Organizing Your Linen Closet

Woman holding linens in front of linen closet.

Many of us struggle with developing an effective way to organize our linen closet. Do we keep the sheet sets together or sort sheets, pillowcases, etc. And then there are the towels and blankets. This is a guide about organizing a linen closet.


Solutions: Organizing Your Linen Closet

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Tip: Store Sheets Inside Pillowcases

This tip will save you looking for a matching bottom and top sheet with matching pillowcases. Put folded sheets and one of the pillowcases inside the other pillowcase. Next, place a used dryer sheet inside and it will keep them smelling sweet. Everything can be stored neatly in its own case! No more hunting for a matching set. Saves time and the sheets smells fresh because of the dryer sheet!

By Dwedenoja from New Creek, WV

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Tip: Don't Use Your Linen Closet For Your Sheets

I haven't stored my sheets in my linen closet for years! Every bed has 2 sets of sheets. I fold the sheets as most everyone else seems to do, and fold the pillowcase around it (or you can slip the sheets into the pillowcase). Then I put the extra set between the mattresses of the bed it is for. I either slip them in at the foot of the bed, or the side - whichever is more convenient.

When we had babies in cribs, I folded the crib sheets, put them in a plastic bag, and slipped it between the mattress and springs. This way the sheets are handy and easy to get to when I want to change them, and it frees a tremendous amount of space in my linen closet for other things. This was really helpful when there were 6 of us in the house!

By lyonpridej from Oklahoma

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Tip: Organizing My Linen Closet

I "try" to keep my linen closet organized using a few tricks. I don't fold my sheets and pillowcases together in sets because I intermingle the top/bottom sheets and pillow cases. What I do is fold the sheets as neatly as I can and put them in two baskets stored on the floor of my closet. I bought wire baskets that hang under the shelves and use them to store my pillow cases that have been folded and then rolled up too. For my towels, I also roll and stack them on the top shelf.

Putting my sheets in baskets helps me keep them together neatly. Rolling the towels and pillow cases makes it easier to store them and also helps find matching sets. I even roll my placemats after I take them out of the dryer. It makes it so much easier to find matching placemats and keeps them from wrinkling.

Source: This is an organizing trick I came up with years ago when I finally had it with my disorganized linen closet. It held everything, but I could find nothing.

By Bayliner from Nottingham, MD

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Tip: Hanging Linens in a Closet

To prevent creases when hanging linens from wire hangers, take a cardboard tube from a used up roll of paper towels and cut lengthwise. Then slip it over the wire hanger and apply tape where you cut the tube. Then you can rest your linens on the tube instead of the wire.

By ThriftyFun

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Tip: Store Sheets Inside Pillowcase

After folding your sheets neatly, place them inside of one of the pillow cases. They lay flat and you know where everything is by the pillowcase you use with each set.

Source: My Mom

By Patricia H. from Lexington, NC

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Tip: Organizing Sheets By Room and Rotating Towels

I place all of sheets together in one of the pillowcases, so the set is together and easy to grab. I store the clean sheets in the closet of the room they are going to be used in. So when I strip the bed, I just take a couple steps to grab the clean sheets. In the master bedroom I have a wicker chest that I store the sheets in, with a clove wrapped in a paper towel and stuck between each set.

For the towels that I store in the linen closet, I fold them in a way that they fit nicely on the shelf. One section of shelf is left open, so the towels are rotated as we use them. The ones just washed go in the empty space.

By Lori

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Tip: Store Linens In Each Bedroom

When bed linens are washed and dried, they are folded as flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases in layers together. They go in a drawer in whichever room those sheets are used. If you have several beds of the same size, then color code each room.

Then leave your hall linen closet for towels and tablecloths. I also have a shelf with a large lazy Susan in the linen closet for spares of soap, hair care products, and bathroom cleanup supplies. This way I can store more, without people pulling other things out just to get the item they need.

