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Home Remedies for Minor Burns

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Home Remedies for Minor Burns

To reduce pain and scarring it's important to know what to do when a minor burn occurs. This guide contains home remedies for minor burns.


Solutions: Home Remedies for Minor Burns

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Tip: Heal Minor Burns Instantly With Soy Sauce

This tip might, if not save your life, at least make it a lot more agreeable! It happens to all of us at some point - we spill a bit of hot water on ourselves, we touch the stove too soon, or we interact with high temperature tools or irons.

I know that at least once every couple of months I find a way to burn my fingers, and it was always a problem. Cold water and ice never seemed to do it, expensive creams never quite did the trick, and even the mildest burn would sting for an entire day.

Then one day I read in my local paper's People's Pharmacy column, about a bloke who cured their burn with a bit of soy sauce. Just douse it in soy sauce and watch it heal! Never one to scoff at anything before trying it, I soon found an opportunity to do so and it worked! It was pretty miraculous. Right away the sting stopped, and no scar was left behind.

I had occasion to remember this today when I was using a wood burning pen tool, and missed. It was a small though pretty severe third degree burn, the sort where you can smell your own cooking flesh (sorry! but true) and a hole the shape of the tool end was left. So I tried the soy sauce. Nothing else but that. I got a little dish of it and let my abused member soak in it for a bit. It still stung, for a good 15 minutes - but then it miraculously stopped hurting! The hole literally sewed itself up, the finger stopped hurting, and all that's left so far is a small white line where the burn was. I can even type with absolutely no problems!

I have used soy sauce with large water spill burns, fairly severe stove burns, pretty much any sort of burn I have encountered. I have been blessed to never have been in a really bad accident. In severe cases, I, of course, would seek medical help (and advise everyone to do the same) but for these small to moderate circumstances, soy sauce is the thing.

By ahorrasi from Marshall, NC

Tip: Cool Water for Minor Burns

The best thing to do when you have a minor burn is to soak it for a long time in cool water, because the skin under the burn continues to burn until you cool it down enough to stop the burning. All of this other messing around with salves and honey and butter, etc. leaves your burn open to infection and can make things worse. A medical professional of my acquaintance said, "We just have to take all of that off before we can treat the burn."

Soak the burn until it no longer hurts when you take it out of the water. If you soak it for long enough you won't get a blister or a scar.

Source: For more information about treating minor burns, check out:

By Veronica from Lowell, MA

Tip: Vicks Vapor Rub for Minor Burns

For minor burns, such as steam burns in the kitchen, after running cold water on the burn, you can put Vicks Vapor Rub or a similar product on it and it will take the sting/soreness out of the burn!

DO NOT do this for serious burns, or before you try the cold water to stop the burn from going deeper. It only takes a tiny bit, but it really works!

    By Jana [7]

    Tip: Yellow Mustard for Burn Relief

    I got a nasty steam burn while cooking. It was late on a Saturday evening and nothing I tried worked to relieve the burning. I "googled" burn relief and found many sites stating to use yellow mustard for burn relief, from the fridge works best. I figured it couldn't hurt.

    Immediately upon slathering it onto my arm, the burning stopped! After about 15 minutes, I washed it off and the burning started back up. So I slathered it on again, covered the area with non adherent pads, and covered that with gauze roll. The next morning, I unwrapped and washed the area. The burning was gone, and just some redness of the skin was left. No blistering at all! Try it, you will be amazed!

      By Cheryl [13]

      Tip: Remedies for Hot Glue Gun Burns

      Hot glue gun burns can be serious burns and extremely painful. Do not be hasty and try to pull the glue off as it will take skin with it! I protect myself each time I use a glue gun by placing a bowl big enough to fit my hand with cold water and ice cubes. Since the hot glue will stick to your hand and continue burning you want to immediately thrust your hand into the ice water. Do not peel the glue off until the pain stops and then do so very carefully. This has saved me many times!

      By Pattie from Bridgton, ME

      Tip: Oatmeal Compress for Burns

      I was told today by a pal about using oatmeal compresses to draw the heat out of a burn. I'd never heard of this before. She said to lay down a clean towel, put a layer or 2 of old fashioned oatmeal on the towel, then put another clean towel upon the layer(s) of oatmeal. Then moisten the towels by sprinkling cool water on them. Then to wring the oatmeal and towels over the burn. If at all possible to rub in the oatmeal water drippings on the burn. Then lay the cool oatmeal/towel over the burn. She said soon you should be able to feel the heat from the burn coming thru the towel. She said she uses this method more so than the apple cider vinegar/water compresses that many people recommend.

      By Terri H.

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      Archive: Honey for Minor Burns

      If you burn yourself while cooking, as soon as possible, put honey on the burn. Just rub enough to cover the area that was burned (cover like a salve). It will immediately remove the hot sensation. I learned that valuable lesson after burning myself on my pressure canner.

      By Latkinson562 from Minen, NV

      RE: Honey for Minor Burns

      Bad idea! Use cold or ice water! If the burn happens to be worse than originally thought, the honey will do more harm than good. Honey is sticky and will be difficult to remove. Cold water will numb the pain and leave no residue to remove. If pain persists a doctor should be consulted. (08/11/2009)

      By a4a42316

      RE: Honey for Minor Burns

      The idea worked for me. It was a MINOR burn and did immediately take the pain away. I also only left it on for about 5 minutes and it DID wash off easily. (08/11/2009)

      By latkinson562

      RE: Honey for Minor Burns

      DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ON A BURN BUT COOL WATER! I am a Fire and Life Safety Educator, and anything like a salve will only hold the heat in the skin tissue, causing deeper burns. The cool water helps draw the heat up and out. Ice water can actually damage the skin tissue. See a doctor if you are unsure about the deepness of the burn. (08/12/2009)

      By weave1022

      RE: Honey for Minor Burns

      Honey is a great idea for healing burns. I was burned badly picking up a pan that came out of a 400 degree oven. I immediately cooled my hand in cold water, i had a lot of pain and burning feeling. Then i dried and applied honey, the pain subsided immediately. I covered my hand with rubber glove. Slept with it all night, in the morning no pain and almost no evidence of the burn at all. Many scientific studies have been done to prove this works. I am a certified pac and have dealt with wound care for years. (01/02/2010)

      By CERTPAC