Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

My son has coughed for a month. He's been to the doctor twice, on antibiotics twice. He has no other symptoms other than a cough so bad that he either throws up or has bronchial spasms and can't breath air in or out.


His doctor gave him codeine cough medicine which I hate to give him. It doesn't work at all and makes him groggy. His doctor said it just has to run its course. Well, in the meantime, he's missing (a week so far) school. Anyone know of a strong natural cough medicine or anything to stop the spasms when he coughs? Since I know it isn't bronchitus or pneumonia or asthma, I just need a good natural cough medicine or homemade remedy. Thanks!

Alica from Missouri


Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

Dear Alicia, Try a teaspoon of honey for your son's cough. Hope it helps.
Sewingmamma (11/15/2004)

By sewingmamma

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

I take 8 peppermints (round red-white stripe) put in half cup of water. Heat in microwave til dissolved. Add third cup pure lemon juice. Add sugar to taste. Serve warm and sip it. Do this at night and will sleep good. After a few doses (every six hours) will notice the difference. (11/15/2004)

by Shirley

Cough Remedy

To Alica from Missouri looking for a natural cough remedy: Our family uses "Kelly's" Australian Oil of Eucalyptus as an aid for coughing. Just spray a couple of times on the chest and rub in at bedtime. The vapors calm the coughing for us every time! It can be used during the day too if you don't mind the strong smell (I actually like the smell, but some don't). I ordered it from a company in Branson and they shipped it to me. The phone number is 1-888-567-1912.

Lori from Missouri (11/15/2004)

By ThriftyFun

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

I too was going to suggest the honey, it works great!

Also, if you need to numb the lining for a bit, mix in some clove oil. It helps on the nerve receptors!


EC (11/15/2004)

By Anonymous

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

What works for me is hot lemonade. I buy the Minutemaid Lemon Juice and keep it in the refrigerator (in the freezer section of the grocery store where they have juices. it is a bottle in a box.) I put a few squirts of that along with two tablespoons of honey and add boiling water. It is a nice drink, the honey and lemon both help clear congestion and is soothing. You can always use fresh lemon juice also if you have lemons but I usually keep the minute maid around for colds.

- Susan from ThriftyFun (11/15/2004)

By ThriftyFun

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

We try to keep this on hand all the time:
In an Amber jar with lid (preferably glass- like creamer comes in)
Place 1 large onion that you section so it will fit -
cover with a bottle of honey & top with lemon juice --

Let this ferment as long as you can (make it in the summer -so by Fall it's REALLY good)- the onion will blacken a little from the sugars in the honey & lemon-- but don't remove it - it's ok--

Take this straight from a teaspoon (heat it a few moments over the pilot light on your gas stove)
or use a few Tbsp to make a Tea. :)


By melody_yesterday

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine


Where in Missouri are you? I'm just north of Springfield. Have you heard of Watkins products? I'm an Independent Associate, and we offer so many natural-based items. This company has been in business since 1868 and specializes in time-tested remedies. Some things that might help: we carry Methol Camphor Ointment which provides relief from coughs associated with colds as well as relief from bruises, sprains, and sore muscles. We also have a Menthol Camphor Relief Mist, Bath Soak, and Menthol Drops (good on a pillow case at night).

We also have Watkins Supercold. It's alcohol-free and safe for children and is designed for extra-strength coughs and throat irritations due to colds, flu, or bronchitis. And one other thing that might work is the Soothing Herbs lozenges containing Vitamin C, Zinc, honey crystals, lemon extract, fever few leaf standardized extract, lemon juice crystals, elder berry extract, and Echinacea purpurea standardized extract.

There are other natural-based products we carry (i.e. salves, liniments, etc.) as well as vanilla, extracts, natural home-cleaning products, and if you would like me to mail you a catalog, I would be glad to. I think you'd be really pleased. I hope your son gets well soon as this must be so hard on him and for you as you care for him.

