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Feeding a Dog After Surgery

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Dog After Surgery

It is important to follow your vet's instructions after a surgical procedure on your pet. This guide is about feeding a dog after surgery.



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Question: Feeding a Dog After Surgery

My 17 lb. Lhasa Apso was neutered about 9 hours ago and he just seems to want to eat more than they said he would. Can I give him the food he wants or let him cry, bark, whine and continue making me feel guilty? I don't want him to get sick.

By Maureen from Harrison, NJ


Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]03/10/2010

I would be inclined to give him his normal amount of food at the normal time. He probably missed a meal because of the surgery. I also think you could call your Vet and ask. Surely you get a free question. I would not feed more than normal because the digestion can be slow after anesthetic. As for the Vet saying he would not want to eat much....well, dogs are dogs.

Solutions: Feeding a Dog After Surgery

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