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Golden Retriever Mix

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Question: What Breed Is My Dog? (Golden Retriever Mix)

Golden mix puppy.Can anyone help me figure out what kind of puppy this is? I adopted him from a shelter and am not sure what he is mixed with. I am told golden retriever and collie or husky or chow? He is 5 months old.

Katie from Ozone Park, NY

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By Jennifer Lea 2 1 12/17/2011

My dog duke looks just like him when he was that age we were told that he was a lab mixed with chow. There are some days he looks like a lab and some he looks like a chow, but then he has spots on him that neither dogs have so we are not sure. I would really love to find out what he is.

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Question: What breed is my dog? (Golden Retriever and German Shepard Mix)

Tan ShepherdWhat type of dog is she?


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By Snowlion57 3 25 03/21/2014

I have a male I got from the pound they could be twins
I was told he was long haired Belgin malinois created in Australia and shipped to the US in the 90s There seems to be more and more of them heres a pick of Bruteus

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In Memory Of Sheba (Black Lab/Golden Retriever)

RIP Sheba. It is with a heavy Heart to report my beloved Sheba has passed away. She was a week from her 15th birthday. She was the sweetest and most lovable pet I've ever owned.

She would let the cats crawl all over her, small kids slobber on her and never once growl or get upset. She loved the lake and going for walks everyday. She's been around for so long our home seems so empty. I will miss her dearly.

By Peggy

Black dog.

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Sandy (Shetland/Golden Retriever)

Sandy is a 13 year old Shetland/Golden Retriever mix. I got her at the Ozaukee County Humane Society, June 2007. She likes to play with her sock.

I got my very best friend after my first husband left me. She was 11 months when I got her and wasn't even house-broken! Now she is just about the smartest dog I have ever known, and she is just as sweet as she is cute.

By antiquefreeque from WISCONSIN

Reddish dog with white on chest.

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Billy (Golden Retriever/Hound Mix)

Billy is a 5 year old Golden Retriever/Hound mix. About 3 years ago, my dog was found roaming around the woods of Buffalo, NY. My boyfriend is the executive director of a company that transports dogs from high kill shelters to low kill shelters. When he was visiting a shelter in Buffalo and came across Billy in a kennel, he knew he was a perfect fit for me. Was he ever right.

Billy likes to chew on his tennis ball, play with his friend Chester the cat and watch movies with his mom. Billy is an amazing dog and brings so much happiness to me.

By Kim

Dog chewing tennis ball.

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Diseal (Golden Retriever/Labrador Mix)

Diseal is a 9 week old Golden Retriever/Lab mix. I found him on cragislist and fell in love with his cute face. He love to eat Starbucks and play with the kids out side.

My pet is so special. He has parvo and we are getting him all of the treatment so he can live a long happy life with us he is just like my other kid we all love him so much He is the sweetest thing.

By jcollins6404 from Indianapolis, IN

Editor's Note: Here is an update on Diseal's health.

Diseal is doing great, he has recovered very well. The vet said he was fully recovered and he will be receiving his next set of shots in two weeks. He is just as playful as ever.

Yellow puppy.

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Abbey (German - Golden - Wolf Mix)

Abbey is 7 months old and a German/Golden/Wolf. Abbey was the second drive-by I saw of "FREE PUPPIES" on the side of a road within two days. It, being the start of 2010, just seemed like a sign to have a cuddly addition to my life! The guy told us she was around 2 months old, but to later find out that she was only a month old. She had been separated from her mom at such a young age, that she suffers through separation anxiety.

I love having Abbey around now. Life just seems so much happier with her here. Never a dull moment with Abbers. She loves to play frisbee and football, swim and make music with her squeeky parrot around the house. German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mixes will always be my favorite now!

By Angi

Yellow puppy on car seat.

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Beethoven (St. Bernard - Golden Retriever)

Beethoven just turned one. He is a St.Bernard and Golden retriever mix that I got a year ago at the pound after my Akita died. I wanted some company since I am disabled.

He loves water and running after deer, but never to close. He loves people and other dogs and cats. He loves to chase balls or sticks. He loves to go out and run and go for walks. But on a day that I am too sick to go, he will stay by my side and just watch me and not worry about going out for his walk.

By William from Martinsville, VA

Closeup of dog.