Trudy P. (11/15/2004)

By Trudy Powell

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

That cough sounds like whooping cough to me. My adult daughter got it when she lived in a foreign country. She had whooping cough shots when she was a little girl, but evidently they wear off in adulthood. She was seeing doctors and taking bottles of cough medicine before she was diagnosed. She would cough till she threw up and not be able to breathe. They told her it was called the 100 day cough because it takes that long to get over it. (11/15/2004)

By Martha

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

I had a bad cough with no other symptoms. My Dr. ordered a chest X-ray. I had a diaphragmatic hernia. I had to have surgery immediately. I am an adult, my Dr. said this usually happens to babies or young children. If his cough continues, I would ask for a X-ray to be safe. (11/15/2004)

By June

cough remedy/sore throat

Whenever I feel a sore throat coming on, I start drinking lemon water, about 2 TBS to a cup of water, either cold or warm, either sugared or not, depending on how you like it. This works great for coughing too. My husband refuses to drink it and still has his cough - I got rid of mine weeks ago! I drink this about 5 times over the course of a day and keep a cup by my nightstand @ night to calm the coughing. Works well. (11/15/2004)


By Carolyn

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

Hydrogen Peroxide For Colds and Flu

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Last November I initially posted this information, then pulled it after it was on the site for a few hours as I had reason to believe the source was flawed. I replaced the article with another related one.

However, a few people did retrieve the original article, which I have posted below my comment. I was quite surprised to receive an unsolicited email from someone who claimed it worked for her entire family. She also provides some positive experiences she has had with EFT.

That is a strong endorsement for a totally non-toxic and incredibly inexpensive solution to a very common problem. Seems like it might be worth trying after considering the main contributing factors below.

So I have posted portions of the original document along with the email that prompted revisiting this topic.

By far it is most effective to be proactive and not get colds in the first place. It seems the major reasons why one gets them to begin with are:

Not following a proven healthy diet


Not enough sleep

Any combination of the above

So clearly the first approach is be careful and avoid food choices that will sabotage your health. If you are stressed please consider EFT, which is an amazingly effective tool to address the foundational and core reasons as to how the stress is impairing your immune system.

If, for whatever reason, you have come down with a cold my personal recommendation would be to use zinc lozenges. I have been using zinc in my practice for over 15 years, far before it was popular.

When using zinc lozenges it is important to recognize that they need to be sucked on, NOT swallowed, and smaller doses more frequently seem to work better. I usually advise patients to suck on a quarter lozenge every 30 minutes. If started early, this approach seems to work well for the clear majority of patients.

Two cautions should be heeded though; if the lozenges make one nauseous they should be stopped immediately as that is a sign of zinc toxicity. If you follow this guideline and listen to your body you will avoid the copper imbalance referenced in the study.

From what we have read, hydrogen peroxide works quite well and is supposed to be effective 80% of the time, especially if done when the symptoms first appear. While it seems contrary to what we have been taught about colds and flu we know quite a few people who have tried it with great success.

In 1928 Richard Simmons, M.D. hypothesized that colds and flu virus enter through the ear canal. His findings were dismissed by the medical community. According to Dr. Simmons, contrary to what you may think or have been taught about how you catch the flu or the cold there is only one way that you can catch the two, and that's via the ear canal not through the eyes or nose or mouth as most have believed.

Keeping your fingers out of your ears will greatly reduce your chances of catching them, but then again these two are microscopic and can be air-born and may land on or even in your ear. Once they have entered the inner-ear (middle-ear) there they begin their breeding process, and from there they have access to every avenue throughout our body to travel to and to infect and make us sick.

In 1938 German researchers had great success using hydrogen peroxide in dealing with colds and the flu. Their data has been ignored for over 60 years.

It is important to begin treatment as soon as symptoms appear. If treatment is started promptly effectiveness seems to be in the 80% range.

We have found remarkable results in curing the flu & cold within 12 to 14 hours when administering a few drops of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) into each infected ear, (sometimes only one ear is infected) The H2O2 starts working within 2 to 3 minutes in killing the flu or cold; there will be some bubbling and in some cases mild stinging occurs.

Wait until the bubbling & stinging subside (usually 5 to 10 min) then drain onto tissue and repeat other ear. A bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide in 3% solution is available at any drug store for a couple of dollars.

Although this method is perfectly safe for infant/children to use, the loud bubbling and stinging frightens them, they'll need someone they trust to put the hp in their ears. (don't get h2o2 in the eyes- if you do, flush with water)

E-Mail From Subscriber

Thanks to one of your articles in your newsletter about using peroxide in the ears for flu or colds, my family and I have had a relatively flu/cold free winter! We have been exposed to a serious flu in our area, but have managed to dodge it. Here are some specifics:

My 6 year old son had kept me up during one night with coughing and sneezing. By noon the next day he had a fever. I then remembered recently reading in your newsletter about using three drops of peroxide in each ear for 10 minutes. You should have seen his face when I told him I was going to put peroxide in his ears! He was nervous, but soon settled down. It bubbled a lot in both ears. I did only one treatment in each ear, and from then on, his fever went away and his symptoms were reduced to the sniffles. That night he slept well, as did mom. The cold did not return!

