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Jigsaw Puzzle Tips and Tricks

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Jigsaw Puzzle Tips

Whatever your plans are for your completed puzzle, they usually take up some space and time before they are finished. This guide contains jigsaw puzzle tips and tricks.


Solutions: Jigsaw Puzzle Tips and Tricks

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Tip: Store Unfinished Jigsaw Puzzles in a Pizza Box

Empty cardboard pizza boxes make great storage for a jigsaw puzzle in progress. They can easily save a long evenings work without taking up table space. Can be slid under a couch or bed until there is time to again tackle the puzzle.

By bgd48 from Wisconsin

Tip: Jigsaw Puzzles Tips

As you may already know, the first thing you do when putting together a jigsaw puzzle is to go through and sort out all the flat border pieces by putting them in a separate box. As you are doing this, take several boxes from other puzzles, shoe boxes, or big paper plates and sort out the non-border pieces according to similar colors.

Keep the puzzle pieces face up, so that you can view them all as you are filling in the puzzle. For example, you may separate sky, grass, tree, and water pieces all into different containers. Doing the puzzle this way will save you a lot of time and frustration!

I recently purchased a "Puzzle Stow and Go" which works great for storing a puzzle! Before I would have to leave my puzzle out on the table for days or weeks while I finished them, which would always leave pieces of my puzzle missing. This is a perfect solution, because used correctly, you can keep your unfinished puzzle safely away from your kids or the animals.

To use correctly, I recommend ironing out every single wrinkle in the fabric. This seemed to take me a long time, but maybe because I hate to iron. For stubborn wrinkles spray them first with water, and use a high heat setting.

As you start the border keep it centered in the middle as much as possible. Then when you are ready to store the partially completed puzzle away, make sure that there are no overlapping pieces. Take the inflatable tube and be sure to start rolling it evenly on both sides, then not too tightly, just roll it up. Secure the straps and that's it.

I usually stack the boxes that I sorted the pieces out into and place everything for my puzzle up high, like in my closet or on top of the fridge for safe keeping. As you're doing the puzzle, sometimes things get very tricky. I found that when trying to finish a certain area, sometimes it's a good idea to sort out pieces by their shape. Group together pieces with the knobs and holes on the same sides. That way, when looking for a certain piece you'll only try pieces of that same shape and color.

After all is said and done, you have an awesome work of art that you spent forever to complete! Of course you're proud of your accomplishment, and want to glue it, frame it, and keep it for generations to come. So there are a couple different ways to keep your puzzle intact. I would recommend Ravensburger puzzle glue, or another puzzle glue. If you don't have any, then in a little bowl mix white school glue and a bit of water to make to make the consistency more watery but still gooey.

You may want to use a plastic trash bag to put underneath the puzzle to protect the table underneath. Use a paint brush and brush the glue directly on top, pushing the glue more into the cracks than the surface. Let dry 60 to 90 minutes and then apply a 2nd coat. You can then glue the entire puzzle onto a sheet of lightweight foam insulation using contact cement and construct a frame around that. Now hang your work of art somewhere nice for everyone to see!

By MissMalorie from Yuctown, CA

Tip: Velcro on the Back of Puzzle Pieces

My daughter has TONS of puzzles and at the end of the day, it'd take me a half hour to find all of the pieces. So I attached small Velcro circles onto the back of every piece along with their matching space on the puzzle board. Now everything stays in place and there aren't puzzle pieces littering the bottom of the toybox!

By April from Albany, Georgia

Tip: Mark Puzzle Pieces For Easy Sorting

Toddlers love to play with puzzles and of course they will always mix the pieces in the same box. I have a three year old boy that just started with the 24 pieces and he will put the pieces together and want someone to sort the puzzle. After one attempt to separate each puzzle, I discovered it would be easier to write the name of the puzzle on the back of each of the pieces. Also if you have several toddlers that play together, you can also write their name on each piece. Good Luck!

By Diane from Myrtle Beach, SC

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Here are questions related to Jigsaw Puzzle Tips and Tricks.

Question: Opening Jigsaw Puzzle Boxes

I have trouble opening puzzle boxes neatly. Jigsaw puzzles come in boxes which are sealed under on all four sides. After I open it the ends are jagged and the box is not neat on the bottom anymore. Does anybody have tips for opening the seal of jigsaw puzzle boxes?



Most Recent Answer

By Linda03/13/2009

A simple kitchen knife always did the trick for me.

Question: Protecting a Jigsaw Puzzle

We just assembled a 9000 piece puzzle (140x190cm) and are wondering how to protect it. We put it into 4 pieces and will glue it on a foamboard (Alufix) and frame it. I would prefer not putting on protective glass because of its weight. I was thinking of some sort of liquid plastification. Does anyone have experience with something like this?
By Igor S


Most Recent Answer

By Shawna [24]01/21/2015

Wow, 9000 pieces! That is really an accomplishment! My mother seals all her puzzles with Mod Podge to save them. She then mounts them to a thin sheet of paneling or plywood which my father custom cuts for her (she does "shaped" puzzles). I don't know how a puzzle would turn out that isn't mounted on a board or something to keep it flat. The Mod Podge makes an attractive finish and her puzzles have looked great for many years.

Question: Framing Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzle sceneI just did a 1000 piece puzzle on a roll up mat. How do I get it off the mat to my board to frame it?

By Lois K.

Most Recent Answer

By Jackolyn Smith [14]02/21/2014

I did this with a puzzle that I made for my granddaughter. Go to a hobby store and get some mod-podge. It's a type of glue. Brush it all over the top of your puzzle and it not only glues the pieces together, it gives the puzzle a nice, protective shine. If you don't want to spend the money on mod-podge, you can also do this with Elmer's Glue or any kind of white glue that dries clear. Just mix it with water to thin it out and brush over the puzzle.