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Getting Rid of Chipmunks

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Getting Rid of Chipmunks

These striped squirrels can be a challenge to keep out of your garden. This guide is about getting rid of chipmunks.


Solutions: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

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Tip: Capture Chipmunks With Panty Hose

Chipmunks! I saw one run into the black drainage tube that's attached to the downspout on the side of my house. There is one on each side of the corner of my house. After it ran up the spout, I took a pair of panty hose, pulled a leg over each end, not real easy, but it worked.

My son-in-law ran water down the spout, then shook the drainage hose and the chipmunk ran half-way down the leg of my panty hose. He picked up the panty hose and threw it in a large can and let the critter loose quite a ways from the house. It was hilarious, seeing my son-in-law holding a chipmunk in a pair of panty hose. I will try it again.

By Linda from Brodhead, WI

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Here are questions related to Getting Rid of Chipmunks.

Question: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

When using sunflower seeds to catch chipmunks, do they prefer just the seeds or do they like the shells as well?

By qbpitch


Most Recent Answer

By no chipmunks [1]06/16/2011

On Sunday I used Zatarain's cayenne pepper on the runs and into the three holes they have made under my porch. Monday there was activity going to one of the holes, but stopped short of the entrance. There was no other activity until today when I found a new entrance. I have put pepper into that hole and will see what happens. I know this will not kill the population, but if it keeps them from going under my porch I will be happy. Hopefully they will get enough of in their eyes and mouth they will not come back.

Question: Chipmunk Burrowing Under Pavers

I had a chipmunk hole under a paver sidewalk in the backyard. Some pavers were broken and a chipmunk made a tunnel under them. I removed the broken sidewalk, sprayed Repel red pepper oil down and around his hole and filled in his hole. I thought this would make him vacate that tunnel and make a new one elsewhere. No luck. I put down many inches of paver base and sand and he tunneled right back up. Now my pavers are uneven and wobbly. I don't need the chipmunk gone, but I want him to vacate that tunnel and make a new one away from the pavers. What can I do?

By Jeff


Most Recent Answer

By Peggy D.10/08/2014

Purchase a product called Repels All. It's a granulated, organic substance that irritates their nasal passages. I guarantee they won't come back after a couple of times. Sprinkle around the entire perimeter of your paver patio. Don't forget to cover your nose when sprinkling Repels All - I've gotten a bloody nose more than once and it always bothers me if I don't cover up. Reapply after a rain. It's important that you kill burrowing chippies because they'll continue to do damage. Revert to setting spring traps or putting poison peanuts down the hole.

Question: Chipmunks on The Roof

How can I eliminate chipmunks running around my roof all night?

By Randy

Most Recent Answer

By Carol W. [5]09/05/2012

Chipmunks are diurnal and not active at night. You may need to confirm who is up there.

Question: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

Do chipmunks come back to where they were trapped even if you take them 4 miles away to release them?

By F.Bannon

Most Recent Answer

By Deanj08/01/2012

I trap them and release them about ten miles away. They don't come back but you can't get rid of them completely only control the population.

Question: Getting Rid of Squirrels and Chipmunks

I have tried several "cures" = no improvement. It has gotten severe in the last week: tunnels galore. Help please! There are squirrels, chipmunks, cats, and an occasional mole. There is serious damage to my yards. It used to be only in back, they've now attacked the front yard as well. I will try the red pepper sprinkling, and will report back either way.

By utterstruth


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Archive: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

I am swamped with chipmunks this summer. They eat my bird seed, dig under cement steps and in general are a problem, although cute little creatures, they have no mercy.

