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Fake Fur Craft Ideas

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There are many ways that fur can be incorporated into your projects. This page contains fake fur craft ideas.



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Question: Craft Ideas For Fur Fabric

Can anyone help? I have just been given generous amounts of fur fabric by a friend. So far i have made a large pencil case for my niece but that's all. Apart from making teddy bears with the fabric- has anyone got some creative ideas for what to do with it please?

Many thanks.

Monique from Somerset.UK


Most Recent Answer

By jamie (Guest Post)12/16/2007

You can make area love them. You can cut out a rug shape from one color. Then cut a few large sized circles in that piece. Cut the same size circles from another color fabric and insert them into the rug. Tape them from the bottom. Line the bottom of the rug with a non-stick pad. Then fold the edges of the rug over the lining (on the back) and glue with glue-gun. Cute, easy, and kids love it!

Question: Crafts Using Fake Fur

I just bought a square of thick fake fur from Walmart and a really long, but wide strip of thin leopard skin themed fake fur. Does anyone one have any ideas for what I can make for myself or my pets? (I have 2 cats and a large Labrador)

By Hannah


Most Recent Answer

By jean99 [6]07/09/2012

Cut the fabric the size of a place mat. Put the mat on the couch, floor, bed, or anywhere. As soon as you cats see one of them they will claim it as there own. You could also line it and put organic catnip inside, or just rub it with catnip. If you line it you could stuff it with foam or poly-fill from an old pillow. You could make the mat the size of a box top and put it inside. Don't make the mat too big. Cats like to curl up in small spaces. You can put the mat inside your cat carrier when going to the vet.

RE: Crafts Using Fake Fur

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