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Getting Rid of Lady Bugs

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Getting Rid of Lady Bugs

These insects can be a nuisance in some parts of the country. This guide is about getting rid of lady bugs.


Here are questions related to Getting Rid of Lady Bugs.

Question: Getting Rid of Ladybugs Inside

I have been in my room and I have been finding ladybugs in the strangest places. My dad thinks that they are coming from the attic, but I have no patience anymore! I need help to try to get them out of my room.

By Jessica

Most Recent Answer

By bjornsonb04/07/2014

I know lady bugs LOVE and feed on Caragana trees. They eat the aphids (green bugs). If you find a tree nearby they will all leave together. It's like they have a call and just pick up and leave! Fascinating. But the chance of having that tree nearby is probably slim? Hope it can help.?

Question: Getting Rid of Ladybugs

I live in the city of Rochester. I need to know the most humane way to get rid of these pesky ladybugs that are invading my apartment. I have told my landlord, but they won't do anything about it. Help me!

By Sara

Question: Ladybugs in the House

I live in the northeast and I am curious to know if anyone else is having a problem with ladybugs. For the past five years I have been inundated with them in the fall season. Now I am noticing them in the start of the spring season. In the fall they are all over my screens, siding on house, windows, and they get into the house and crawl over textured ceiling. Someone told me they liked the color yellow which is the color of my house. They don't bother my neighbors on either side of me.

Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can control them? I know that generally speaking ladybugs are great for eating other insects, but this is ridiculous. They are all over the inside of my house. Help!

By Cindy S.

Most Recent Answer

By tricia minter [11]04/16/2013

Please be happy that you have the ladybugs and not a more worrisome type bothering you. In my state several years ago they released ladybugs to help control the insect population. They did such a good job of that! It became so bad they released an alien looking bug called stink bugs. They are the worst! They get into everything and cling to whatever it is. You can't shake them off. They sneak into your home and buzz by your head. You can't smash them or you have an awful smell. I pick them up with a piece of tissue and flush them. Last year we had a yard sale and they were into every item and in all the boxes. They get into the pockets of clothing, into socks, into purses, and everything. I'll take the ladybugs any day.

Question: Getting Rid of Ladybugs

Who has problems with Asian beetles/ladybugs? They are annoying. How do you handle the problem? Thanks for your help.

By Trudy

Most Recent Answer

By LisaE [18]03/11/2011

I don't have a way to keep those bugs from getting in but one year my house was getting infested with them. I had to vacuum the floor, walls, ceilings, window panes, the openings in the ceilings fans, etc., etc., make sure when you empty out your vacuum cleaner you do it outside as they usually are not dead and can fly back onto everything-including your clothes.

Good luck.

Question: How can I get rid of lady bugs in my house?

I found ladybugs in my spare room. Where did they come from and how do I get rid of them? Also what causes that?

By Sharon from East Hampton, NY

Most Recent Answer

By debra zumbuhl06/05/2010

A black lite. It attracts them they get in the lite and it kills them. Be sure to check it often it will fill up fast. Just lay it down facing up. It works.

Question: Lavender Oil and Vinegar for Lady Bugs

My husband saw a commercial for Natural cures that said that Lavender oil with vinegar can be used to rid the home of Lady bugs (beetles) and now the ever present Box Elder beetles. Did he hear right and if so what is the recipe?


Pat from Waldo, WI

Most Recent Answer

By marie ann (Guest Post)06/24/2006

did the lavender oil and vinegar for the box elder bugs work? what is the recipe?

Question: Lady Bug Issues

I just went in to wake up my 14 month old from her nap. I opened her blinds and was shocked to see 16 ladybugs all over her window. I live in the mid-atlantic region where it has been cold, but we are having a few days of warm weather. Does anybody have ideas how to rid of these nasty bugs that will not harm my children? My 4 year old wants to keep them as pets! Thanks!


Most Recent Answer

By L Brown (Guest Post)02/10/2009

We live in the pacific northwest and we have a huge ladybug issue . We even bug bombed our house in an effort to get rid of them, after the bomb (and the prescribed amount of time you are supposed to stay out of the house) it was literally raining ladybugs inside! GROSS! I swept them up and had a gallon bag of ladybugs. Gross! Sadly this did not take care of the problem and they are still abundant. HELP!

Question: Lady Bugs and Asian Lady Beetles

How can you tell the difference between regular lady bugs and the asian lady beetle?


Most Recent Answer

By (Guest Post)03/13/2006

You'll notice on the Asian lady beetles that the legs are a more of a red color where as on the ladybug, the legs are black.

Question: Ladybug Problem

Would anyone know how to get rid of ladybugs? At first I thought they were so pretty, but they have infested my walls and ceilings. I live in the country, but the windows were closed all winter.

