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Deodorant Reviews

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A woman putting on deodorant.

Reading reviews of personal products, such as deodorant, can be helpful in trying to find a brand that will work for your specific needs. This is a guide about deodorant reviews.


Solutions: Deodorant Reviews

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Tip: Natural Baking Soda As Underarm Deodorant

Natural Baking Soda As Underarm Deodorant If baking soda can subdue the odor of a cat litter box, imagine what it can do under your arms. Yep. All by itself, or if you want, you can add talc or other powder to it at a ratio or half and half. Put it in a tin and keep it in the bathroom.

After you shower, pat dry your underarms and apply the powder with a dry washcloth or piece of a dishrag. The only time this is not a good plan is when you are wearing something sleeveless.

By Susan from WV

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Here are questions related to Deodorant Reviews.

Question: Longest Lasting Deodorant?

Does anyone know what form of deodorant/anti-perspirant is the cheapest or lasts the longest? Is it roll-on, spray aerosol, solid, gell? Any homemade forms?

Thanks in advance.


Most Recent Answer

By jessicalovesyou!02/21/2010

Certain Dri works great for me. I have the roll on but I don't really like that one because it's very watery and can run down your shirt when applying. Other than that, I could go even 3 days without applying. Mind you that this is only an antiperspirant so it is unscented and doesn't protect against odor. For odor, I just use Secret Original in Spring Breeze. It smells great and it's not overpowering.

Question: Deodorant Reviews

I need a dependable underarm deodorant.

By Fatso


Most Recent Answer

By underarm07/26/2011

I have a terribly bad funky armpit odour, like cockroach smell, so I need deodorant. However, not just any deodorant, because I don't want it to clog or dry up my skin or give me bad smell afterwards. I've been using UARMSOL deodorant powder for many years now and I have no more armpit odours. The deodorant powder works even when you stop using it for a day or 2 because it doesn't leave you smelling bad afterwards, unlike other deodorants out there.

<p>Even when I sweat I don't have any odours, this deodorant works great and I'm loving it. I can't go out in the day without putting it on. I applied 1 pinch and it's all to it for the whole day without worries about any smell afterwards. There's no after sport smell or odour masking. I would recommend it to anyone who has underarm odour. </p>

Question: Effective Deodorant Recommendations

Does anyone use a deodorant that really masks the odor? The last few years my deodorant doesn't work and I am trying all different brands.

    By peggy wade [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Pixiedust7 [7]07/07/2015

    I've had success with Lady Speed Stick. I like the "powder fresh" scent the best.

    Question: Baking Soda Darken Skin When Used as a Deodorant

    I have read that applying baking soda can eliminate underarm odor because of its odor-eating ingredient. When I tried, yes it did, there was no unpleasant smell, but it did darken my skin as if it was burnt. Can you help me get rid of underarm odor while whitening the same area?

    By Mar B.

    Most Recent Answer

    By hawthorndarkmoon [1]08/21/2011

    Alcohol works well. Time will get your underarms back to their right color. I tried baking soda once. It burned and turned my skin red and it took over a week for the redness to go away.