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Posting House Rules

Posting the house rules makes it easier for all family members to quickly refer to the agreed upon rules. This is a guide about posting house rules.


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June 23, 2005

Does anyone have a cute saying about the "rules" pertaining to using the toilet in a household that has a septic system? I would like to post it in the bathroom. I really don't want to explain to everyone that visits us what not to deposit in the toilet.

Recently we had a problem with our septic system due to someone flushing a feminine product down the toilet. I don't think many people are aware of the fact that when you have a septic system in your home that the only thing that can be flushed is toilet paper besides what Mother Nature requires us to do.

Tissues, condoms, and feminine products may cause pipes to clog which can be expensive to repair. I think even if you have public sewers, only toilet paper should be flushed. Thanks for any ideas.



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August 11, 20080 found this helpful


I found a sign at the hardware store that says it all...

NO DUMPING - in bright orange and black letters!

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September 5, 20080 found this helpful

You shouldn't flush anything you haven't eaten or wouldn't eat.

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October 29, 20080 found this helpful

How about "We use a septic system - please do not flush any products other than toilet paper."

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February 5, 20090 found this helpful

We have septic and were advised to only use Scott toilet paper as it is the only brand available to us that dissolves properly for septic systems. Since it is such a serious issue...wait - that would rhyme...How about: " Clogging our septic is a serious issue, so PLEASE flush ONLY toilet tissue!" Make a little collage or decoupage with magazine pictures oftampax, condoms ( THAT will grab attention ) and circle them in red with a red line through - DONT FLUSH. lol That MIGHT work!

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February 8, 20090 found this helpful

I found this poem: "Those of us with septic tanks, Would like to give a word of thanks, For putting nothing in the pot, that isn't guaranteed to rot. Kleenex is bad, cigarettes too, Feminine products are taboo, No hair combings please - use the basket. There's a very good reason why we ask it.

With your kind cooperation

We'll keep our tank in operation!"

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February 8, 20090 found this helpful

Problem with the cute saying is that they are not specific enough. Spell it out--flush toilet paper ONLY.

How do you dispose of tampons, used baby wipes, condoms? We put them in small plastic sandwich bags and put those into the bathroom wastebasket (lined with a plastic bag and emptied daily or more often if necessary).

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February 15, 20090 found this helpful

Believe me, I never understood that those signs meant no feminine products until our pipes started to clog. Now I have a laminated card that states, 'Please don't flush any feminine products (tampons). Old pipes will clog. Thank you!" We have a bag full of opaque plastic bags (such as dog poop bags) hung on the toilet. Unless it's spelled out specifically, people assume tampons are similar to toilet paper and will flush. Bags are a necessity in our bathroom because of esthetic concerns and our dog!

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February 2, 20100 found this helpful

"If it is yellow let it mellow, if it is brown flush it down"

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December 28, 20130 found this helpful

Ok, this answer is a bit late but in case anyone is reading- do not just say "feminine products" or some other polite- but vague-thing! I grew up in the country with septic systems and for 20 years I saw these signs and heard people say not to flush "tampons" (again, not specific enough) and assumed they just meant not to flush the applicator for plastic tampons or pads or some other non-flushable thing. The tampon box promises "flushable" with no mention of a septic system exemption.

Unless you are specific - I think others will make the same assumption. I have a PhD in a hard science so I have at least average intelligence and common sense about this type of thing.

Say "Do not flush anything other than toilet paper down toilet. Do not flush applicators or tampons - even though they claim to be 'flushable' down this toilet. This is a septic system and the absorbent part of the tampon damages the system- see [www.insert authoritative link]".

I promise you, unless you write something very specific (that you mean the absorbent part of the tampon that goes inside not just the applicator) and maybe even back it up with some authority, people will trust the Tampax company, P&G, whatever - over your little bathroom sign.

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January 19, 20140 found this helpful

Does anyone have an idea on how to approach this with a young, and easily embarrassed daughter? I'm not usually coy about things like this but it might be received better. I've got 6 boys too, and none if us knew of any real issue till now. I always thought biodegradable and flushable meant "you can put it down the toilet" guess I was wrong. It seams really quite gross to me too, maybe there's another, cleaner alternative?

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June 13, 2012

I am looking for a copy of "House Rules". It lists sentences such as, "If you open, close it." "If you drop it, pick it up.", and then it ends with "If it cries, love it.". It's not exactly as I wrote it, but I hoping someone will understand what I mean. I would like to have all the sayings that were listed. These sayings were in a frame. Over the years it was misplaced or lost. I tried searching the Internet and did not have any luck finding anything. Thanks for your help.

By it'

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June 14, 20120 found this helpful

I googled "the house rules poster" as my search term, and found copies of what you are referring to. Try it.

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June 14, 20120 found this helpful

Home Rules:

If you sleep on it ... make it up.

If you wear it ... hang it up.

If you drop it ... pick it up.

If you eat out of it ... put it in the sink.

If you step in it ... wipe it off.

If you open it ... close it.

If you empty it ... fill it up.

If it rings ... answer it.

If it howls ... feed it.

If it cries ... love it!

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