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Patterns for a Knifty Knitter Long Loom

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Knitting looms are an easy way to knit even if you are not an experienced traditional knitter. This is a guide about patterns for a Knifty Knitter long loom.



Here are questions related to Patterns for a Knifty Knitter Long Loom.

Question: Oblong Knifty Knitter Looms

I purchased a set of oblong looms provocraft knifty knitter, and would like directions on putting together a blanket/afgan. I am tired of making scarfs.

Rebecca from Maine


Most Recent Answer

By Karen Parsons02/24/2010

I am needing help i want to knit and baby planket for my new grandbaby ( that is on the way ) and cant find a pattern for the long knifty knitters could someone help me or e-mail it to me. karenparsons10 AT Thank you so much if someone has one.

Question: Making a Prayer Shawl on a Knifty Knitter Long Loom

I am making a prayer shawl on a Knifty Knitter using a long loom. I could not find a pattern for a prayer shawl. Do you have any suggestions? I have cerebral palsy. I have been making hats for about a year.

By Phyllis from Independence, MO


Most Recent Answer

By Jolene [1]04/06/2011

I have seen prayer shawls of all kinds and materials. Make one about 18" wide and 6' long. Then get praying.

Question: Rectangular Knifty Knitter Help

I need help with the purple rectangular Knifty Knitter. The instructions of how to get started on this loom are impossible to understand. This loom doesn't have the rounded ends with a peg, just 18 opposing pegs. I can't find any videos on the web to help. Once I understand how to put on the yarn and knit the first row, I can take it from there. Thank you kindly!

Lorena from Salinas, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Kathy H.08/11/2014

I also have the puple rectangular Knifty Knitter - but mine came with an end peg. Perhaps you should contact the company about getting another peg?

Question: Using Rectangular Knifty Knitter Loom

How do you use the rectangular (purple) Knifty Knitter loom to do a single knit scarf?

By Mattie from Spokane, WA

Most Recent Answer

By Dorin [4]12/03/2010

You just knit using one side. Youtube is the best place for videos that show how to finish off the end.

Question: Making a Poncho with an Oblong Knifty Knitter (Long Loom)

I need a pattern for a poncho. I use the long looms.

By Chris from Endicott, NY

Most Recent Answer

By kathleen williams [23]03/09/2010

Go to-Free Knitting Patterns-info there, good luck.

Question: Knitting a Hat on an Oblong Loom

I would like directions on making a knitted hat on a oblong loom.

Kim from Zeeland, MI

Most Recent Answer

By Karyn [29]02/06/2009

I have been using looms for a bit now and almost all the info I have found on the net came from youtube. I find it much easier to see how things are done rather than trying to figure out the directions. In my seach on loom patterns and such, I have not yet found a hat made with the oblong loom. Post if you find it please.

Solutions: Patterns for a Knifty Knitter Long Loom

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