Next came myself. About a week later I felt like my head was in a "fog", a familiar fog that is a sure sign I am going to get sick with a bad cold or flu. I used the peroxide treatment in each ear and went to bed about an hour early. The next morning I felt fantastic! Not a trace of illness.

Again about a week after I had felt something coming on, my husband started feeling "ugh". I told him about the peroxide and he looked at me skeptically. But he tried it. And it worked! He works for the school district in the bus shop and is around the drivers (who are around all those kids passing germs about) frequently.

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At the same time my 10 year old son who is rarely sick said he didn't feel well. I wasn't sure if he was saying that because he felt left out (the peroxide treatment aroused his interest), or if he really was coming down with something. So, I gave him a treatment, not seeing that any harm would come of it. He had strong bubbling on one side. He soon felt better and did not become ill.

The peroxide has been used a few other times on all of us with almost amazing results. There was a different result in one case, which had to do with myself. It had been a couple of weeks from my first use of the peroxide on myself.

I came home from our local library book sale which was held in the basement. I quickly became ill, as if allergic to something in the basement, of which this was my first time down there. By the next morning I had a full fledged cold and felt awful. I tried the peroxide.

Although I had to repeat the peroxide treatment about every 4 hours, the peroxide alone relieved my symptoms! I was a bit tired, but other than that, no sneezing, coughing, fever, etc. After about 4 hours I would feel pressure building in my head (especially the ears) and I would begin to get quite cranky. Then I would use the peroxide again and be much better.

The peroxide allowed me to maintain my schedule of homeschooling the boys and doing my chores. It worked better than anything I have tried over the years and had no side affects!

A few notes: the peroxide feels like ice when it is dropped into the ear! It usually did not sting. The hardest thing for me to get used to was the tickling of the bubbles!

Thank you again for the information on peroxide for flus and colds. This wife and mom has had many peaceful nights thanks to you! Thank you also for ALL the fantastic information that you pass along in your newsletter. If it weren't for you, how would we know of these things?!?

Last fall I started using EFT and am very pleased with the results and that I have such a useful tool for others and myself. I learned of it through you. You have made a difference in many lives.


Wendy Fyfe
Brush, Colorado


Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine


This is a website I found quite interesting regarding coughs and colds.

Hydrogen Peroxide in the ear, a drop or two for 3 minutes should help also. (11/16/2004)


Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

Take one clove of garlic-as big a piece as you can comfortably swallow as a pill-every 3-6 hours, in addition to any of the above remedies. It's antiseptic and antibiotic.

If accompanied by a sore throat, my teen-aged son chews the clove (VERY spicy!) then swallows, but it works within hours every time! (11/16/2004)

By Fran Marie

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

Thank you all for your remedies for my son's cough. I found out today that whooping cough is going around at his school. His best friend was the first diagnosed case at the health department! In fact, I started doing some research on it, knowing it was not a "normal" cough after one of the Thrifty.com readers posted that her adult daughter had it. He is now heading toward a speedy recovery! My whole family had to be treated. Thank you again! Alica from Mo. (11/16/2004)

By Alica

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

For a cough that's not serious, but is annoying I always use the following:

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp ginger
1/4 tsp cloves
2 T. honey (or to taste)
2 T. water
1 T. apple cider vinegar

Take 3 tsp. when needed. (11/18/2004)

By klawrence34

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

Earlier this cold season I heard about Unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar. I had been sick for about a week and started taking shots of this before each meal. The very next day I was fine. Since then I drink a glass of water with about 2 tablespoons of the vinegar (with a bunch of honey to mask the terrible taste) every morning. I have not been sick since... about 1 1/2 months. I'm 22 years old and normally I maintain a head cold from late October to late February every year. I'm sold.

JAF (01/03/2005)

By Adam

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

Hi Adam,
I agree, it is great. I used it during several of my pregnancies and it helped bring healthy babies. 1 Tbsp. vinegar and 1 Tbsp. honey in a glass of water is really good for you. It provides lots of little bits of vitamins and minerals that can be hard to come by.