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Cosby (Saint Bernard/Lab/Golden Retriever)

Cosby is a 9 year old Saint Bernard/Lab/Golden Retriever mix. He was a puppy and we went up to Iron Gate and got him from couple who lived there. He likes his walks, stuffed animals, treats, and visiting with the neighbor's dogs in the backyard. He is so loyal, he knows time, and knows what you feel. Cosby is my best friend and he loves kids, too.

By Laurel A.

Cosby (Saint Bernard/Lab/Golden Retriever)

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Baby (Mini Golden Retriever - Cairn Terrier Mix)

Baby is 2 months and 2 days old. She is a mix, mother (mini golden retriever), father (cairn terrier). My husband and I had no idea she was pregnant by my grandmother's dog. We took Missy (mother) with us to play with my grandmother's dog (Mr) while we visited my grandmother during Christmas.

I didn't notice that Missy was pregnant till 4 weeks before she gave birth. Missy gave birth on March 2, 2010 to a singleton. Baby is learning to play with toys and run up and down the stairs.

By Vella

Black and tan puppy.

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Maddie (Dachshund-Golden Retriever)

Maddie is a 5 year old 1/2 Dachshund, 1/2 Golden Retriever (we call her a 'Golden Weenie). We got her from a family in Ruston that had a litter of them.

I was in college. I came home to my roommates and told them 'by the way, I got a puppy today.' Needless to say, they were in for a surprise! She loves squeeky toys, meeting new friends, going on walks with her 'mom'. She has been such a great addition to our family. We truly love her! Black dog. Dog getting treat.

By Blair


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Goof (German Shepard-Golden Retriever Mix)

Goof is a 7 year old German Shepard Golden Retriever mix. I was visiting a friend and she showed me an 8 week old puppy she couldn't keep any longer. He melted my heart and I took him home with me that day! That was 7 years ago.

We live in the country and Goof loves to be outside laying in the grass enjoying the warm breezes but his absolute favorite thing to do is chase tennis balls. It looks like he's chewing gum. He keeps a very close eye on my 2 grandsons; he's very protective of them. He's my best friend and I love him!

By Penny

Tan dog.

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Gibraun (Golden Retriever/Border Collie)

Gibraun is 4 years old. He is a Golden Retriever/Border Collie. I rescued him from the Berks County SPCA when he was 8 months.

He likes to run, jump like a rabbit, burrow his entire face - nose first - into the snow, sing when I play harmonica or my son plays guitar, smile when he's really happy like when I first bought him home. He is so typical of the breeds he is. "How much more can I love you and please give me attention! He is all black with a smudge of white under his bottom lip."

After the last snow he was bounding in the snow and it was collecting into snowballs on his long hair up his back legs and under his tail across his butt. They kept getting large as he played in the snow and wiggled as he walked. Very funny!

By Lauren from West Chester, PA

Black dog with curly hair.

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Biscuit (German/Golden/Chow Mix)

Biscuit Baltimore Louis is a 7 year old German Shepard/Golden Retriever/Chow Chow mix. I bought Biscuit from the puppy place in town, in 2001. He likes to chase birds, fire hydrants, grass, and parks. He's an amazing best friend.

By Rozent from Tuscson, AZ

Dog yawning.

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Kelsie (Golden Retriever Mix)

Kelsie is a 9 year old Golden Retriever Mix. We rescued her from a local shelter when she was a puppy. She is pretty lazy and likes to sleep on our bed. She had a mild case of parvo as a puppy and most of her litter mates did not survive, she did.

By Leslie from Cedar Rapids, IA

Dog on couch.

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Harley-Girl (Golden Retriever Mix)

Harley-girl is our Golden Retriever mix and will be 5 years old this August. Her favorite hobby, besides chasing squirrels and catching frisbees, is digging for moles. She has been helping to keep the mole population in our yard down for the last couple of years, while entertaining us with her method.

She's good at spotting the mole "runs" and will dig at several intervals checking for movement. When she spots the earth move, she points; the tail is horizontal and one front paw lifts off the ground. She stands perfectly still and waits for the earth to move again, and, when it does, BAM! She lunges forward, head first into the soft earth and plucks out the mole, her face covered with dirt. We lost count last year, but I believe she caught about 20 moles.

This year she's off to a good start. Just this past weekend she's caught two moles! No traps or poisons necessary with our Harley-girl on the job!

Dog with head in hole she has dug.