By Dee T. from Salem, OR

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Tip: Fresh Smelling Sheet Sets

I fold the top and bottom sheets in rectangles. Then I wrap them with the folded pillow cases, and a scented dryer sheet between the sheets. I put the complete bundle into a transparent recycled bag. When it is time to change the bedding, your complete set for each size of bed is altogether and smelling fresh.

By Faye D. from The Pas, Manitoba, Canada

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Tip: Keeping Sheet Sets Together

I organize my sheet sets by folding the sheets and placing them in the matching pillowcase. I also organize my sheet sets by having a shelf for each size; such as the queen size on one shelf, and the twins on another, etc. I also place clean extra blankets under the sheets for the same size bed. Then when you want to make up a bed in a hurry, all you have to do is reach to the right shelf to get down sheets and blankets for that size bed.

By Bobbie J. from Wichita, KS

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Tip: Using Ribbon for a Neat Linen Closet

I make my linen area look really neat by taking sheet sets and pillowcases and tying them together with inexpensive colorful ribbon. I'm sure this would work with towel sets as well. If you used different color ribbons you could identify linens for different sizes of beds. It looks great and makes it easy to grab a whole set in a hurry.

By Brenda from Jackson Hole, WY

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Tip: Store Bed Linens in Pillow Case

I just listened to a friend complain that she could not keep her bed sheets together for each bedroom. She said they end up in wrong closets or on the wrong beds.

In my house, I always wash all the bedding for a bed on a particular day (master on Mondays, daughter 1 on Tuesdays, etc.) When I take them off the clothes line, I fold the sheets and all but one pillowcase. I then take the folded items and put them into the pillowcase, and fold it over. They are stored in the proper bedroom's closet.

Makes a nice compact way to keep the sheets easy to find.

    By April [187]

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    Tip: Fold Pillowcases Together

    This tip is helpful for folding your pillow cases. I always take both my pillow cases (seam sides together) and fold BOTH together as you would fold one pillow case.

    I hold them up together, give them a little shake and fold both together in a neat little square . Then I put them between my folded flat sheet and my folded fitted sheet. Looks great together and you aren't always searching for that other pillow case, because the set will always be stacked together. When you go to grab your pillow case, they are both right there folded together.

    Source: I have no idea where I saw this many, many years ago. Maybe in some type of magazine like Ladies Home Journal, etc. But since I saw it, I have always used it and you just don't know how handy it is.

    By Rosa Marie from Southern Illinois

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    Tip: Organizing Sheets

    I like to keep sets together or sheets that I created sets out of by folding them, along with one pillowcase, and putting the entire set into the other pillowcase. This way, you have a neat sheet section in your closet or drawer, and they fit together better too.

    By Peg from Bergen County, NJ

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    Tip: Keeping Linens Together

    After washing and drying your sheets, fold them and the pillowcases neatly and put them in one of the pillowcases and store them in the linen closet. When you are ready to get a fresh pair of sheets, they are all together and organized and you don't have to look for matching pieces. You can also add a fabric softener sheet so that they smell nice and fresh!

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    Tip: Keep Bedding Sets Together

    When I fold the sheets from the dryer, I always fold the fitted sheet and then I fold the pillowcases together and put both inside the fold of the top sheet. When I get the sheets from the linen closet, I have everything I need. I do not have to look for the fitted sheet and the pillowcases because everything is all together.

    Having both queen and king size beds, it is much easier to do it this way.

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    Tip: Put Clean Sheets Back on Bed

    I try not to ever fold sheets by washing and drying them and then putting them right back on the bed. Note, that this caused a problem in my first marriage because my idiot husband thought I NEVER changed the sheets.

    That tip about placing one fitted sheet over the other sounds good to me; however, I'll save one folded up in the linen closet cause we drink in bed!

      By Bullfrog Corner [2]

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      Tip: Organizing The Linen Closet

      To keep table linens from creasing, install a rod just beneath a low shelf and hang the linens on hangers padded with paper towel tubes.

      Fold and store bed or bath linens by sets, not by size. That way, you can grab a complete set when you want it instead of having to pick through several stacks.

