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Making a Candy Corsage

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Birthdays and other holidays are the perfect occasion for making and giving a unique handmade candy corsage. This is a guide about making a candy corsage.



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Question: Making Birthday Corsages

Does anyone remember the birthday corsages that were made in the 50's and 60's? For example, 16 years old, would be made as a candy corsage for 'sweet sixteen'. Each year would have a different theme. If you remember and have the ideas, I would appreciate them.

PJ from Forked River, NJ

Sweet Sixteen and Sour Seventeen

I remember those. The Sweet 16 corsage had sugar cubes wired to it with lots of pink ribbon and pink netting (tulle?). The Sour Seventeen corsage had lemon drops wired to it with lots of yellow ribbons and yellow netting or tulle.

By lovethosehounds

Guide To Birthday Corsages

I remember these. My aunt would make them for me.

Below is copied from this website:

Another tradition enjoyed by girls that was popularized in the 1950s and 60s, is that of receiving a special corsage (or several) that was decorated with candy or another inexpensive item that corresponded to your age. The items were priced within reach of one's peer group and all light enough so they could fasten easily to curly ribbon and be worn throughout the school day without problem.

  • 10th birthday - lollipops
  • 11th birthday - gum drops
  • 12th birthday - tootsie rolls
  • 13th birthday - bubble gum
  • 14th birthday - dog biscuits
  • 15th birthday - life savers
  • 16th birthday - sugar cubes
  • 17th birthday - lemon drops
  • 18th birthday - cigarettes

By phishphan98

Roses From Hershey's Kisses

I have seen people take two red or pink covered candy kisses, put them flat surfaces together, and attaching them to a flower stem. It's designed to look like roses. You either cover them in netting or just leave them glued together. As long as they are not in a hot room, they should stay nice for a long time.

By Poor But Proud

Tootsie Roll Airplanes

Another cute thing that kids love at parties are the airplanes. You take a piece of gum for the wing, two life savers for the tires, and a tootsie roll for the body. Thread a rubber band between the candy circles, and place them on either side of the tootsie roll. Then, loop them over the gum on top for the wings. It's really cute and with dollar tree candies and gums, you can make about 30 for just $3.00.

By Poor But Proud

No Special Themes

Where I lived on Long Island, NY we did make the corsages but no particular theme by years.

Ehow LInk



Most Recent Answer

By Eena01/20/2012

Has anybody found out where to buy these corsages? What was the candy for a 7 year old? I used to buy them for my daughter and sister. Let's bring this back, I think the kids would love it.

Question: Making a Candy Corsage

I would like to make a birthday corsage for my daughter she will be 7, but I don't know what kind of candy is for a 7 year old. How can I find a guide for this?

By Cammy R.


Most Recent Answer

By leonia01/04/2014

The corsage was simple... no glue guns. The items were held to a large bow with ribbon curls and tied. It was pinned to sweater or top. They were from 10 - 18. Age 10 Lollipops. Age 11 Gumdrops. Age 12 Tootsie Rolls. Age 13 Bubble Gum. Age 14 Dog Biscuits. Age 15 Lifesavers. Age 16 Sugar Cubes. Age 17 lemondrops.
Parents usually went to a local florist but friends made them. Items were removed during the day by friends along with a for each year and a pinch to grow an inch.

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