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Leaving a Cat Alone While on Vacation

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An orange cat sitting on a window sill.

There are ways to leave your cat safely and well fed while you are gone for a few days. This guide is about leaving a cat while on vacation.



Here are questions related to Leaving a Cat Alone While on Vacation.

Question: Concerned About Cat Left Home While on Holiday

I am on holiday for 10 days and this is only day 2. I am so worried about Kylie my 4 year old cat. I have a really good neighbour who is going in twice a day to feed and do the necessary. I have only had her 1 year and before I had her she was a indoor cat. Now she loves outside, as I live in a tenement which has a large back garden and over the wall there is a huge cemetery where all the cats seem hang around.

My worry is that after I got her she was scared to go outside. My neighbour has 2 cats and said after a couple of days she would let her out and check on her to let her back in the flat. My worry is that she will be lonely with being left in a lot and when she gets out she won't come back. I love her so much and am thinking I will have to go home. My neghbour said cats always come home as they know where there food is. She sometimes goes away for hours when I am there, but she sees me every day and sleeps on the bed with me.

By Ray


Most Recent Answer

By Dena R. [3]10/13/2013

Ask your neighbor NOT to let your cat out while you are away... she will be safer in the house. Cats do NOT always come back! Just ask one of the thousands of people who have lost their cats. Keep your cat inside until you get home. It's only a few days and you won't worry as much.

Question: Leaving Kitten Alone

Is it OK to leave my 8 month old kitten home alone for 3-4 days? I will make sure it safe for her, and leave plenty of food and water.

By Shannon A. from Ft. Myers, FL


Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]12/12/2013

Have you heard of Boarding Kennels?

Question: Leaving a Cat Home While on Vacation

Black cat on bed.I live in Thailand and have an outdoor cat. She's 18 months old and very independent. She's gone most of the day (she has her own access through a window) and only comes in late at night to sleep until very early in the morning when she takes off again (after something to eat). I plan to go away for 3 weeks and don't want to leave her in a kennel.

Here the only option is to leave her at the vet's in a small cage where she won't be let out to play. I figured that would be more cruel! I'll have a friend visit every day to replenish her food and water, but the only friend willing to do this won't have the time to spend to play with her. Do I risk her running away to find me? Would she be okay, providing she always has food and water and access to her bed inside?

By Solieri

Most Recent Answer

By heather inwood [11]01/10/2014

I know of people who have done this successfully but they had very reliable people who bought the food around for the cat - the risks are of course that some other animal may eat the food , plus if the cat gets injured or hurt in some way that no-one is there to attend to it. You have to weigh up the thought of loss and injury against the safety of a kennel - chances are the cat won't leave as long as the food is always there . Good luck

Question: Leaving Cat Alone While on Vacation

What are the dangers of leaving an indoor cat in the home for 30 days if they are checked only twice per week. They are accustomed to being alone for 8 hours per day.

By Sharon S. from Huntington, WV

Most Recent Answer

By Luvcats05/07/2011

I just got home from checking on my daughter's sweet kitty while she is on a week long vacation. The arrangement we made was for me to go every other day and her in-laws to go on the days I could not. And this has worked out as far as providing food, water, and cleaning the litter box. However, due to other responsibilities, I could not spend as much time playing with her, grooming her, just being with her, as I could see she craved. So my advise is to find a trusted individual that can possibly move into your home and stay while you are gone.

If your cat is used to being alone for 8 hrs a day, then most likely your pet sitter would also need to leave the home for probably the same amount...if not, then have someone to go every other day at the least. I put catnip out for Tisa, and brought new toys for her. I spent one night but could not stay long the next day. She loved that as she is used to sleeping with her parents. I wish I could have stayed every night there. Oh, and put out more than one water bowl, and food bowl, for back up just in case a problem arises and the caretaker cannot get there on time or that day. I put extra food and water out just in case, cats get very stressed when their routines are messed up and doing whatever you can to assure them they will still have food and water at least is one less stress. God bless your kitty.

Question: Leaving a Kitten Alone

Please advise me. I'm going away for approx. 10-11 days, but I'm so scared and concerned that my little kitten's too small/young to be left alone for that long, even if I would arrange for a friend to come and look after her (food, water etc.). She's only 3 months old. Please help me. Is it dangerous to leave such a young one alone? Will she get traumatised? Many thanks in advance for your kind advice.

I really appreciate your reply, I would rather cancel the holiday, because she comes first!

Thanks again.

By Linn

Most Recent Answer

By frances [1]11/01/2013

Please do not leave this kitten alone for that long! Even with having someone to take care of food and water, a cat or a dog can get into so many difficult situations. A cat's natural curiosity makes your kitten even more vulnerable to getting hurt. If you must be away, board the kitten at your vet's office or a reputable kennel. At any rate, never leave an ainmal alone for any length of time. Be a responsible pet parent.

Solutions: Leaving a Cat Alone While on Vacation

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