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Making Coffee Tips and Tricks


Making the perfect cup of coffee can be an elusive task. This is a guide about making coffee tips and tricks.


Solutions: Making Coffee Tips and Tricks

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Tip: Use Two Coffee Filters

Tired of finding coffee grounds in the bottom of your pot? Here's a tip to keep them in the basket, where they belong!

When you set up your grounds basket, instead of using just the one filter under the grounds, add another to cover the grounds.

The top filter will help to keep the grounds from splashing over the edges of the bottom filter and into your pot of coffee.

You don't have to use two of the exact type filters, if you have a coffee maker that requires use of the cone shape - which are more expensive. Just use a cheaper ruffled filter to cover the grounds. Nest it around the mound of coffee grounds and press against the side of the basket.

You will be enjoying pot after pot of grounds-free coffee. Enjoy!

source: I experimented with this years ago, and it works.

by suengenenc from Clyde, North Carolina

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Tip: Use Spray Nozzle To Fill Coffeepot

Filling Coffee MakerI have done several posts about my spilling stuff all over the place. Here is yet another. When I move to another place I always choose the shortest length of counter space, wasted space as it were, for my coffee brewing station. I fill my canister in the sink so as not to spill it on the counter. I now have a way to avoid spilling the water all over. If your sink faucet has the sprayer attached to the faucet instead of off to the side you can fill your coffee maker with that. It works great and no water slopped all over.

By Marty from Knoxville, TN

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Tip: Cool Off Coffee With Frozen Creamer

Coffee too hot and needs to be cooled down? Are you in a rush? Do you not want to put watery ice in your coffee? I have a quick tip. It depends on how you like your coffee. If you want sweetness put creamer in an ice tray and freeze it. If you just want to cool down your coffee, freeze some coffee. Bam, instant cooled coffee.

    By Katie M. [9]

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    Tip: Use Sink Sprayer to Fill Coffee Maker

    Pouring water from the carafe into the coffee maker usually included a lot of water spilling onto the counter. To avoid this mess, I pull the kitchen spigot which has the hose for rinsing the sink, etc. out and over the coffeemaker. Fills quickly and easily with no spillage.

    By Linda from Vista, CA

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    Tip: Prefilling Coffee Filters

    My fiance came home one day and got out the coffee, filters and canister. He said he was in line at 7-11 and noticed the attendant filling up the coffee filters then stacking them aside.

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    Tip: Keeping Coffee Grounds out of the Pot

    I've been having problems with coffee filters collapsing and letting grounds into the coffee pot, plus gunking up the filter basket. The following solution has worked well for me and I haven't had a problem since.

    1. Take one clean, white papertowel and lay it flat on a clean, dry surface.

    2. Place an appropriate measure of coffee in the center of the paper towel.

    3. Spread out the coffee to the approximate size of the bottom of your filter basket.

    4. Fold the side of the paper towel closest to you over the coffee, so the edge of the paper is at the edge of the grounds.

    5. Turn the paper towel 90 degrees clockwise and repeat. Do this until all four sides are folded in.

    You should end up with a square packet of coffee, approximately the size of your filter basket, with the grounds safely tucked inside. This can be placed, fold side down (otherwise the papertowel will unfold and let the grinds escape), in your drip coffee maker as usual.

    These could also be made a week or two in advance and placed in a Tupperware container in your freezer for extra speedy coffee making in the morning.

    By coffee2go from Tempe, AZ

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    Tip: Rinse Paper Coffee Filters Before Using

    Always rinse coffee filters before brewing coffee. This removes any loose paper fibers that can end up in your brew and make your coffee taste papery.

      By Janette [91]

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      Tip: Lift Coffeemaker Carafe Lid to Prevent Spilling

      Coffeemakers have a glass canister to hold our coffee that somehow leaks, no matter what when you pour from it. I found a simple way to stop the leaking when you pour, which is to lift the spout that covers the canister where the liquid is stored. It eliminates spilling every time.

        By hawaiihibou [5]

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        Tip: Emergency Coffee Filter Replacement

        Have you ever run out of coffee filters on a day that you really need a fresh cup of Joe? The solution that I discovered is to take a regular paper towel sheet, fold it in half, place it in the place you would put your filter. Add your coffee, and brew as you normally would, and I guarantee you will have that perfect cup of coffee!

        Source: Tip is inspired from my ex brother-in-law.

        By Barbara from Pittsburg, CA

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        Tip: Using a French Press

        French press or coffee pot? I just re-kindled my love for coffee recently and found myself in line at Starbucks glancing over and noticing they sold French presses. I have worked with them in restaurants but never tried it so I told my mom I wanted one. Lo and behold, she won a very nice one from work a few years back and gave it to me (she doesn't drink coffee).

