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Finding Old Weight Watchers Menus

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The Weight Watcher's diet program has been around for decades and undergone a number of changes. Finding information on a specific program you used in the past is possible if a bit of a challenge. This is a guide about finding old Weight Watcher's menus.



Here are questions related to Finding Old Weight Watchers Menus.

Question: Using the Weight Watchers Plans

Do I have to stick to a special plan with Weight Watchers? Eat specially prepared foods, etc.

By Tonita P


Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]03/17/2012

You do not have to buy special "weight watcher" foods or any sort of supplements. There are recipe suggestions; ways to make things like chocolate cake worth less points, for example.

Question: 1980s-1990s Weight Watcher Books

Is there anyone willing to send me copies of the old Weight Watcher books from the late 80s and early 90s? Do you have any suggestions where I can find these older editions?

By Cindy


Most Recent Answer

By Coreen Hart [73]09/10/2011

I've had some success searching through the book shelves of thrift shops.

Question: Weight Watcher's Quick Start Weekly Chart

Does anyone have the chart for Weight Watchers Quick Start that you filled out every week? If so, please let me know. Thanks.

By Bonnie

Most Recent Answer

By Ariela [33]12/18/2011

Here is one that was sent to me from another poster here on TFC.

RE: Weight Watcher's Quick Start Weekly Chart

Question: Weight Watcher's Quick Start Menu

Where can I find the old Weight Watcher diet menu planner?

By Sandy from MI

Solutions: Finding Old Weight Watchers Menus

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