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Keeping Cats Out of the Christmas Tree

A cat playing in a Christmas tree.

Cats seem to be drawn to Christmas trees, whether to play with the dangling ornaments or to climb up in the branches, they can be persistent. This is a guide about keeping cats out of the Christmas tree.


Solutions: Keeping Cats Out of the Christmas Tree

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Tip: Keeping Kitty Out of Your Christmas Tree

Christmas tree.

I have been dealing with my year old kitty climbing into and knocking over my Christmas tree until I came up with this idea!

I blew up balloons and added them to the tree!
She jumped in and accidentally popped one causing her to jump off immediately!

It stopped her from jumping into it again, so now I can finish decorating it, but I think I will still leave some in the tree, just in case.



By Donna [283]

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Tip: Bells For Christmas Tree Defense From Cats

We have always had cats and they have a tendency to want to explore the Christmas tree. We got around that by using an abundance of bells on the lower limbs to serve as an early warning device. When we heard the bells we knew to pay close attention or deflect trouble before it happened.

By Shelly from Spring Hill, KS

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Tip: Keep Cats out of the Christmas Tree

My cat doesn't like the smell of citrus. I take the tree shaped car deodorizer, orange scent, and hang them from the bottom branches.

    By Darla [1]

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    Here are questions related to Keeping Cats Out of the Christmas Tree.

    Question: Keeping Cats Out of the Christmas Tree

    We have a 2 year old cat we adopted on April of this year. This will be her first Christmas with us. How can we keep her from getting into the tree? I tried one suggestion where you put bells on the branches and the noise is suppose to scare her away. But this didn't work. Are there any other methods I can use to keep her off the tree?

    By Linda from Brighton, MI

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    Best Answers

    By Lisa [2] 12/07/2010

    My cats like bells. They're fun to knock down. :-) We just have to keep an eye on them, use unbreakable ornaments, and we unplug the lights unless we're right there. Two of our cats are just interested in the ornaments, but the youngest might try to climb it. And we keep a water spray bottle nearby (but don't use it if the lights are plugged in!).

    I'm curious to see what advice others might offer.

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    By Jean [2] 12/08/2010

    I have 3 cats. Two of them just sniff the tree, chew on the branches a little and end up sleeping under it. The 3rd one, however, is a totally different story. Lizzie is 3 years old and climbs the tree every chance she gets! Sometimes she flattens out a spot about 2/3 of the way up and sleeps there! I have no choice but to anchor the tree to the wall.

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    By Jazzmin Flower [7] 12/09/2010

    They always get into the tree, don't they? My first little tuxedo girl was eager to bat at the fragile shiny balls and broke 3 right away. My big old tuxedo tomcat would sleep in the lower branches as a kitten. My old grey tomcat would tug the strings of beads all out of place. I gave up and put a smaller tree atop the big screen tv. Then I put a 5 foot tree in the window of a room they are disallowed from entering full of holiday and craft supplies. Then I tried a half a tree in the hall way. This works the best although it could use more branches on it! My need for a Christmas tree is fulfilled and the cats never can reach it on the door or wall.

    Half trees seem like an odd idea, like an upside down tree, but it turns out nice, although I can't seem to get enough ornaments on it. Us humans are satisfied. Another idea is to make the cats their own tree with shiny plastic ornaments that looks like the real thing and no tinsel or icicles, bead strings ok! Also decorate with bright and colorful cat toys.

    I will never give up on Christmas and cats will never give up going for the ornaments.

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    By CaroleeRose [58] 12/09/2010

    Our cats like to sleep on the skirt that surrounds the bottom of the tree. In the past though I did have a couple of cats that caused a little damage, but the little damage was a keepsake ornament from
    a much loved Grandmother. I put slightly crumpled aluminum foil around the bottom of the tree and it looked like a beautiful pond that was frozen. The cats hated to step on it because of the noise.

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    Question: Our Cat Won't Leave The Christmas Tree Alone

    I have a problem. This is my kitty's first Christmas and we're trying to put up the tree but she just won't leave it alone! We can't get her to stay away from the tree no matter what we do. I don't want to "not" have a tree but is there anything we can do? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    cat and christmas tree

    (I do like this picture, I'm glad I was able to capture it.)

    Stacey from Orem, UT

    Here is my solution. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.

    Solution to Kitty Problem with Tree

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Sarah DeHart 12/01/2010

    Awesome! Thank you all for your suggestions. I sprayed apple cider vinegar around the tree and some of the lower branches. Darla and Toby hate it. Yay! Tree in tact and beautiful!

    Thank you!

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    Question: Keeping Pets Away From The Christmas Tree

    Is there any product either homemade or store bought, that will keep pets away from the Christmas tree?

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Darla [1] 12/15/2014

    My cat doesn't like the smell of citrus. I bought the car Christmas tree shaped air fresheners, orange scented, and hung them on the lower branches where you can't see them. They kept her from bothering the tree of nesting in it.

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    Question: Cat Eating Tinsel on Christmas Tree

    This is our first year having a cat at Christmas. I left the cat in the room when I was putting up the tree and she had done just fine. Now Butter likes to get under the tree and sit and she will eat the tinsel we have on the tree. I did not put more tinsel on the tree. It has the ones left from last year. How do I get her to not eat the tinsel?

    By Jeanei B

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    Most Recent Answer

    By gbell 12/11/2011

    You can try spraying some of the "no scratch" spray that they have for cats. It's the smell that they hate. Spray it on your tree. Or at least the bottom. If that doesn't work you're going to have to keep the cat blocked off from the tree. Put the cat in a different area of the house and shut a door until Christmas is over.

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