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Moose (Golden Retriever/Lab)

Moose is 1 year and 2 months old and is a Golden Retriever/Lab mix. We got him St. Patrick's Day weekend on a Sunday.

He likes to swim, swim, swim! Also loves to run after balls and Frisbees and play with his brother, an Aussie mix, and everyone else in the family. We couldn't ask for better! This picture was taken when he was asleep in his crate, where his food dish seemed to be worn as a hat

By Jamie from North Carolina

Dog in crate.

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Maggie May (Golden Retriever Mix)

Maggie May Maslowski is about 9, we think. She is a gold retriever mix mutt. We saved her from a fate worse than death from the Animal Care shelter in Oldham County, KY. Our daughter Karas wrote a persuasive letter from school and we fell for it.

She loves walks, treats and going to grandmas. Maggie is the sweetest dog, I love her SO much! She is afraid of any loud noises, including thunderstorms or firecrackers. She is also afraid of her bed and will NOT sleep on it, preferring the floor

By Diana from Prospect, KY

Dog with green and white striped hat on.

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Memorial to Our Girl Maggie (Golden Retriever Mix)

Maggie was an 11 year old Golden Retriever Mix. My wife and I went to the SPCA on October 22, 1996 to adopt a pet. We were walking through the kennel while all of the dogs were jumping and barking, except for Maggie. Both of us went into her cage and I went down on one knee and Maggie put her chin on my knee. Right away we both knew that we would take Maggie home.

She loved to fetch the ball, take walks and sit with her family and sister Sallie. Four months ago Maggie started sneezing followed by nose bleeds. We took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with sinus tumors. The bleeding became more frequent and Maggie would just lay around not wanting to be with her family. On October 25, 2007, Maggie was put to rest at 9:20 a.m. Her family was with her the entire time. We all miss and love her very much.

Old dog.

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Socks (Terrier/Golden Retriever Mix)

Socks is a 5 month old terrier/golden mix. I just rescued her from the pound the middle of February after receiving a call from a friend that this adorable puppy was going to be put down.

Her favorite thing to do is snuggle and sleep with her chosen owner, my daughter. Socks wasn't expected to live. She was so full of 4 types of worms that she was almost starved to death at only 6 weeks old. The first night we had her she weighed 16 pounds. A month later she weighed 8 pounds, it was all worms. Now, she is a healthy and normal 5 month old puppy.

Socks lets my 4 year old carry her around and sleep on her like a pillow. Wherever my daughter is, you will find Socks at her side. I have no doubt Socks was destined by God to belong to my daughter.

By Yvonne from St. Paul, TX

Dog and child.

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Brutus (Black Lab/Golden Retriever Mix)

My pet's name is Brutus and he is 12 years old. He is a black lab and golden retriever mix. We owned his father for 12 years. While traveling, Bud met Molly and it was love at first sight, lol. A short while later, Brutus and 7 siblings were born.

Brute and his sister Sheba love to be outdoors and exploring the lake that is in our backyard. They swim, play ball, watch the wildlife in the trees, especially the squirrel that throws things at him. My babies' favorite treats are fresh apples. The vet said it was good for them, helps keep their teeth clean and good for digestion.

Long haired brown and white dog.

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Kiana (Golden Retriever/Malamute) and Alexander (Cat)

Kia and Alex are both 5 months old. Kia is half Golden Retriever and Half Alaskan Malmute. Alex is a Domestic Short hair cat. Both pets are rescue pets.

They love to run through the house chasing one another and wrestling. They sleep together when its cold, like it has been here for the past week

By Ragteller from Tofield, AB

Cream colored puppy and tabby cat lying together.

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Jazmin (Golden Retriever Mix)

I'm not sure how old Jazmin is, probably about 7 years of age, guessing from how long we have had her and approximately how old she was at the time we adopted her. She is a Golden Retriever mix. We got her about 7 years ago from our local animal shelter.

She likes to chase toys and retrieve them. She is such a sweetheart. She's older and very sensitive to our emotions, loves us very much and we feel the same way about her.

By Robin from Washington, IA

Dog on flowered carpet.

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Maggie (Golden Retriever Mix)

Maggie is a Golden Retriever mutt who is about 8. We are not sure of her birthdate because she was a rescued pet. We found her at a shelter and fell in love with her. She loves to go on walks, eat treats and go to Grandma's.

By Diana from Prospect

Golden mix with striped knit hat on.

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