How can I get rid of these stinkers, we have caught a few in a live trap, but most are babies and slip through the sides. I've tried red pepper but it didn't work. I've tried the sticky pads, they walk around them. I've tried vaseline on the bird feeder pole, doesn't stop them either. HELP

Shirl in Wisconsin

RE: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

I can tell you like them but enough is enough. They are so cute but I bet they really are pesky when there are a lot of them. I hate to give you my suggestion... but it's the only one I can think of. A kitty cat. My cat caught lots of chipmunks and I'd try to make her let them go but usually failed. I didn't mind at all when she caught mice or vole but... those cute little things. I guess she thought they were all the same. Actually, the chipmunks were really sorta dumb, about cats at least, and it was easy for her to catch them. Maybe a kitty would help you, if you have the heart for it. (07/15/2005)

By Wendee

RE: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

Find a Feed store and purchase Wolf or Fox urine. Open the bottle before you leave the counter and make certain still has it's potency. Do not put your nose close to the bottle opening, because this stuff has a VERY strong odor. You will be able to smell it once the cap is off. If you can't smell it (perhaps it has sat on the shelf too long), ask for another bottle. Once you get it home sprinkle a very light trickle around your selected perimeter and you will have no more chipmunks or other little critters. The urine does not harm them, the scent is a natural marking in the wild and they avoid it. Good Luck! (07/15/2005)

By Jessica

RE: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

If you just want to keep them from climbing the bird feeder pole, I have a good remedy that really works. Also keeps squirrels and raccoons out. I feed 'em all, but only the birds can access my feeder. Just remove your feeder from the ground, pole and all. set up a piece of 6 inch pvc pipe (sewer pipe) making sure that it reaches from the ground and fits tightly under the feeder at the top. Then replace the pole inside the pipe. These critters cannot wrap their paws around it to climb up. (07/19/2005)

By Harlean from Arkansas

RE: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

Problem in my area is that there is a law against letting cats run wild - if animal control finds them, they're caught and taken to the pound. I like cats too much to let that happen to one of mine... so for me, I guess it's wolf or fox urine... (06/05/2006)

RE: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

I have them running all over my yard. Two have actually gotten into the house. I found a nest under my vinyl siding that pushed the siding out a good 8 inches. I tapped it until all the dirt and styrofoam that they used to make the nest came out. Then I sprayed it with Peppermint oil. They haven't returned there though I'm sure they have an alternate nest close by. I had to nail the last row of siding to the sill to keep them out of the house. (04/05/2007)


RE: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

I tried the 5 gallon bucket with sunflower seeds. I watched as a squirrel scooped the seeds out. I think I will try the squirrel trap and maybe get rid of those also. (06/05/2007)

By Jeanne

Archive: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

Does anyone know how to get rid of chipmunks?


Archive: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

How do I get rid of chipmunks? They have tunnels throughout my yard and I don't want the ground to sink. Any suggestions?

By Mastte from Fleetwood, PA

RE: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

You can use a rat trap, which is like a snap-type mouse trap, only bigger. Bait it with peanut butter and place it on a hard surface, not far from a tunnel. Havahart and Tomahawk make wire mesh traps if you want to catch them alive. In order for these traps to work you will have to place either nuts, slices of prunes, dry cereal, raisins, or peanut butter on the ground in front of the trap for a couple of days so the chipmunks get use to the trap being there, and get use to finding food in that area. After that, place the food inside the trap. But with this type of trap you could catch other animals that you aren't wanting to catch. (04/16/2009)

By Anonymous

Archive: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

We think at least one or more chipmunks have found their way into our house. We have seen tracks that look like mouse tracks so we put out D-Con. It has gone untouched, so someone said maybe it is chipmunks. Does anyone know any way to get rid of them?

By ame8736 from WI

RE: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

You didn't say if you wanted them dead or alive, but I'm assuming since you used D-con dead is o.k. My suggestion would be a cat. If you don't have one maybe you could rescue one from a shelter or borrow one from a neighbor or family member. I wish I lived closer, I have many I could give you but don't have any chipmunks, lol! (08/06/2009)

By skb123

RE: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

I assume they are in the attic of your home. If so, go to an old fashioned feed and seed store and buy a small vial of fox urine. You may want to call ahead to make sure they stock it.

Dab a little bit on cotton balls and place them in the attic near the tracks. Squirrels and chipmunks will go away because they smell a fox. (08/06/2009)

By txcatlover

RE: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

Set up a cage with peanut butter. (08/10/2009)

By lilc800

Archive: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

How can I keep chipmunks from pooping at the entrance to my home?


Archive: Getting Rid of Chipmunks

How do I set up a 5 gallon water bucket to eliminate chipmunks?