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Getting Dye Out of Clothing

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Getting Dye Out of Clothing

Dye can get onto clothing either in the wash or by transferring from other clothing such as jeans. This is a guide about getting dye out of clothing.



Here are questions related to Getting Dye Out of Clothing.

Question: Dye from Jeans Transferred to Shirt

How can I remove blue jean dye from an orange colored shirt?

By Nancy from Wood River, IL


Most Recent Answer

By susan [33]05/13/2010

The product you want is "Color Out" and it is sold in the area with fabric dyes. Works great.

Question: Getting Blue Dye Out of Clothes

I would like some suggestions for getting blue dye out of clothes.

By Chuck from NY


Most Recent Answer

By cheryl01/27/2010

I had same problem and i bought RIT laundry treatment color remove you can buy in any grocery store.I got mine at walmart in laundry isle. it says only for white clothes but i had a yellow tank top, a yellow shirt with green lettering on it and a seagull also white shirt with blue lettering and i washed clothes first then washed again with RIT on hottest water. I can not believe it worked great. I did have to do it twice. but it works great. and i am so glad they were new shirts and from hollister and aero. you might not have to do it twice but i had a few other items i had to get blue dye out of.RIT also has other products for whiten whites and stain removing never tried them but after tring this i will try there other products.

Question: Removing Tie Dye from Clothing

I tried to tie dye a really nice shirt, but it looks horrible! How do I get it out? Please help.

By Mackenzie M

Most Recent Answer

By HJ [10]01/19/2015

A box of Rit Color Remover might be a solution for you. I have used it to take color out of a sheet that came out of the washer all blotchy for some unknown reason. Sometimes grocery stores carry some Rit Dye products. I got a box recently at a craft store. Good luck!

Question: Clothing Turned Grey in Wash

I had a bright/light yellow tank and washed it with colors, but after washing it, my tank was grey toned. How can I fix this?


Most Recent Answer

By Maria Ortiz12/01/2014

Been there try washing the tank top in a bucket or sink with a bit of Woolite and oxy wash powder in warm water then hang to dry. Hope my tip helps - Maria

Question: Black Jeans Dye Bled on White Blouse

How do you remove dye from black Levi jeans which has discolored a white blouse?

By Judith G.

Most Recent Answer

By 2ndsight [4]09/08/2014

Carbona makes a product called "color run remover" It should be in the section with the dye. Also there is a color grabber cloth that you put in the washer with the garment. I can't remember what it's called, but it's in the laundry section of the store. If either of these don't work, you could try appliques or any kind of bling to cover the spots.

Question: Colour Ran in the Wash

I've got a black jacket with a white fur hood. When I've washed it the black dye made the white fur hood grey. Any ideas how I can get the hood back to its right colour?

By Clare from Manchester

Most Recent Answer

By Lois Kersti Brouillette [3]11/24/2013

I know that there is a product now, that works in the washing machine. I know that we may be reversing what happened, but it is worth a try. Of course I do not have the name. I watched a commercial about it and I know it works. It looks like a fabric conditioner dryer sheet. I found it at the grocery store in the laundry soap isle. If you do not read a better idea, and find this product, you could try it by rewashing them. It is a great product for those wash loads that you need to have done faster, like the night before school. Hope you get help. Lois

Question: Red Dye Bled onto White Shirt

We made a red and blue transfer. We ironed it on a white t-shirt. It was worn all day and the next day, in the heat. Sweat caused the red ink from the transfer to bleed! How do I fix this? Clean it up so it can be worn again and not ruined?

By Mary C.

Most Recent Answer

By apsspecial02/21/2015

I wash a black and white poker dot 100% linen dry only dress the black dots bled pink on the white. I put some sea salt in some cold water and let it soak for a while, then I rinse the salt out with cold water and hang it out to dry. My dress look like new.

Question: Getting Blue Dye Out of a Yellow T-shirt

I have just washed my son's new school t-shirt which is yellow with my normal colours (none of which run) and for some reason when I took it out of the machine it had blue dye on it and now it looks a "dirty" yellow colour. Any tips on how to get it back to it's original colour would be appreciated.

By Ann-Marie A

Most Recent Answer

By designgirl17809/04/2013

Get Rit Dye color remover and follow the pkg directions. It should come out. Good luck.

Question: Dye Bleeding on Colored Clothes

How do I prevent or remove dye that is running on my garments? I put like colors together on cold and have used every type of detergent and my clothes still come out with spots. They look like grease spills and I know they aren't. They even appear on the back of a tee shirt sometimes. Help.

By Barbara J

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]07/23/2013

Colors bleeding onto garments stain the entire garment or they stain the area where they sit for a length of time such as if you leave things in the washer for some time before putting them into the dryer. I suspect that you have some other sort of thing going on; if they look like grease spots, I would think they might very well be grease spots. For that, I find that any good stain remover for grease, such as Shout, works; although the best thing I have found is an Orange peel cleaner. If the marks are a lighter color, it could be some type of acne medication or something of that nature that you are using on your skin. That kind of stuff will bleach out color and discolor necklines, and also it will look like fingerprints on colored garments, but will not show up until after the garment is laundered.

Question: Removing Green Dye on White Pants

How do I remove green dye from my white pants?

By Jacqui S from Mulwala NSW Australia

Question: Remove Dye from Clothing

How do I remove black dye from red clothing?


