Freezing Orange Juice

Orange juice and oranges.

Freezing orange juice is a good way to preserve either freshly squeezed juice or excess cartons you got on sale at the market. This is a guide about freezing orange juice.



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Question: Freezing Orange Juice In Carton

Can orange juice be frozen? I recently read that cartons of milk can be frozen, so I got to wondering what else can be frozen?

Sandy from Stoughon, WI

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By grandma. (Guest Post) 09/27/2008

I have frozen juice in cartons for years. Just make sure it is totally defrosted before drinking, and shake it before opening.

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Question: Finding Cartons for Freezing Juice

I need juice cartons to freeze orange juice. Is it possible to let me know were I can go? Thank you.

By Becky

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By Suntydt [75] 05/06/2013

I would just use soda bottles. Clean them out real good with hot water, fill them 2/3 with orange juice and put them on an angle in the freezer to freeze. When you're ready to drink one let it thaw most of the way, give it a good shake to remix it and get pulp distributed thru the juice and drink away.

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Question: Shelf Life of Orange Juice in Freezer

How long can you keep orange juice you have frozen in a bottle?

By Anita

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