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Getting Rid of Bees

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Although bees are not generally aggressive like wasps, you may not want them buzzing around your home or garden. This is a guide about getting rid of bees.



Here are questions related to Getting Rid of Bees.

Question: Getting Rid of Bumble Bees

How do I get rid of bumble bees and their nests without getting stung? I am highly allergic to bee stings.

Hardiness Zone: 8a

By Debra from Nahunta, GA


Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]08/18/2010

Bumble bees are not very aggressive, but if you are allergic, I suggest you call someone to see what can be done about these bees. Honey bees are a protected species, and beekeepers will come and take them away. If you live in a city or town, call the town office and see what they suggest. Where are these nests? If you are dealing with hornets or wasps, you have a much bigger problem because they can be aggressive. Since you are allergic, I would suggest you get someone else to deal with these insects.

Question: Bees Swarming Around Outdoor Lights

I have lots of Malayan Wild Bees coming to swarm around my lights at night. They are dangerous and a nuisance because I have to switch off practically all lights just to get rid of them. They seem to love to warmth around brightness emitted from these lights. What do I do to get rid of them? FIY, at the back of my house are Natural Forests.

Thank you,
Pest killer from Singapore


Most Recent Answer

By Bill (Guest Post)07/21/2007

Try using a rented industrial size sweeper with the hose rigged to the light pole. Attach an electrical cord that goes into your house. When the time is right plug it in. This should rapidly reduce the number of bees. Do it each night until the problem is solved.

Question: Getting Rid of Bees

How can I get rid of bees in a tree? I am interested in home remedies.

By Irene from Montclair, CA

Most Recent Answer

By defahrner03/04/2013

We had a huge swarm of bees in a tree in our back yard. We used craig's list to find someone to remove them in return for them keeping the bees.

Question: Finding Someone to Move a Bee Hive

All the bees here are in a big rubber garbage can. No roof or walls or hard to get places.I know there has to be a hive in it as they have been there for a couple years now. I'm too scared to move the can, but I have to get them out of my back yard. I don't want to kill them because it looks like there are tons of them in the can. I'm on Social Security and do not have the kind of money to pay an exterminator. I do not know how to find local farmers that have their own bees. It would be such a shame to kill them. I don't believe it would be hard for anyone that wanted them just to take the whole garbage can with the bees. Can anyone help me? Thank you for your time.

By Luella

Solutions: Getting Rid of Bees

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