        Verdict: French press all the way! Quick, classy, easy, creamy rich deliciousness. My method is two Tbsp. per measured cup with one Tbsp. for the pot. Enjoy!

        By Cheech from Tucson, AZ

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        Tip: Less Bitter Coffee

        Hubby noticed that the coffee we had been buying seemed bitter. We use filtered water and had a new coffee maker. So I told him to do what my mom used to do. Add a little pinch of salt to the grounds before turning on the coffee maker. It does work!

        We have tried several brands of coffee with and without the salt. Salt wins! I know people will say to cut down on salt, but the little dab it takes to make the coffee better is worth it.

        By Great Granny Vi from Moorpark, CA

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        Here are questions related to Making Coffee Tips and Tricks.

        Question: Finding The Right Coffee Measurements

        I want to make a good pot of Coffee and I can't ever measure the amount of coffee to the amount of water. What does everyone else find works for them? I made the strongest "put the hair on your chest" coffee this morning and DH won't drink it. :-(


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        Most Recent Answer

        By Shawn L. 1 02/06/2013

        I went to the Dollar Tree and bought a set of two coffee measurement spoons that are 1/8 cup and first did 3 of the scoops for a 12 cup coffee maker and realized it was too strong. Then I did two scoops for a 12 cup coffee maker and it was perfect. So I hope it helps: ^ )

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        Question: Making Smaller Quantities of Coffee with a Bunn Coffeemaker

        When using a Bunn coffeemaker, can you make smaller amounts of coffee instead of a whole pot?

        By meme7_2000

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        Most Recent Answer

        By Maile 49 114 01/27/2011

        And if you want just one cup, try one of the coffee filters/holders that sit on top of your coffee cup. 1 Tbsp of coffee, pour on the boiling water, and enjoy!

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        Question: Making Coffee in a Drip Machine

        I have a 12 cup drip coffee maker. I buy Maxwell House coffee and it comes with a scoop. How many do I need for 12 cups?

          By John C. [2]

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          Most Recent Answer

          By 4TruLady 8 140 06/13/2015

          This is very subjective, but at our house I use one level scoop per each three cups of water. However if I am making a full pot (which happens once in a blue moon) I use three and a half scoops, because it seems when I make a full pot using full scoops it gets a little strong.

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          Question: Making Coffee Without a Coffeemaker

          My husband likes the occasional cup of coffee, but not often enough to buy a coffee maker. My question is instead of having to strain the coffee could I use a tea diffuser in a cup of boiled water and come up with the same thing without having the additional work?

          By Momma Ruby from KY

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          Most Recent Answer

          By Zoek 4 12 11/19/2012

          You have several options...
          1. You can buy a small cone basket that will fit on a cup and you put a filter in with coffee and pour boiling water thru. A size "2" is perfect and you can generally buy these in the grocery store, in the coffee and tea area.

          2. You can buy or make a muslin tea bag. They are sold in health food stores. They are about 2" x 4" with a tie top and can be used for tea, coffee, or to add whole spices to soups, etc. Use just like a regular tea bag. They can be reused until they fall apart.

          3. You can get a 1 person french coffee press. Although, it can break and is more expensive than the other two alternatives.

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          Question: Filling the Coffee Pot Without Spilling

          I do not have purified water coming from my sink faucet, so I can't fill the coffee pot with the sink sprayer. Now what do I do for good water for my coffee?

          By Carol

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          Most Recent Answer

          By Joan 13 1,482 04/29/2012

          Everybody that I know uses water straight from the tap to make coffee.

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          Question: New Coffee Maker Leaves Film on Brewed Coffee

          We just bought a cheap coffee maker like always and after it's brewed there is a film on top of the coffee right away, not after letting it sit. I use filtered water. What am I doing wrong?

          By Sharilyn

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          Question: Making Coffee

          I would like to make a 12 cups of coffee, how much coffee do I need?

          By Blanch H. from West Chester, PA

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          Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

          Archive: Making Coffee In a Percolator

          I recently bought an old 10-12 cup aluminum stove top coffee pot (percolator) in very good condition. I would like to make some coffee, but don't know the correct way to brew it. I would appreciate any help. Also, is the coffee measured out the same as an automatic coffee maker? Thanks for any ideas.



