her big sister, Grace, an Australian shepherd. She is legally a miniature, but I honestly suspect she is above her weight class.

By Rene T. from Hamilton, TX

Grace and Doodle Bug in the Grass Doodle Bug and Grace With man in Park

Doodle Bug Running in the Grass

Pixie (Mini Dachshund)

Pixie is a 12 year old Mini Dachshund. My husband bought her at 8 weeks old. She plays with toys, and likes to go for ice cream.

By Carol

Pixie (Mini Dachshund)

Stella (Mini Dachshund)

Stella is a 4 year old Mini Dachshund. Stella thinks she is the neighborhood watch dog, she likes to sit at the window and bark at dogs bigger than her. She also likes electric blankets, fireplaces and space heaters because she is always cold!

By Alyssa from Philadelphia

Princess (Standard Dachshund)

Mr. Wiggles (Mini Dachshund)

Mr. Wiggles is an 8 week old Mini Dachshund. He is one of Miss Penelope's little babies. There are 4 all together.

This little guy likes, no, he just LOVES to scream at the top of his little lungs for me to take him out of his playpen and he is definitely persistent and sporting a big set of pipes! He loves to be cuddled and just held. His little tail is so cute because he gets it going so fast and it's only 2 inches long! Then, the kisses, oh Lord does he want to just kiss kiss kiss me til the cows come home.

He already likes to play with little squeak toys and he is like my shadow following me all around the house. Due to how small he is, he's about 1lb now, I have to be very careful and watch where I walk. I just love this lil guy.

By Randi from Delrey, CA

Mini Dachshund in red and green elf hat.

Missy Jo (Miniature Dachshund)

Missy Jo is a 1 year old miniature Dachshund. We have the mother. She likes to play in the water.

By Sherrie from Pineville, LA

Missy running.

Princess Sophie (Miniature Dachshund)

long hair miniature Dachshund

Your Pet's Age

Your Pet's Breed
Miniature Dachshund

How and when did you get your pet?
My best friend's family gave her to me as a birthday gift 8-11-15. I moved out to Illinois to live with them all by myself with no family and they thought she would help me with my depression, and she does. She's my world.

What does your pet like to do for fun?
She bunny hops through the grass and she loves to cuddle and take walks.

Do you have anything else to share about your pet?
She can play dead, roll over, crazy dance, and walk on her back legs!

By Alissa M. [2]

Maggie Pie (Mini Weenie)

Mini Dachshund

Your Pet's Age

Your Pet's Breed
mini weinnie

How and when did you get your pet?
We found her in the shelter in Fresno about two years ago and fell in love with her right away. She was the only dog in there that was sleeping in the middle of the day! But because of shelter rules, we had to wait three days to bring her home. Totally worth the wait, but we wanted to take her with us right away, we realized our family wasn't complete without her.

What does your pet like to do for fun?
Maggie does not like to be alone, so she has fun whenever someone's around. She loves cuddling more than anything! However, she likes to be outside too. She will find a patch of sunshine to bask in, preferably in the dirt, and roll on her back. She also loves a good walk, she does this "I'm-the-cutest-puppy-ever" prance the whole time!

Do you have anything else to share about your pet?
She's my best friend, we go everywhere together. She loves attention and hates to be alone, so rarely, rarely are we apart. I don't know how I ever made it day-to-day without her. She has shown me what true, pure love is. Love is all balled up into a little puppy named Maggie Pie! She makes me happy everyday, and she makes me laugh everyday.

By geminikitty [1]

Lenard (Miniature Dachshund)

Lenard is a one and a half year old Miniature Dachshund. I got him January 2008, a gift for upcoming 'empty nest.' He likes to watch birds from his window seat, and play with his toy raccoons. He never meets a stranger, and loves everyone!

By fatboyslimsmom from Many, LA

Lenard (Miniature Dachshund)

Mr. Whiskers (Wirehaired Dachshund)

Mr. Whiskers (Wirehaired Dachshund)

Your Pet's Age
7 months

Your Pet's Breed
Wirehaired Dachshund

How and when did you get your pet?
I rescued him from a pet shop. How anyone could have let this sweet, happy, lay on my back and rub my belly puppy go to a pet store is unbelievable. I have owned dachshunds for many years. I love them all -- smooth coats, but this wirehaired is like none I have ever had the privilege to welcome into our home. The best disposition ever and very cunning.

What does your pet like to do for fun?
Mr. Whiskers chases his house brother, Jackpot, a mini black and tan. They run in circles around the upstairs yapping and barking, trying to trip one another up. Absolutely hilarious.

Do you have anything else to share about your pet?
Most laid back dachshund I have ever met.

Mr. Whiskers (Wirehaired Dachshund)Mr. Whiskers (Wirehaired Dachshund)

By Judy Griffith W. [2]

Olive (Dachshund)

Olive is a 10 month old dachshund. We got her in Spring through the newspaper. My husband was chomping at the bit for months to get another dachshund.

Olive loves to race through the house and has been nicknamed The Tornado. This photo was taken when Olive went into heat. My husband and I were clueless as to what to do about it as it came on unexpectedly. This was our solution.

By Cindy from Ohio

Sasha (Mini Dachshund)

This is my baby Sasha. Isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen? I had to share her pictures. She's an 8 week old mini-dachshund! Cute huh!?