Question: Removing a Stain on Pants

I had bought some grey pants for my husband and I washed them. When I took them out of the washer to hang them to dry, I realised that they had a light reddish pinkish spot on them. Is there a solution for this?

By Christina from Lafayette, LA

Question: Dye Transferred in the Wash

How do I get the blue dye out of the white ring of the neck and arms of a navy blue cheerleading shirt? I washed the top in with dark clothes and had a pair of jeans that faded onto the shirt. I then put it in the dryer. I forgot about it being in the wash and now the white is blue. I've used the Tide pen it took some out, I've used Clorox 2 no luck, and I've used Oxiclean stain remover. Anyone have any ideas?

By Llc

Question: Removing Tie Dye Stains

I need to know how to get like a mustard color tie dye stain out of a pink shirt, if there is a way.

By Callie L.

Question: Removing Stain from Wet Suitcase from Dress

The dress was on the back of a truck and it rained and soak through the suitcase and my new dress got stained.

By Judy B. from Norfolk, VA

Solutions: Getting Dye Out of Clothing

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Getting Red Dye out of Clothes

I did a dark wash with one red shirt and some assorted light color clothes. For some reason the red ran on everything. Can the red dye be cleaned out of the clothes? Mindy from NY

RE: Getting Red Dye out of Clothes

Well I guess you found out the hard way not to put a red item in with lights. I'm assuming this red item had not been previously washed or is relatively new. After several washings, it probably won't happen anymore. I am not sure what to take the red out with but seems there are some products out there. Go look in the cleaning products aisle in Wal-Mart and also in the area where they sell fabric dye. Also what you could do is to hand wash the red item separately in the future. I think you can set the color by using salt in water.

Also, it's best to do darks separately from lights.

Go to and pose your question as you might get some better answers than what I was able to give. Good luck! (09/06/2006)

By Debbie52

RE: Getting Red Dye out of Clothes

Soak the clothing (minus the red shirt) in Oxiclean and hot water before rewashing. I've had good luck removing red dye doing this. Susan from ThriftyFun (09/06/2006)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Getting Red Dye out of Clothes

Once I washed an old, old orange shirt with some white socks and panties. I had washed the shirt dozens of times but apparently, it still had some dye to give. Guess what! I had orangey-peach socks and panties. It was not a solid color but orange and white tie-dye pattern. I tried everything to get it out with no luck. It eventually faded some but I still have some orangy tie-dye socks. It's a funny story and I had one of a kind underthings! (10/03/2006)

RE: Getting tie dye out of baje shorts

I don't know how to take out the die in my shorts they are my favorite shorts please give me some advice! asap (06/09/2007)

By victor123

RE: Getting Red Dye out of Clothes

I washed a white shirt and a light green shirt with a red shirt by accident. When I went to put the clothes in the dryer, the white and green shirts had red all over them. I tried washing the green shirt with Oxiclean and Shout but nothing happened. I tried the same thing with the white shirt and the red came out somewhat. I then put the white shirt outside in the sun to see if the sun could bleach it back to white but, it only took a little bit of the red out. What should I do now? (07/09/2007)

By ceoamiton

Archive: Getting Red Dye Out of Clothes

Some nice shirts were washed with an item that leaked red dye. The shirts have been kept moist by soaking in cool water, not dried, while we search for a solution. Any suggestions? Thanks. Holly from Richardson, TX

RE: Getting Red Dye Out of Clothes

I had the same problem a while back. I posted here and the advice that worked best for me was to soak my white shirts in lemon juice. I ran the shirts through wash cycle, then left them to soak overnight. Next morning I ran them through full wash/rinse cycle and they were white again. Hope this works for you. Good Luck (08/22/2007)

By Betty

RE: Getting Red Dye Out of Clothes

Rit Dye actually makes a product for this. It is only $2.49 for a bottle and it works great! (I know this because my husband "helped" by doing laundry) (10/16/2007)

By Tiffany Rohe

RE: Getting Red Dye Out of Clothes

My 13 year old was doing her laundry and thought "if I put every thing in at once, it won't take my so long." Well the school team jersey 1/2 polyester and 1/2 cotton blend, White with a thick purple stripe starting at the shoulder doing down to the bottom. gold and purple letters in the front and back. Is now pink, purple and gold due to being washed with a red sweatshirt. It was dried in the dryer and she looks to me on getting this out before the couch sees her. I have tried everything today and can not get it out. Is there a secret I do not know about? Can you please share. It has to be white again. (b)Editor's Note:(/b) Once it is dried, removing stains is harder. I've had the best results removing bleeding dyes with Oxiclean. Soak the garments in hot water with a good amount of it and let it soak for a while. Hope this helps. (10/26/2007)

By Kim

Archive: Getting Blue Dye Out of Clothes

I have a new sweatshirt that I put in the laundry today and blue dye ran all over into it.

Cathy from Canada

RE: Getting Blue Dye Out of Clothes

Add bleach in the washing machine. It works best if there's color on white clothing! (04/08/2008)

By amanda

Archive: Getting Blue Dye Out of Clothes

I've just accidentally washed new white tops (which contain slight splashes of color design) with a blue skirt. Now the main body of both white tops are a pale blue! What can I do?


Archive: Getting Blue Dye Out of Clothes

How do I get blue dye out of white clothing?

By gemmano1 from Birmingham