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Leewards Craft Patterns

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Popular craft patterns from Leewards can still be found, if you know where to look. This is a guide about Leewards Craft Patterns.



Here are questions related to Leewards Craft Patterns.

Question: Leewards Ornament Kits

Does anyone know the manufacturer or distributor Leewards used to get their ornament kits?

By Rita


Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]10/30/2014

Try Michaels - they bought Leewards in 1994.

Question: Leeward Christmas Stocking Pattern

Does any one have the Leeward Christmas stocking pattern? It was a double crochet stitch and then you could cross stitch snowflakes or a Christmas tree on it. Our whole family has one and I want to make one for our new daughter-in-law.

By keaisandlisa

Question: Leewards Suppliers

Does anyone know who Leewards suppliers were and if any of them are still in business?

By Rita


Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]10/20/2014

Try Michael's if you're in the US - they bought Leewards in 1994.

Question: Leewards Beaded Christmas Ornaments

Does anyone have the pattern for Leewards musical Christmas palace?

By Anne

Question: Determining the Age of a Quilt Top

How can I date a pattern that I believe is a Lee Ward's applique quilt top?

By Kathleen from Spring, TX

Question: Looking for Lee Ward Crochet Afghan Pattern

I am looking for the pattern that was a afghan stitch done in sections. Then you cross stitched a pattern of the English minute men on it and their stand. My godchild, who I gave it to is now 32 and still has it. I would like to make it for more children, but lost the directions. I came in a kit.

By Helen M

Question: Lee Ward Embroidery Kit- Playful Fox Pups

I am looking for a Lee Wards needle craft embroidery kit, that was made in 1982, called Playful Fox Pups. It was in catalog #111 and says to order from page 4. Does anybody know if this is still available somewhere?

By Kay

Most Recent Answer

By Marty Dick [147]06/15/2012

Go to their website... There are places where you can get vintage items and they might be able to help you find one
I went to Simplicity looking for a Hollie Hobbie doll pattern from the 1970s and they put me in touch with a lady who had one.

Question: Lee Wards - Shell Stitch Baby Afghan

I was wondering if anyone has the Lee Ward's reversible shell crochet afghan pattern. I would so appreciate having it. I made it about twenty-five years ago for someone and would love to make it for my daughter. She has had five miscarriages and has been blessed with a very special little girl who is due in July. I would just love to make it for her. Thank you so much.

By Rachel from La Grange Park, IL

Most Recent Answer

By Vivian Berlane02/23/2011

I have the reversable shell stitch afghan pattern #06-3662

Question: Lee Ward Craft Patterns

Are any of the old Lee Ward craft store patterns still available?

By Craftylady961 from Concord, NC

Most Recent Answer


If you go to eBay and Amazon to check periodically, you can sometimes find patterns there. Use their search engines to type "Lee Wards" and include the quotation marks.

Question: Leeward's Christmas Stocking Pattern

Five stockings.I am looking for an old Christmas Stocking pattern that I believe was put out by Leewards. My mom made them for us when we were little and has since made some for my husband and kids. Now that I have another baby in the house, she's lost the pattern!

It's double crocheted and the lettering and snowflakes are cross stitched on. She remembers that you could also cross stitch a Christmas tree on the front instead of the snowflake pattern. If anyone knows where I can find this pattern, I'd appreciate it! Thank you!!

Angie from O'Fallon, MO

Most Recent Answer

By keaisandlisa [1]10/15/2014

I need this stocking pattern. We have a new daughter-in-law in our family and I want to make her a matching stocking. My mother in law made ours when we were dating back in the late 70's.

Question: Lee Wards Pattern #06-35425 Ripple Afghan

My mother started this afghan over 30 years ago. She has lost the directions. Does anyone have any idea where we could find this?

Becca from MN

Most Recent Answer

By Lynne Plumb05/30/2009

This is a couple of yeas after the fist post of this question but I have the directions to this afghan kit. My grandmother had the kit but never started it so I have a complete kit. If you still need the directions let me know and I can copy them for you.

Question: Leewards Advent Calendar

I too am looking for the Leewards Advent Calendar from the 1970s that is a Christmas tree made from felt on a white background with felt/sequin ornaments that hang on it - there's a candy cane, house with snow, panda bear, clown, rabbit, etc. It was the advent calendar I used as a child - would love to find a duplicate or the kit to remake if anyone has it. It would mean soooooo much to me! Thanks! Erin in NH.


Most Recent Answer

By Barbara12/02/2010

I actually made this calendar in the early 70's, still have it. Although I made a new tree a few years ago, the ornaments are still original. My always-saving-things mother tucked the instructions and patterns away, still have them too. I am willing to scan and send them to anyone who is interested. Email

RE: Leewards Advent Calendar

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