Making a Kitchen Towel Holder

Towel Holder

One way to keep that kitchen towel draped over the oven door handle from slipping onto the floor is to make a quick and easy towel holder. This is a guide about making a kitchen towel holder.


Solutions: Making a Kitchen Towel Holder

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Tip: Recycled Towel Holder

I made a towel holder for the kitchen. I had a yogurt lid that was begging for a project and instead of giving it to the kids, I took it. Completed towel holder including a kitchen towel.

I cut a hole in the middle of the lid, large enough for a towel to go through. I then covered it with duct tape all the way around. It would have been easier if I had had the whole width of duct tape to use, but I only had a lot of small strips, as duct tape sometimes does not come off the roll evenly. Yogurt lid with a hole cut in the center and a strip of tape lying across the lid.

After I was through with that, I taped a key ring onto the lid. Running the same strip of tape over and through the key ring and the towel ring.

Then I took a twisty tie and secured the key ring part to the nail in my kitchen. I had some lace, from an old fabric curtain piece, and I used it to tie a bow and also to attach it to the nail. It turned out really cute. Attaching lace to the ring with it hanging from key ring loop on the wall.

I love seeing it, and the towels being not on the floor! The only thing I like more is to see my kids doing crafts, which I always love to take pictures of. However, I am thinking of ways to tweak the design, to make it look more crafty. I love crafts! Here is a picture.

Blessings and have a happy Fall!

By Robyn F. from Tri-Cities, TN

Tip: Keeping a Towel on Oven Door

A kitchen towel with a ribbon to keep it on the oven door.I had a towel on the oven rack that kept slipping out. Putting it back in was a pain, as the slot between the handle and the door wasn't very wide.

So, I got a light bulb over my head! I simply tied a piece of ribbon around it with a knot then a bow. Now it stays in place and I can simply slip it out for washing!

Hope this helps!

By Sandi from Salem, OR

Tip: Towel Holder

Finished towel holder.Using a leftover shirt sleeve I made this towel holder for my stove.

Approximate Time: 10 minutes


  • sleeve from child's tee shirt
  • Velcro dots or button
  • sewing machine
  • scissors


  1. Cut the sleeve in a rounded pattern at the shoulder end.
  2. Turn wrong side out and sew around that cut edge.
  3. Turn right side out and attach half of two sets of Velcro to one end and the other half to the other end or if you prefer make a button hole and attach a button to the other end.
  4. Fabic towel hanger for oven handle.

  5. I don't care to make button holes so I used Velcro and added a large button for looks.

This holder is large enough to run a towel through and easily pull out when I need it. When the holder gets dirty, I just throw it in the washer and dryer.

I used the sleeves left from my child's apron pattern, just couldn't see wasting them.

By Ann from Loup City, NE

Tip: Homemade Towel Holder

I needed a towel holder in my kitchen but cash was short. So I got to looking around my house for unused things that I could make one with. I found an oak toilet tissue holder that we had never used. I took the center (the piece that actually holds the tissue) out and used just the outer brackets. I had a piece of dowel rod left from another project. I stained it with some craft stain to match the brackets. I put the whole assembly up and now I have the perfect kitchen towel holder!

By Debbie Z

Tip: Make Your Own Kitchen Towel Rack

Kitchen Towel RackI recently got tired of opening my cabinet doors under the sink to have my hand towel fall off. I came up with a great idea. I went to Walmart and got 2 over the door coat hooks. I slipped them on the "junk drawer" (you can also use a cabinet door) and put a leftover leg support from those plastic shelf units you put together. If you don't have that, you can use an old dowel, or anything that is round and fits inside the cooks.

You can also use it for things like your rolling pin, (inside the cabinet if you choose). It can be a nice paper towel holder, great for guest towel over the bathroom door, or for wrapping paper or ribbons (the dowel would need to be smaller in diameter) in the craft room.

Since the hooks are separate, you can make them as far apart as you want, but keep in mind too far might need a third one in the middle. My drawers are on the gliders, so it won't close all the way, and you have to keep that in mind if you have the old fashioned wooden doors or drawers. Enjoy!

Source: This was my idea and started out to be for a towel rack over my shower doors, but the hook wasn't wide enough. So, I tried it over the bathroom door, but not only was it too tall, but the door wouldn't shut. So, I thought "towel...lower door" and viola!

By Sandi from Salem, OR

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