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Lightening Hair Naturally

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Lightening Hair Naturally

There are a few ways to help your hair become somewhat lighter without the use chemical hair bleach. This guide is about lightening hair naturally.



Here are questions related to Lightening Hair Naturally.

Question: Lightening Hair with Hydrogen Peroxide

I want to lighten my hair with hydrogen peroxide. Will it dry out my hair, and can I dye it afterward to get the orange out?

By Lisa from NV


Most Recent Answer

By CourtneyBiff02/11/2013

I am naturally dishwater blonde and have been dying my hair since I was 12. I'm now 16 and have been almost every common colour out there. Blonde, browns, black and red. I went from black to blonde in a very easy way.

I booked in with my hair dresser who gave me a half head of foils and did a toner. The highlights were perfect and blonde. I go back every 12 weeks to have my half head foils done again. Due to mistreating my hair with all sorts of dyes in the past my hair dresser refuses to redo them every 6 weeks so what I do is buy 9% cream peroxide (pharmacies sell these on their own) and I buy a purple shampoo I use pro voke. I mix these together about 15mls of each and lather into my hair before washing. Leave it for 5-8 minutes and rinse. Make sure you use a really deeply nourishing shampoo and conditioner after because depending on your hair type the peroxide may dry your hair out. I do this once sometimes twice a week and my highlights stay nice and vibrant ready for my 12 week touch up.

I'm attempting to go silver soon and I'll definitely use this trick to help make it lighter! I've been doing this for about 6 months and my hair is still in excellent condition :-) Hope this helps. Good luck!

Question: Hair Lightening Recipe

Is there anything natural I can put in my hair to bring out the blonde in it?

By Melissa from Hendersonville, NC


Most Recent Answer


MaxiSpeaks, I need to clear up that acid on a PH scale regarding hair is not drying but rather it's the alkaline on the scale that is drying to hair. Hair is a dead appendage and does not react exactly the same as the living cells in our body. Your recipes are good though because the ingredients (alkaline, neutral (water) and acid) balance out PH values close to neutral. ;-)

Retired (after 35 years) Cosmetologist

RE: Hair Lightening Recipe

Question: Chamomile Tea for Lightening Hair

I have heard that chamomile tea will make you go blonder? Is that true? and if so how do I use it?

By Meghan

Most Recent Answer

By Adelia [6]06/13/2013

I use chamomile to lighten my hair and love it. My method is to take a 12 oz. spray bottle and fill with very warm water and one chamomile tea bag. Let it sit until it cools down. Sometimes I spray it on my hair after washing or sometimes just on dry hair. Then you can either blow dry or go sit in the sun. I find that if I use more than one tea bag it dries out my hair slightly.

Question: Lightening Blonde Hair With Peroxide

My hair is already blonde but I want the ends to be even lighter. Is it possible for me to use only peroxide on it to make it lighter?

By Blanch

Most Recent Answer

By Alyie06/11/2011

You could use John Frieda blonde products. They really bring out the blonde highlights.
Also, what Deeli mentioned.

Question: Naturally Lightening My Hair

To lighten my hair naturally and gradually what can I use and how should it be used? I know when I was a teenager we would use SUN IN but I am unable to locate here 50 years later. All suggestions are welcome!

Paula Jo from Mebane, NC

Solutions: Lightening Hair Naturally

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