By ThriftyFun

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

Hi Alicia,
Glad you were able to pinpont the cause of your son's cough & get relief.
Any one with a chronic cough [or sneeze] should be sure to keep the blades of the ceiling fans clean & dust free. Also, pull your bed out from the wall & clean out all that dust behind your headboard. Regularly.
Also, clean out the heater/ac vents in the floor of your home. In your vehicle turn the vents away from blowing in your face & keep the dashboard dusted. Getting to the source of the coughing/sneezing is much more effective than any 'remedy.' Even if your cough is caused by some other reason, dust will aggravate it.

Darween form Georgia :) (03/14/2005)

By darween

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

Try a 1/2 teaspoon of honey and 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice. (04/08/2006)

By Enid

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

Thanks everyone for your advise and recommend remedies, My aged mother in Nigeria has serious cough for the last four years off / on, she has xray done but Doctors found nothing, although it could be dusty in Nigeria during the dry season, Please does anyone KNOW natural remedy for people living in Africa. (03/15/2007)

By Bakare

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

1/2 honey and 1/2 apple cider vinegar. this is also so an insomnia remedy. you take two teaspoons. and in thirty minutes if still coughing or awake take one teaspoon every thirty minutes usually you may take a sec dose. Rarely a third for me
(quote)(/quote) (03/15/2007)

By G-ma67

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

My daughter suffers from a terrible cough after a cold and this really works well when a lot of other things would not. It's called Bronchial Soothe, it is ivy leaf syrup. It naturally supports clear bronchial passage. I found it at my health food store. (12/18/2007)


Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

If the cough is from a "tickle" in his throat, try mixing equal parts honey & molasses, wamed slightly. A spoonful of this as needed will coat his throat and ease the cough a little.

This is an old-time remedy, used to be kept on the back of kitchen wood stoves so it was handy when needed! (03/30/2008)

By Stepfordmom

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

I live in Australia, the true home of eucalyptus and tea tree oils. I used to have "Death's Door"-type colds EVERY Winter, without fail, and be laid low. It was horrible.

Now all I do is put a 1/3 of a capful (NOT cupful!) of eucalyptus oil in the base of the shower as I'm finishing off my shower everyday, and I don't have problems.

When I stopped doing it recently, I got sick with the dreaded lurgii that was going around (my daughter was very generous and shared it with me!).

I went back on to the treatment, except more intensive, putting a few drops into my vanity basin, which had some hot tap water in it. Leaned over, closed eyes (be careful you don't come into contact suddenly with the faucet!) and I breathed deeply.

Very quickly rid of the horrors. Far faster than my dd who refused to do it.


lso, with the menthol salve, over here, the doctors in the know have found out that if you rub it on the soles of your feet before you go to sleep, it will help you breathe and clean out your sinuses. Go figure!

Dominus tecum
Leonie In Oz (07/31/2008)

By Leonie Edge

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

We have had great success with whiskey and peppermint. We would melt peppermint in a very small amount of hot water and add it to some whiskey. Use 10 crushed mints in 1/4 cup of water over heat til melted, let cool enough to touch, and add to 1/4 pint of whiskey (we used Old Charter, but any will do). Measurements don't have to be exact. Give 1 tbsp as needed, and 2 tbsp at night just before bed. Good luck! (07/31/2008)

By Kay W.

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

I have read - on Snopes - a remedy (they don't know why it works but works for some people) is rubbing Vicks VapoRub on the feet. I have tried it on my daughter and it has worked - sometimes! (07/31/2008)

By mariebal

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

I made a good cough syrup for my hubby, he got the flu from taking the flu shot,he has coughed for 3 weeks. I mix it in a 16 oz water bottle.
1/3 cup lemon juice,1 table spoon honey or sugar, finish filling bottle with water,shake well. Sip it all day & night.

Kathleen Dothan, Al (11/23/2008)

By kathleen

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

Try ZarBee's honey cough syrup (www.zarbees.com). I bought it for my kids but I am 40 yrs. old and it works for me too. It was formulated by a pediatrician. Easier to take than commercial honey. There is clinical trials showing honey works better than DMX by Penn State. (12/15/2008)

By Kent

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

Try ZarBee's honey cough syrup (www.zarbees.com). I bought it for my kids but I am 40 yrs. old and it works for me too. It was formulated by a pediatrician. Easier to take than commercial honey. There is clinical trials showing honey works better than DMX by Penn State. (12/15/2008)

By Kent

Looking For A Natural Cough Medicine

Fill a cup with hot water, add some lemon juice, maybe a little honey or sugar. I drink it during the day, and it really keeps me from coughing. (01/02/2009)

By Theresa from Montana


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