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Keeping Sheets on the Bed

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Keeping Sheets on the Bed

Depending on the mattress and the kind of sheets, it can be a challenge to keep the bedding together. This guide is about keeping sheets on the bed.


Solutions: Keeping Sheets on the Bed

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Tip: Sew Sheet Clips Directly to a Mattress

For my queen size bed I found that the corners of the sheets were always coming loose during the night. So I go some of these elastic things that have the clips on either end that you clip on the sheet at the corners. Well this didn't really do the trick either.

So I took and cut the clips off leaving just about 2 inches of the elastic still attached to each one. I ended up with 8 clips. Then I sewed the clip to the bottom side of the mattress, going in about 4 inches or so with each one. I put them at about the same spots where they were before I cut the clips (either side of each corner).

Now when I put the fitted sheet on I clip it to each clip. It holds the sheet in place nicely till I'm ready to wash and change sheets. No more bunched up bottom sheets!

By Cricketnc from Parkton, NC

Tip: Use Tape To Keep Bedding In Place

Tape around corner of mattress.To keep your bedding from falling on the floor, and making the bed in the morning a snap, just use sock tape (used by hockey players to keep their socks up) on the two bottom corners of the covers.

Start the tape on the top and wrap it straight down, lift the corner of the mattress and bring it up the other side to the top. I tape the mattress cover on all 4 corners to keep it snug and then tape the bottom corners of the cover sheet and quilt.

In the morning all you have to do is pull your covers up. I have a king size bed so this doesn't interfere with my leg room. On wash day, just toss the old tape and re-tape the clean sheets and blankets. It doesn't look fancy, but it sure saves work. The bedspread will cover your secret.

By Joyce from Regina, Sask.

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Here are questions related to Keeping Sheets on the Bed.

Question: Keeping the Fitted Sheet on the Bed

The elastic on my bottom sheets is not keeping the corners tight and in place. I wake up in the morning and the bedding is undone. Any suggestions to keep the corners tightly held?

Derryl from Ontario, Canada


Most Recent Answer

By Robert B.09/08/2013

It is my opinion that the whole sheet thing went in the wrong direction from the beginning. While the sheet industry opted for elastic, which only holds the sheet in place for about five minutes, ironing board covers started out using drawstrings. Ironing board covers need to be stable or the ironing does not take place and elastic does not cut it. With sheets I guess the standard was much lower since people were using flat sheets and even the small improvement allowing the avoidance of "hospital corners" was greatly appreciated. Drawstrings would have been a much larger jump in performance for bed sheets. It has been long coming that the obvious use of drawstrings over elastic should have taken place long ago as people all over the internet are posting questions like "How can I get my sheets to stay on?"

The only drawstring sheets available are Comfy Snug drawstring sheets.

Question: Keeping a Fitted Sheet on a Hospital Bed

What can I get or use to keep the fitted sheet on a hospital bed?

By Twyla from Muskogee, OK


Most Recent Answer

By Robert B.09/08/2013

Drawstring sheets work really great on hospital beds since the drawstring can be tightened until there is no movement at all. The fit is unmatched since the drawstring can be tightened until it seems vacuum packed on the mattress. The bed can be adjusted up and down an unlimited amount of times with no movement. It is great for an immobile person who may not be able to straighten the sheet on their own. Also getting in and out of the bed is worry free since the sheet will not move.

Question: Keeping Sheets and Bedclothes From Sliding On The Bed

I have a memory foam mattress, and I cannot keep the sheets and bedclothes from sliding to the left. Every morning, I have to totally remake the bed, because the sheets and everything else wind up near or on the floor.

I have tried pinning them down, and making an elastic band to fit around the top and bottom, and still I keep having this problem. Does anyone else have this problem with a memory foam mattress, and know what I can do about it? It has just about ruined the looks of my mattress. (I can't take the mattress cover off and wash it. )

By Carole Heaven E.

Most Recent Answer

By bigpinkbirds12/24/2012

I purchased a huge (8'x10') rug pad from my local discount store. Wal-Mart may also sell them. Then I draped it over the mattress cover. Then I put the bottom sheet on the bed, using those elastic strips that have clips at each end. The clips look like those used for old-fashioned thigh-high stockings. The bottom sheet will stay in place. In fact, maybe you just need the sheet clips. If the thread count of your sheets is ultra-high or you use satin sheets, you definitely need the clips, and tuck the "foot" end of the top sheet under the elastic when you first make the bed.