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Puppy Poops in Crate

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Puppy in Crate

Knowing what to do to help teach your puppy not to poop in his crate can be difficult. You have seemingly tried everything and still have the problem. This is a guide about puppy poops in crate.



Here are questions related to Puppy Poops in Crate.

Question: Chihuahua Puppy Poops In Crate

I have a miniature Chihuahua that was found abandoned in a neighbor's apartment. When I first got her, I got her a large dog carrier for her to use as her "house". At night I would lock her in it so that she would not mess on my floors or furniture. If she used the bathroom in the carrier she would wait for it to harden then push it out of the carrier.

Now for the past few weeks she is using it in her bed, on her blankets, and everywhere. She used to whine when she needed to go out and that has stopped as well. What can I do?

By Angelia2010 from Atlanta, GA


Most Recent Answer

By Silli Ole Me =0) [6]04/26/2011

1st how much are you feeding her and how late in the day. Also you may have to experiment with different foods more digestible so she does not sleep on a bloated belly. As with any puppy.....its hit or miss when it comes to their digestion. Over all for peace of mind I would bring her in to the vet for a check up. Good Luck and what ever it is, it will pass.

Question: Puppy is Pooping in Cage

My Staffy poops in her cage. My puppy is 15 weeks old and is being trained via a cage. The cage is a large one and I'm wondering if it's too big. She was doing really well pooping and peeing outside. But then, last week she had her injection (because previous owners hadn't vaccinated her) and her vet check. We were told she was slightly thin. We upped her food and since then she has gone backwards and she's pooping in her cage now. Please help us as we are unsure of to what to do.

Michelle from Bristol


Most Recent Answer

By ilovesophie [20]10/07/2011

1. He's probably being left in the cage too long.
2. At the age that he's at, he should be getting fed twice a day.

Question: Puppy is Pooping in Crate

I have a 3 month old brindle pit bull puppy and he will not poop anywhere besides his crate. I see a lot of people saying they won't pee or poop where they sleep, but not only does he pee in there, he will only poop in there. After he eats, which we took down to once a day, we wait 10 minutes then take him out for an hour and he does nothing. In fact, he eats at 7:00 pm, will not do anything outside, then holds it all night and poops in his crate during the day. I am at the end of my rope having to come home and bathe him and clean a crate everyday. Please help.

By Mzzyngr

Most Recent Answer

By Lee Anne Guryn [2]10/08/2011

Each day when he poops in his crate, take the poop and put it outside in the area where you want him to poop. Do NOT punish him for pooping in his crate. Take him to the vet as well to be checked to be sure he does not have any physical difficulties. Also, the vet can give you good feedback on how to fix this.

Question: Puppy Poops and Pees in Crate

When I put my dog (who is a 12 week old lab) in his cage for the night he continues to poop and pee in the cage. He does this even thought I let him out before bedtime. When I wake up in the morning to take him outside he is laying in it. My cage is huge you would think he would lay on the other side of the cage, but no.

By Anthony from San Antonio

Most Recent Answer

By dru08/24/2009

Sounds like the crate is too big for yourr puppy plus he's just a baby. You might need 2 take him out an extra time during the night.

Question: Dog Pooping in Her Crate

My dog is about 2 years old. She has a bit of anxiety and as I just got her a few months ago, I don't know a lot about her history. Just recently (the past month or so) she started pooping in her cage.

It started out as problems with diarrhea, so I blamed it on her being sick. The vet gave her medication and now she is feeling better, but she continues to poop in her cage.

I bought her a smaller one, hoping that it would discourage the behavior, but now she just pushes it out of the cage. Now I have to clean the cage and the dog every time.

It usually happens when she is left home alone at my boyfriend's house or my parents'. She never does this at home. I know that she can hold it for 6-8 hours typically, although I usually take her out every 4-5.

My next idea was to put her in a cage that is more enclosed so that she can't push it out. I just worry that this will cause her more anxiety and her diarrhea will come back.

By JM from Louisville, KY

Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]08/27/2014

Is there any reason you have no knowledge of her previous life? You are only increasing her anxiety by leaving her with your parent, then boyfriend, when she is ideally supposed to be living with you. Why is she consistently kept in a "crate" instead of being allowed to roam free in your home. If you live with no access to a backyard, is there any reason you can't walk her on lead in a designated area at least morning and night.

If none of these options are freely available in her very best interest the kindest gift you can give this poor frustrated creature is to give her to some one who has.

Question: Puppy Poops in Crate

I have a 3 month old Husky/Shepherd mix. She is a very sweet docile dog, but she does not like us to leave her. She will sleep in her crate at night, but if I leave her for even 15 minutes in the crate during the day, she poops in it. She doesn't care if it has poop in it either, she walks all over it. It's quite a mess and the entire process has been quite stressful, because I can not even go to the store. I have tried to put her in the crate to get used to it while we were home, but she will cry. Help!

