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College and professional program graduates often like to celebrate with a party. Planning the party with a theme reflecting their major or program is common. This is a guide about nurse themed party ideas.



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Question: Nurse Themed Party

I graduate from college in December, and I will be graduating with a degree in Nursing (R.N.). I would like to throw a party and I know there has to be many creative ideas for a "Nurse-themed" party... but Im just not that creative. If anyone has ANY ideas, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

By Rosie

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By Susan Wolfe [20] 04/07/2009

Nursing School Party Games
My Mom was a nurse. When I was young my Mom would rent a cottage on lake Erie for 12 friends and me to stay for a week. At night we would turn down the lights and play "The Body Parts Game!" Each of us would find a household item that would feel like a body part. We would blind fold everyone, then pass each part a long so each of us could say what we thought the actual household item was. Example: A peeled grape was an eyeball. "This is an eyeball" would be announced before the peeled grape was passed. Or maybe a hot dog with a shrimp shell fingernail, was a finger. A piece of latex glove feels a lot like skin.

Another thing we loved to do was fill up latex gloves with water, like water balloons. Although that may seem a little childish, it's good adult fun too! So what if you get a little wet, as long as it's not a cold day or night outside. Latex gloves hold up pretty good when thrown. Another fun thing to do is tell hospital stories. My Mom would tell us "nurse stories!" She told a story about a lady that was having a baby. There was a tar like stuff on the baby that the nurse needed help with removing . The nurse said something about removing the "copia"

The new Mom to be yelled out "That's what I'll name my baby! That's what I'll name my baby! Folks I may have the wrong name (copia)for the tar like stuff but it was something like that. It's been a long time ago. This getting old isn't for sissy's, so please bear with me! My Mom was born in 1901, and she was young back then. If someone out there would like to correct me as to the name of the tar like stuff on babies, I would gratefully appreciate it.
Have fun! A big round of applause to all the nurses that graduate this year! We really need you!

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