      By Joesgirl

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      Tip: Spruce Up Your Linen Closet

      Are your linen closets always messy? The fix is easy.

      Towel Sets

      Simply fold them together. While folding, fold one of the bath towels around the rest of the set, making it a size and shape that stacks nicely in your storage closet. Everything is neatly in one place.

      Baby Bath Sets:

      These towels are the ones with the sewn "corner" on one side for placing over the baby's head while drying him.
      • Fold the towel in thirds, lengthwise, with the sewn corner on the bottom upper edge.

      • Now, fold in half, leaving the sewn corner on the bottom top.

      • Fold in half again.

      • Now, take the sewn corner piece from the back and pull it over the top of your bundle, using it to hold the package together.

      • Tuck the matching wash cloth in one of the folds.

      Voila! Everything neatly packaged together in one easy piece that stacks nicely in the linen closet.

      Sheet Sets:

      • Take the fitted bottom sheet. Cup the fitted part of two adjoining corners over each hand, then slip one over the other.

      • Do the same for the other two fitted corners.

      • Now, fit those two over each other.

      • Lay the sheet flat and smooth the edges, folding the edges downward to make the sheet square.

      • Fold into the desired size.

      • Take the top sheet: Fold the top sheet into a size close to the fitted bottom sheet.

      • To complete the package, wrap the top sheet around the bottom, then slip the pillowcase over them both, making the set a complete package wrapped in the pillowcase. If there is more than one pillowcase, tuck it inside with the sheets.

      This keeps your closet neat, tidy, every 'packaged' set stacks really well, and all you have to do to retrieve the set is grab the package.


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      Tip: The Dream Linen Closet

      When I bought new sheets they all came in those plastic zippered bags. We only keep two fitted sheets per bed - one for using and one for changing when the other's being washed.

      Voila! A total of 5 sheets purchased gave me storage for one queen fitted sheet and 4 pillowcases, one full fitted and 2 pillowcases, one twin fitted and 1 pillowcase, plus two extra for the extra top sheets we use now and then. They are labeled and stacked in less than half the area they used to take up before.

      I did the same thing with all the blankets we had - put them in large zippered bags we had gotten earlier with comforters (most were gifts).

      Each of us has two bath towels in our own color which we keep in our bathrooms and we only have 4 guest towels in the linen closet. There's a pile of beach towels also, and the floor has all the sleeping bags and mats.

      Now there's a whole shelf that's empty in there! I can't believe how those bags have made so much room!

      By Rabbithorns

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      Question: Organizing a Linen Closet

      I need some help organizing my linen closet. it is JAM PACKED full of blankets (most of which we use because of frequent guest). It is very small and had about five shelves in it. Any suggestions?

      Renee from AR

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      By Cricket (Guest Post) 08/12/2007

      If you have a lot of extra closet space, you can hang the blankets on large hangers at the end of the closet. Another thing is to get some of those space saver bags and place them in there and make it smaller.

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      Question: Identifying Bed Sheet Sizes

      tag on sheet

      Does this tag tell the size of the bedding eg. full, queen, or king? How do you tell the size once the bedding is removed from its packaging?

        By lindelou58 [1]

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        By Pixiedust7 7 814 09/03/2015

        Lindalou58, that tag definitely says nothing about the sheet size. It gives washing instruction symbols only. I Googled "sheet sizes in inches" and found some helpful websites. The most useful one was Wikipedia. The link is below; just scroll down to the "North American" chart.

        Outside of that, you could try the sheets on the beds and see which ones they fit. When you find the match, then write "Twin", "Full", "Queen" or whatever on that tag with a bold Sharpie, or on a corner of the sheet as someone else suggested. The Wikipedia chart gives the range in inches, and you could measure the sheets with a tape measure.

        Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bedding

        Good luck!

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        Question: Easy Way to Identify Different Size Bed Sheets

        What's a clever and easy way to identify my full size from king size sheets? They are all white in color.

        By Gina K

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        By jean99 6 30 09/29/2014

        Once your sheet is folded you can mark it with colored chalk.

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