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Question: Using Leftover Duck

What can I do with leftover duck besides give it to the dog?

By LRP from LWL, MA

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By Lilac [20] 04/09/2010

Duck soup, duck pot pie, duck casserole, duck stir fry, duck salad.

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By Shawna [37] 04/10/2010

First of course I use what leftovers I can for dumplings, soup, etc. But if I have eaten my fill of it and I still have leftovers on any poultry carcass (assuming here it was a whole duck), I pull what meat I can and put it in the fridge while I boil the carcass for broth. I add the carcass to a large stock pot, along with a couple of chicken bouillon cubes and occasionally some spices or herbs. I use just enough water to cover, put the lid on the pot, and let it boil. Then I simmer it for a couple of hours. A crockpot or pressure cooker can be used, too.

I strain the broth, use a fat separator to get rid of the fat (there is a lot on a duck), and then put the broth back in the pot to reduce to about half, just to save freezer space. I freeze the concentrated broth in freezer bags, sometimes adding the pulled meat back to the bag for making soup or dumplings later. In either case, I always add a little broth to my pulled cooked poultry meat before putting it in the freezer bag, it keeps it from getting frosty or drying out.

I just bought 5 whole frozen ducks that were on a fantastic special ($2 each), and I am looking forward to the rich duck broth just as much as I am the meat!

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By jeannie 04/12/2010

Make a roux and a gumbo. I add sausage and serve on rice, or you could make a stew or soup.

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