Darci from San Antonio, TX

Sasha (Mini Dachshund)

Alexis (Cairn Terrier/Dachshund)

Alexis and kitty on bed.

Photo Description
I am babysitting this little beauty for a friend and her family. Alexis is a sweet, smart little girl who we are happy to have in our home. She gets along with all the animals except for the ferret, Tinker.

Alexis deserves to have a spot on Thriftyfun for being one of the the sweetest dogs I've ever met.

Photo Location
My bedroom in our home in Hampton, Tennessee which is the same as my office, where lots of fun things happen and I have a camera to catch them all. ;)

Dog lying in her back.

By Robyn [369]

Gilead (Dachshund)

Gilead is 7 years old and is a Dachshund. Someone I know breeds Dachsies. Gilead was born without eyes and was going to be put down. I couldn't let that happen!

He likes to eat, eat and eat some more. Also play with his sisters.

Dont feel bad for him. He doesn't know he doesn't have eyes. He gets around VERY well! Plus, he is spoiled rotten! He has his own fan club at our vet.

By Fran Marie from Shirley, NY

The Three Amigos (Dachshunds)

The Three Amigos (Dachshunds)

Photo Description
The three oldest members of our Dachshund family; Tootsie, Dapple, and Jackpot. Jackpot was purchased from a local breeder. He had a umbilical hernia, as well as testicular hernias.

They say buy from local breeders. We were happy to get him the medical help, but hasten to add, there were no medical problems with the pet shop pups.

Photo Location
Stafford County, Northern Virginia

The Three Amigos (Dachshunds)

By Judy Griffith W. [2]

Misty (Mini Dachshund)

Misty is a one year old mini dachshund. I bought Misty from a breeder in Alabama, and highly recommend her, in May of last year. She likes to go for walks, play fetch with toys and cuddle on "Mommy and Daddy". Misty is the most loving dog we have ever owned. If you are lying back in a recliner she tries to curl up around your neck and face. She just seem to get close enough to satisfy her!! She's so cute!

By JoAnn from Knoxville, TN

Misty (Mini Dachshund)

In Memory of Kasha (Dachshund)

Kasha was 14 years old and a Dachshund (deceased 03-26-08). He was rescued from a Humane Society Shelter after being in 2 previous homes.

Kasha loved to chase lizards in the yard and go for walks.

Thank you, Little Guy, for 14 happy and loyal years. You were a sweet little joy and fierce protector.

Cocoa Beach, FL

Kasha (Dachshund)

Comet (Dachshund)

Comet is a 1 year old Dachshund. My dog had her a year ago. She likes to chase her tail and chase my kitty.

I had another female Dachshund and she had Comet a year ago. When Comet was about 6 weeks old, her mother got kidnapped and I had to bottle feed Comet. Comet's mother's name was Haley so we named her puppy Comet, as in Haley's Comet. I thought that pretty clever, actually my husband had the idea. In this picture, she's giving her movie star look. lol


Josie and Jazz (Dachshunds)

This is Josie and Jazz. They are Weiner dogs (Dachshunds). Josie is 3 and Jazz is 11. They are both adopted.

They like to run the household! They are both snugglers under the blankets at night!

By Allison from Elmendorf,Texas

Josie and Jazz (Dachshunds)

Mikey (Dachshund)

Mikey is our 13 year old dachshund. We are fostering Mikey for the local animal shelter. He needed a home or he would be put down because he was too old and sickly to adopt or go to a rescue group. He has been with us 8 months, when we got him the vet gave him 6 months tops.

He sleeps a lot but loves to chase and play with our other dogs and cats. He also likes to wrestle with our arms and hands when we hold him.

Mikey is one of many we have fostered, most are for several days or a weekend. He is a long-term foster and has been a delight. Hopefully more people will foster elderly dogs for their local shelters. Some are a little extra work but all are well worth the effort. And our teenagers love doing it, is like having a new pet every week!

Sleeping long haired black dog

Sherlock and Watson (Mini Dachshunds)

Sherlock and Watson are 7 month old Mini Dachshunds. I got them in February. Sherlock is noisy has to check out everything. Only cuddles when he's in the mood. Watson is cuddly always, so gets a lot of sleep. Very affectionate. You'll never need to wash your face or hand when you're holding him if he's awake.

By LRP from Lowell, MA

Mini Dachshunds

Baron (Dachshund)

Baron is my 10 year old dachshund. I got him in June from a lady in Kennett Square who does rescues. He likes to eat, bark and run -- did I mention EAT?

He gets along great with my other two older dachshunds and they all love to run along the fence together and bark at anyone walking past. I sent a picture to the lady I got him from and she couldn't believe he was that "skinny" guy that she gave me 6 weeks ago.

Baron - Dachshund

By Betty from Philadelphia, PA

Delphine (Miniature Dachshund)

Delphine is a 4 year old Miniature Dachshund. I bought Delphine about 3 1/2 years ago from a local breeder as a surprise for my two children.

As with most Dachshunds, Delphine loves to snuggle under the covers; and she adores all of her squeaky toys.

Often Delphine will sleep with my daughter under the blanket; however, if she is especially tired and my daughter moves her feet, she will growl.

Delphine - Miniature Dachshund

By Marnita from Cumming, GA

To see another picture of Delphine go to:

Dog in bed.