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Feeding a Dog Chicken

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Feeding a Dog Chicken

Some dog owners like to supplement their pet's food with cooked meat, such as chicken. This is a guide about feeding a dog chicken.



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Question: Feeding a Dog Chicken

Is it OK to feed my Labrador cooked chicken breast once a week for added protein?

By Sharon from Nashville, TN


Most Recent Answer

By megan Sprinkle01/09/2012

Ignore what others say. I personally feed my new pup an all raw diet that includes all parts of raw chicken cow and any other animal parts I can get a hold of. Far as cooked meats, it's pointless and he won't be able to get much protein from it. Dry dog food is bad for dogs in my opinion because they cook it so much at such a high temperature that it is bad for the dog because his body works so much to get such little protein from the food.

So if you want the truth just read up on raw dog food diets. Or if your dogs spoiled rotten like my oldest dog, you can buy him/her Blue Wilderness dog food, or B.A.R.F dog food, just look them all up :) depends on the owner.

Question: Feeding Dogs Baked Chicken Meat

Two Poms with their toy.We have been feeding our two Pomeranians baked chicken for four years. Only white meat, checked for fat or bones is fed. Our vet says "people food" is not good for dogs.
It is interesting that the vet clinic has pronounced our two little boys as: "healthy dogs" in the written report.

What do other dog owners think about the safety of this food?

By David B.


Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]02/01/2013

Congratulations "heather dianne" you said it all. And if we all listened to these well intended advice/options from non professional people we could become so confused that a "psychiatrist' would need to sort the problem out for us. Dogs are pack animals that have roamed the world for centurys finding live animals to survive on. Humans domesticated them fed food foreign to their nature and the rest was "history" just use common sense and use what-ever best suits your own animal.

Question: Feeding a Dog Chicken

I have my 6 year old Shih Tzu on a prescription diet made by Hills, that I get at the vet. She is a little over weight. She weighted about 16 lbs. She is now on diet food I get from the vet, and I give her a little chicken breast once in awhile. Is it okay for a Shih Tzu to have a small amount of chicken breast?

By Don from Shelby, NC

Solutions: Feeding a Dog Chicken

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