Finding Lost Items

Lost Keys on Beach

Losing something can be very frustrating, but there are strategies you can use in varying situations to find your missing item. This is a guide about finding lost items.


Solutions: Finding Lost Items

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Tip: Nylon on Vacuum to Recover Lost Items

Dropped a small earring or contact lens, etc? Just take a nylon stocking and cover nozzle of vacuum and attach with a rubber band. Turn on your vacuum, and run it over floor. If you're lucky, your lost item will be stuck to the nylon.

Source: I read this hint in an old book that I got at a yard sale a long time ago. I don't have the book any more.

By Penny B. from McVeytown, PA

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Tip: Pick Up Small Items With Vacuum

If you lose or drop small item or pill you don't want the children or dogs to find first, simply put a knee-high stocking over the end of the vacuum hose and vacuum around the area it may have fallen. You can retrieve what you're looking for without the vacuum sucking it up into the bag or cup. This is especially useful for valuable or hard to replace items (earrings, eyeglass hardware, etc.)

By PJ from NY

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Tip: Finding Small Items on the Floor

If you have a visual impairment and drop anything small and colorless on the floor, place a stocking over the end of your vacuum hose and run it over the area you suspect it may have fallen. It will easily be picked up allowing you to retrieve it from the stocking.

By oSandi from Sherwood Park, Alberta

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Tip: Finding Lost Items When Shopping

If any personal items are lost in a department store, check the lost and found then check the appropriate department for your item. I recently found my lost prescription sunglasses "for sale" in the sunglasses display at the department store where I lost them two weeks priviously.

Also ask at each register at any department you visited the day of the loss. Sometimes lost items don't make it to customer service, they just stay under the counter in that department.

By nineleven47 from San Antonio

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Tip: Finding Items Dropped on the Floor

When you drop something tiny on the floor/carpet, like a pin, screw or earring. Take a flashlight and put it level with the floor for the light to pick up the shine of the lost item.

Another idea to find something small that you've dropped and can't see. Put a piece of net, cheese cloth or old pantyhose over the end of your vacuum cleaner hose, secure with a rubber band. The suction will bring it to the hose but the material will keep it from getting into the machine.

By Great Granny Vi

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Tip: Finding Dropped Earrings

If you drop a small object (say, an earring) and can't locate it, put a pair of nylons over your vacuum hose and use the hose to slowly vacuum over the area. You will pick up the lost object without it being sucked up into the vacuum.

By Leann D

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