          RE: Making a Coffee In a Percolator

          I love perked coffee and it stays hot longer in a thermos.
          Use 1 coffee scoop of grounds (not fine grind) for every 2 cups of coffee and perk for 4 minutes. Remove the stem and basket if you won't be using all the coffee as soon as it is made. Enjoy. (09/28/2005)

          By siris

          RE: Making a Coffee In a Percolator

          You can find info on coffee packages concerning amounts of coffee grind to use, but that all depends on how weak or strong you like your coffee; that's just a trial and error experience. Most important thing you should know is to run boiling water through your pot and grind dispenser before the first use so the coffee won't have an after taste. I use an old fashion drip pot and that has always happened to me when it's not used for a while. Hope this helps, enjoy your coffee!

          Kajun Connie (09/30/2005)

          By Connie(guest post)

          RE: Making a Coffee In a Percolator

          I use a percolator when we go camping. If you use a gas burner make sure you move the pot so that the flame burns where the stem is. That way the water will "perk". I heat up the water until just under a boil, then move the pot over. Also, once it starts to perk, turn the flame down or else you will perk lots of grinds into the coffee water and have a lot of texture! If that happens, the grinds will mostly settle to the bottom of the pot and your cup. The coffee should still be tasty if you can get over the lumps. The full size pots usually hold 10 cups, so I just measure for the percolator the same as I do a drip. I let it perk for about 5 minutes. Any more than that makes the coffee too strong for me. Hope this helps. (10/02/2005)

          By Donna

          RE: Making Coffee In a Percolator

          I inherited a percolator when my mother passed away. I forgot how much better the flavor is, and threw away the old brewer I was using. One tablespoon per cup, watch the color in the glass dome to your satisfaction. (12/02/2008)

          By Richard

          Archive: Making Coffee In a Percolator

          How much coffee grinds do I use to make coffee in a 60 cup percolator? I would like to know the same for 20, 30, 40 and 50. I'm hostessing a big BBQ today and need to make the coffee.


          By Audrey from Manalapan, NJ


          RE: Making Coffee In a Percolator

          Directions should be on the coffee, if not use 1 teaspoon for each cup. Good luck. (05/29/2010)

          By kffrmw88

          RE: Making Coffee In a Percolator

          Everyone has a formula that works for them! But it all depends of the grind (coarse, regular, fine) and the roast (dark, med, light) and the type of coffee (there are 2 species of coffee, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is less bitter with less caffeine that Robusta). The basic measurement is from 1 to 2 Tablespoons and usually you'll need 1 heaping tablespoon per cup for perked coffee, but it can be as little as 1 Tablespoon to as much as 2 tablespoons per cup (depending on grind). To make that even more confusing, each brand of coffee maker has different amounts as to what a "cup" of coffee is. It can be anywhere from 6 to 8 ounces and a mug is 8 to 12 ounces.

          A coffee scoop filled level contains two tablespoons of coffee. And two tablespoons is what you usually need for a 6 ounce cup of coffee (with a regular grind and a medium roast). But many find this too strong. If it were me, I'd buy a light to medium roast of a quality coffee. The Duncan Donuts brand makes a fairly low cost coffee that is smooth and mellow and not bitter. If you use something like Folgers (coffee Robusta) you'll get a more bitter (but higher caffeine content) coffee.

          Perked coffee doesn't make the best coffee because of 2 things, 1) It's run through the grounds over and over and 2) the water is boiling, but you gotta use what you have available!

          I start out with one level tablespoon per cup and make as small a batch as you can to test it first. You may need to up the amount to 1 heaping Tablespoon per cup.

          Coffee Brewing Method:

          More Info:


          By Cyinda

          RE: Making Coffee In a Percolator

          If you look closely at the grounds holder it may have lines showing how full it needs to be. I love perked coffee. If it doesn't say then go by what you use at home in the small coffee maker. Whatever you use for four cups multiply times 15. (06/02/2010)

          By Lilac

          RE: Making Coffee In a Percolator

          I was taught that the 30 cup percolator takes 1 8 oz cup of ground. This is pretty close to the 1 tsp. for every cup made, again a formula from the 1960s. I make good coffee (so I am told, I don't drink it). (06/02/2010)

          By TandT Grandma

          RE: Making Coffee In a Percolator

          To Mike wanting to make coffee in the 10-12 cup aluminum stove top pot. I am presuming you don't have the cup to set grounds in. This is the campers type, only way my father makes coffee and he is 81.

          Cold water up the the amount, say 10 cup line. Then 10 tsp measures of coffee in the cold water. Bring to boil, watch, let boil about 5 minutes. Then turn off burner, take pot off, drop in 1 cup cold water. This settles the grounds to the bottom.

          Pour up your cup. (06/02/2010)

          By TandT Grandma