By Berry from CA

Most Recent Answer

By SANDI [2]02/01/2011

How about a wind up clock which makes a ticking noise? Also a stuffed toy, nothing the dog can chew off and swallow though. Maybe the puppy is just lonesome and misses his family. When you are around at night he know you are there so no problem. We used the clock and stuffed toy when our dog was little. The vet said the ticking reminded the dog of her mother's heart beat, and the toy just became a litter mate for her. Good luck.

Question: Crate Training a Puppy

My dog is 15 weeks old. He is a Yorkie and Schnauzer mix. While I was asleep he pooped in his cage which is located in my room. He has just gotten this cage and he thinks he could poop in it. In his old cage he only peed a couple times. I'm thinking that his cage might be too big, but it doesn't look like it. I really need help on keeping this new puppy. We have had him since he was 13 weeks old. My mom is already getting tired of him pooping and peeing in his cage. I'm doing a lot of research and taking notes to keep this dog. I'm 13 yrs old. Also my dog was a stray before, if that has to do with anything.

By Sierra D.

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]12/16/2014

Your dog may have a medical problem as his behavior has changed. The new cage may or may not have much to do with his new behavior. Please take him to your vet and ask for help. Be sure to explain he was a stray and describe his prior and current urinating and defecating problem. Your dog may need medication for a medical condition resulting in his new behavior.

Question: Puppy Poops in Crate

Four photos of Jack Russell puppy.I have a Jack Russell mix puppy and she has given me nothing but problems since I got her! Every time I put her in her crate she cries and cries and then goes to the bathroom in her crate. I've tried everything! Can anyone help?

By Thomas Eugene H.

Most Recent Answer

By heather inwood [11]03/20/2014

Try increasing the size of the crate - a small one is very frightening for the dog - she needs room to spread out . Try taking her for a walk before crating her so she can go to the toilet first - by using a big crate she can have newspaper down and she can use that to go to the toilet on - she shouldn't be punished for going to the toilet in the crate either as this maybe part of the reason she fears the crate.

My wee dog has got a pen that's more than one metre square - as I believe the dogs comfort must come first - always put yourself in their position and think how you would feel . As she gets more comfortable with her sleeping area the less she will toilet in it - but always give her the time to go to the toilet outside a few minutes before you put her in there. put toys & bedding in the bigger crate as well.

Question: Puppy Pooping in His Cage

My five month old Pit Bull is pooping in his cage. I take him outside when I get home from work and after dinner. He runs off finds a good spot and uses the bathroom. When we go back inside he goes back in his cage and as soon as I leave the room he poops again. I don't have time to clean his cage out everyday so he piles the poop in the front of his cage. He also started peeping in his water bowl. I don't know what to do.

By C. Gardner

Most Recent Answer

By heather inwood [11]12/07/2013

Try taking the poop from the cage and putting it in the area of the garden where you want him to do it - leave it there until he's trained - remember 5 months isn't that old - try giving him a larger cage - also he made need to be left out of the cage for longer to get some more companionship - maybe he feels stressed being in the cage too much. Also by not cleaning the poop from his cage is giving him the message that it's ok to do it there.
Never punish him as stress can have a lasting negative affect. Cuddles a plenty!

Question: Puppy Pooing in Her Cage at Night

We have got a 9 week old puppy (Boxer) she is really good throughout the day and we have had very few accidents. But when it comes to bedtime and we put her in her cage (large) which we have split half bedding and half newspaper she winds her self up and poos on the newspaper, but with her being wound up she flicks the paper and then we have poo everywhere every morning. As we are trying to teach her that her cage is her retreat if she wants to get out of the way of kids, etc. and we know that she is really young. We are just asking to see if this will hopefully sort itself out.

By Chris D

Question: Pup Poos and Wees in Her Crate

I have a 13 week old pup. I have had her 2weeks, she still wees and poos in her cage. I get up every 3 hours in the night to let her out, she does do her business outside, but when I get up around 7am she has messed in her cage. I don't feed her after 5pm and drink bowls are taken up at 7pm. Please advise what to do. She also can be outside for a while then comes and wees indoors.

By Dawn

Question: 10 Month Old Puppy Poops in Crate

I have a 10 month old Miniature Pinscher and I can't get her to stop pooping in her crate. She can go all night without pooping or peeing in her crate, but if she is left during the day regardless of the amount of time, she poops. I have confined her crate to an area just big enough for her to lay down and that hasn't worked. She will just lay and roll around in it.

She gets fed between 6-7pm each night. She has plenty of time outside to go to the bathroom. She does not go in the house, only in her crate. I have a 10 month Miniature Australian Shepherd and she does not go in her crate at all. I don't know what else to do. I give her plenty of time outside and lots of exercise. Any advice would be appreciated.


By Stacie from Collinsville, OK

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