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Making Plastic Canvas Doll Furniture

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Plastic canvas is an ideal material for making doll furniture. This is a guide about making plastic canvas doll furniture.



Here are questions related to Making Plastic Canvas Doll Furniture.

Question: Plastic Canvas Doll Kitchen Pattern

I am looking for a 1996 rare OTP fashion doll dream home kitchen plastic canvas pattern. Does anyone have this pattern/ It's by the Needlecraft shop and the only 1 I found was on eBay and it was already sold. Please help I have searched everywhere.

By Vicki M. from Onaway, MI


Most Recent Answer

By copper [1]10/07/2014

Here's another for sale on Ebay. ... aultDomain_0&hash=item5411376ea6

Question: Plastic Canvas Barbie Furniture

Does anyone have any plastic canvas Barbie furniture patterns they are willing to share?

By Tareesa from Pocatello, ID


Most Recent Answer

By Diane Sellers C.08/24/2013

Hi Theresa,
I am willing to share back and forth. Let me know.
beyoutful at yahoo dot com.


Question: Free Plastic Canvas Doll Furniture Patterns

Where can I find plastic canvas fashion doll patterns free?

By Kittynboots from Parkersburg, WV

Most Recent Answer

By Brandie H.01/23/2015

Facebook has a group for plastic canvas barbie patterns.

Question: Barbie Plastic Canvas Pattern

Does anyone know where I can get this plastic canvas pattern, Barbie "dream home bathroom"?

By Susan D.

Most Recent Answer

By Donna L.03/27/2014

Susan, I have the Barbie Dream Home Bathroom Pattern. Let me know if you still need it.

Question: Barbie Plastic Canvas Patterns

Does anyone have any of the Barbie plastic canvas furniture patterns that they would be willing to share or know where I can find some? I'd like to start making the collection for my daughter.

By Ashley D

Most Recent Answer

By MBN1207/19/2013

Have you seen this book:

You may be able to find a lower price for it.

Question: Finding Patterns for Plastic Canvas Doll Furniture

I am new to crafting and would like to start making doll furniture with my 4 girls. I am not sure where to start getting patterns from. Can anyone please help me out? Are there sites with free patterns? Thank you.

By Julesm

Question: Free Patterns for Plastic Canvas Barbie Furniture

Does anyone have patterns for plastic canvas Barbie furniture and/or clothespin Barbie furniture they would be willing to share? I have searched the internet and found many that you buy, but no free patterns. Thank you ahead of time for all your help.

By bgrachford

Question: Free Plastic Canvas Barbie Castle Pattern

I am looking for the Barbie dream castle plastic canvas pattern for free. Does anyone know where I can find one?

By Jennifer

Question: Free Plastic Canvas Patterns for Doll Furniture

I'm looking for some free doll furniture patterns for plastic canvasing. It's just me and my two girls, who I'm trying to teach how to make their own doll furniture since it's just so expensive to buy these days. Any furniture or house patterns would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much.

By Velma

Question: Barbie Furniture Plastic Canvas

Could you post some instructions for Barbie furniture in plastic canvas?

By D. Norris

Solutions: Making Plastic Canvas Doll Furniture

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Plastic Canvas Barbie Furniture

I am looking for some Barbie plastic canvas patterns for my two daughters who now just started to play with Barbies. I have been doing plastic canvas for a while and would like to try to do Barbie furniture. By reading the other answers I see someone has the dinning room pattern. I would like to get a copy if you can.


RE: Plastic Canvas Barbie Furniture

The best place to get any plastic canvas patterns is in a plastic canvas yahoo group. Once you join one you will be able to receive almost any pattern. (02/02/2009)

By Randa

RE: Plastic Canvas Barbie Furniture

I have the dining room pattern, just send me a message through this site with your mailing address and I will copy and send it to you. (02/02/2009)


RE: Plastic Canvas Barbie Furniture

I have a few different patterns, I got mine at Annie's Attic and a plastic canvas book club. (02/03/2009)

By Tracey

RE: Plastic Canvas Barbie Furniture

I'm sure you're looking for free stuff but if you can't kind the free stuff, try They have ALL sorts of barbie pattern stuff, furniture, clothes. Good luck! (02/03/2009)

By Kitrina7158

RE: Plastic Canvas Barbie Furniture

Lots of free pix of PC Barbie Furniture instructions! (02/06/2009) I also have the house instructions and some outdoor stuff, like instructions on a gazebo and swing set. Let me know and I can sell you the instructions booklets. (02/06/2009)

By soyzicks

RE: Plastic Canvas Barbie Furniture

You're going to love this. Years ago when they first came out with Barnie furniture, I couldn't afford to buy them. Instead I went to the library and got out wood making books on furniture. You can use those patterns to make your own Barbie furniture. I made a china cabinet with working drawers and doors, a bed that also doubled as a jewelry box etc etc. Hope this works for you. Good Luck. (02/22/2009)

By castleberrycc

RE: Plastic Canvas Barbie Furniture

I have lots of Barbie plastic canvas furniture patterns. E-mail me and I'll send a list of what I have so you can pick from. (05/04/2009)

By eveoreo11

Archive: Plastic Canvas Barbie Furniture


Plastic Canvas Barbie Furniture
*** Here is some Barbie furniture I made. Some are from a pattern, some of it is made with out a pattern just my own ideas. A California twin bed, a dresser with a drawer that opens, table, 2 bar stools, couch, TV, wind sock, 2 books, picture, mirror, Easter basket, tennis bag & 2 tennis rackets, and a toilet and bath tub

By Randa from San Marcos, TX

Archive: Plastic Canvas Barbie Furniture

I am looking for some plastic canvas patterns for Barbie doll size furniture. If anyone has any they could copy for me or send me I would be very appreciative.

By SnowflakesofBflo from Buffalo, NY

RE: Plastic Canvas Barbie Furniture

I found a Barbie castle and a lot of furniture. Email me. (05/16/2010)

By blueskys1986

Archive: Plastic Canvas Barbie Furniture

I am looking for free plastic canvas Barbie doll furniture patterns to make for my kids. Would anyone have any that they could share or know where I might find some?

By Kathy from IN

RE: Plastic Canvas Barbie Furniture

I would look on eBay under plastic canvas. I sold a book just like the one you are looking for on eBay and there are a lot of patterns for furniture especially for Barbie. Have fun with plastic canvas, I sure did. (07/02/2010)

By sassier299