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Yesterday my friend brought me a little kitten (maybe 6 weeks old). She had found the kitten, scared, starving, and sickly, by a bunch of garbage cans. Some heartless person had obviously just dropped this poor kitty off somewhere, to fend for herself. I told my friend I would take the kitten and try to get her well, then keep her with me. The problem is that this kitten needs to see a vet and get some antibiotics. She seems to have a cold (she sort of sneezes), and both of her eyes look bad. She has green puss in them and her nose. I keep trying to gently wipe them, but it isn't helping. I need to take her to a vet, but I don't have any money. I am on Disability Lifeline, which provides housing and medical for me, but no money. I have no income.

Does anyone know of a free or very low cost vet in Tacoma, Washington? I'm afraid she may lose her sight, or even her life, if I don't get her to a vet.

By Debbie S.



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By Cheryl 2 9 07/11/2012

Call the Tacoma animal shelter and see if they can either help or recommend a vet
to help, Cheryl

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By Lizzyanny 9 1,216 07/12/2012

Try some of the local rescue groups. The may be able to help or recommend someone who can. This time of the year however many groups are full and cannot take more kittens. If you want to email me I can suggest a couple Vets in the Auburn area who are low cost and usually work with low income folks. Do keep in mind that you kitten will need to be spayed and have her vaccinations. Good luck with your kitty. Bless you for trying to help.

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By Eva L. 1 02/21/2015

Hi Debbie, please email me.

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