Thank you.

Most Recent Answer

By Rebecca05/06/2010

Hi, My name is Rebecca and I'm the producer on a new Animal Planet series called Extreme Infestation.

I am looking for stories relating to severe infestations of any kind of animals, including ladybugs, cockroaches, rats, mice, spiders, toads, frogs, termites, wood worm, even bears! The series will look at the science of each type of infestation, as well as the stories of those who experienced them.

If you have been unlucky enough to experience an extreme infestation in your home or workplace, please do drop me a line at rebecca.north AT We are especially interested in hearing from people who filmed some home video footage of the event.

Darlow Smithson is a respected documentary conpany based in London, England. You can find out more about us by visiting our website at

We will be filming across the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in a few months time.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Solutions: Getting Rid of Lady Bugs

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Archive: How can I get rid of lady bugs in my house?

How can I get rid of lady bugs in my house?

Pat from KY

RE: How can I get rid of lady bugs in my house?

Are these the Asian beetles which invade this time of year? Either way, I vacuum them up, then rubber band a piece of plastic wrap or a baggie over the end of the hose so they can't get out, just in case they try. If they are real lady bugs, catch them in an empty plastic 2 ltr bottle and release them outside as they are good for the outdoors. (10/23/2006)

By mikki

RE: How can I get rid of lady bugs in my house?

These are the Asian transplants, not the real ladybugs? You can tell by their coloring (orangy) and their spots are not rounded. They bite! Be careful. Not the cute ladybugs we used to play with when we were kids. They are coming in to hibernate in the warm house. I just grab them with a tissue, or vacuum them up, like the other lady said. They will be in your walls all winter until spring. They're a nuisance. (10/23/2006)

By BJ-Houghton from Lake, MI

RE: How can I get rid of lady bugs in my house?

Ladybugs are beneficial. You can vacuum them up or better if you sweep them up and toss outside. To keep them out find where they are entering the house and close off the opening. Do not squash them as they can give off an odor. (10/23/2006)

By Dean

RE: How can I get rid of lady bugs in my house?

Someone told me to burn vanilla candles. They come in mostly in my laundry room. I have a very large candle. I burn it in the laundry room for long periods with the door shut. I did it a few weeks ago, and I don't see them hardly at all. (11/01/2006)

By Linda

RE: How can I get rid of lady bugs in my house?

Being a redneck, I know quite a bit about duct tape, not just any duct tape, Duck brand duct tape. I took my Swiffer sweeper and wrapped duct tape on it sticky side up, it works wonderfully. I also hung strips of duct tape all around the ceiling light and left the light on, this worked great too. You have to be sure to dump them in a plastic bag that zips or ties to assure they don't get out. It helps on the inside, but the outside is another story. Try boric acid around window seals where children cannot get into it. (10/21/2009)

By WV lady

Archive: Getting Rid of Ladybugs

Does anyone know what can be used to get rid of Ladybugs? I am especially interested in something that does not involve chemicals since we have a 2 year old in the house.


Archive: Getting Rid of Ladybugs

How do you get rid of ladybugs?

By Granny

RE: Getting Rid of Ladybugs

There is not a lot you can do for them at this time due to the fact that they got into the attic and walls before winter hit to wait out the cold, but due to the warmth of the home have stayed active and finding their way inside. You may have the attic treated professionally but this can be hit or miss. Placing a residual insecticide in the window sill will kill them as they accumulate. If you use the hose extension of the vacuum, secure an old stocking with tape or a rubber band so it can act as a filter to keep the insects from the interior of the vacuum and leaving their stink behind.

By larflu

RE: Getting Rid of Ladybugs

I don't know how many ladybugs you are talking about in your house but we get them every late fall and all winter in our home. The odd one or two will show up every week but I just let them go their way and I imagine they eventually die, but I don't see them again after a while. I have never noticed an odor from them either. If there are a lot, vacuum and shake bag outside. They are harmless as far as I am concerned. (01/29/2010)

By Indianone

Archive: How can I get rid of lady bugs in my house?

We just moved in our new house in August. And it is nearly the end of October and our house has been taken over by a form of ladybugs. I am going crazy, from the time I wake up til the time I go to bed I am constantly dragging the vacuum up and down the stairs.


Archive: Getting Rid of Ladybugs

How do I get rid of ladybugs? Our house gets invaded with zillions of them when the weather is hot, inside and outside of our home. It's extremely annoying.

By Trudy from Trout Run

RE: Getting Rid of Ladybugs

Are you sure they are ladybugs. This is an area that gets Japanese beetles every year. You could tape your doors and windows shut and they still find a way in. They are harmless and will eventually stop coming. Sweep them up and take them outside. (03/25/2010)

By knitter926