Recipes Using Canned Pork?

September 6, 2006

Recipes Using Canned PorkI would appreciate recipes for using canned pork.

Jayhawk from Lawrence, KS



September 7, 200623 found this helpful

I boil macaroni and drain. Add 1 jar of canned pork or venison (drained of the juice), 1 can of cream of mushroom soup. I then season it with Fajita seasoning or salt and pepper basically season with what I have on hand that sounds good. It makes a nice quick meal. I sometime experiment with adding a can of vegetable to make it more healthy.

By Francene (Guest Post)
September 8, 200619 found this helpful

Hi Jayhawk, I lived in Lawrence for 12 years. I now live in Washington State. I used to get the canned pork from Penn House. I would BBQ it. Just open the can, rinse off the fat then pour in BBQ sauce and heat. It makes great BBQ sandwiches. I also would mix in a packet of brown gravy and put over mashed potatos. Yummy.

By carla bledsoe (Guest Post)
September 11, 200610 found this helpful

mix with brown beans and serve with cornbread.
serve like hot beef sandwich subbing pork for beef.
serve with mashed potatoes.
cook potatoes, carrots and onions and add pork.


add to stir fried veggies and serve over rice.
good luck and I envy you. its been years since I found any canned pork.

By Amanda (Guest Post)
March 14, 200710 found this helpful

-I made this last week, I couldnt find any recipes I liked so I made one... I put 1 bag of small red beans (soaked overnight) and a can of pork and juices into the crock pot. I added water, 1 pouch of lipton beefy onion soup, season salt, minced onions, teaspoon of garlic, and salt. Let crock for 4 hours. Yummy type of pork and beans, the guys ate it all up!!!
-I am going to try this one tonight... I just thought it up. Boil 1 can pork in juices, then drain. Home made gravy. Mashed potatoes. After cooking pork and potatoes separately, mix pork into potatoes. Add butter and gravy. Well see what happens! It does sound quite tasty!

By Gregory (Guest Post)
January 30, 200815 found this helpful

I love Amanda's phrase, "the guys ate it all up!". Reminds me of my Grandma talking. It would be something she would say! Sounds like you got a stock pile of canned pork! Ha ha. Love the question, "where I can buy a can of pork".


One avoids buying canned pork! Canned pork is something you end up with or acquire from a food bank! Thanks Amanda, I'm gonna try your way.

By Cate (Guest Post)
October 14, 200815 found this helpful

For 24 or 29oz Canned Pork: Drain(save liquid, might need. Remove as much fat as possible.
1/2 med. onion or 1 sm. onion- diced
1/2 sm. green pepper- diced
Saute onion and gr. pepper for about 5 min.
1 cup fresh bread crumbs
2 eggs lightly beaten
Combined drained pork with other ingredients**
If to dry, add liquid from pork. Put in loaf pan and bake 1hr. at 350. ** Seasoning your choice. I use gd. pickling spices, Mexican or Italian spice blend.
Can be used when removed from oven or let cool, cover then weight with heavy can over night in fridge.


Cut thin. Can be rewarmed carefully or served cold.
This can be used for canned pork, chicken or beef. Just change seasonings.

April 15, 20092 found this helpful

It is very easy to can your own pork loin in a pressure canner. Raw pack using the recipe from the USDA approved source If you need help, talk to your County Extension Office. You'll never buy it in a can again as this is delicious and it's very economical to purchase pork loin on sale. I just bought a huge loin for $1.69/lb at Safeway.

August 24, 20094 found this helpful

I just made some awesome Chile Verde using canned pork. Here's the super easy recipe:

1 can canned pork (ours was from commodities)
1 jar salsa verde, I used Safeway brand


white sauce, 1/2 & 1/2, or whipping cream to cut potency of salsa verde.
or heat up 3/4 jar of salsa verde and add 1/2 cup 1/2 & 1/2 or whipping cream to heated verde sauce. Stir to thicken.
Drain canned pork making sure to scrape off any excess fat. Gently pull pork apart into chunks and put into pan with verde sauce. Stir on medium low heat until heated through.
Serve with your favorite pinto beans and top with sour cream. Add tortillas and rice for a total fiesta. Enjoy!

Recipe for white sauce:
Make a roux with about 1-2 tbsp butter (or juices from pork) and 2 tbsp. flour. Wisk until smooth paste, add about 1 cup milk, stir until thickening. Add salsa verde and stir.

September 11, 20102 found this helpful

Hi i have used canned pork for several meals. You can make a quiche or spaghetti or pork with egg noodles or even chilli. Its the spices that makes the difference. I buy them at trader joes or costco. Its called 21 spices and its organic and no salt added.


Awesome spices. You can even make the spices yourself. 1.95 At trader joes 7.99 At costco. Just make sure you rinse the pork in warm water and drain then add your spices. I have gotten great reviews on my meals. So give it a try.

March 8, 201112 found this helpful

I found this awesome recipe and my family went back for seconds and thirds! My mother had seconds and she HATES canned pork. Not anymore!


1 & 1/2 tsps chili powder
3/4 tsp ground cumin
3/4 tsp black pepper
3/4 tsp salt
1 large can canned pork (24 oz)
1 TBSP vege oil
I cup rice (not instant)
1/2 cup chopped onion
1 can diced tomatoes, undrained

1. In medium bowl combine chili powder, cumin, salt and pepper. Drain pork and mix with spices.

2. In large deep skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat until hot. Add pork: cook, stirring occasionally, until browned, about 3 minutes. Remove pork from skillet; set aside.

3. Add rice and onion to skillet; cook and stir 2 minutes or until rice is opaque and onion is translucent. Stir in 1 & 1/2 cups water, tomatoes, and bring to a boil;stir in pork.

4. Cover; reduce heat to medium low and simmer 25 to 30 minutes or until rice is tender and most of the liquid is absorbed.

***For added flavor, sprinkle with fresh minced cilantro. Also, add 1 cup frozen corn to rice mixture with tomatoes; proceed as directed.

October 5, 20134 found this helpful

Ok, I went ahead home to open up my canned pork and took some of the advice I had found on this site and others. I drained the pork fat/juice off of it, placed it in a sauce pan on low, and broke apart the chunks of pork and removed any pieces of fat. Drained away most of the additional fat as it melted away with the heat.

I made something like "Shredded Pork" for tacos or nachos. I used canned pork for a large family so:

2 cans of pork
1/2 onion
1/2 green pepper
garlic pepper seasoning (mixture of garlic, salt, sugar, pepper) - season to your taste

I stirred it with a fork to shred it apart gently and allow it to simmer so that flavors blend together. It was delicious. We served it with some "rice and black beans"

1 tsp. olive oil
1 onion chopped
1 tsp. garlic powder

Saute those together in a sauce pan or small to medium stock pot for 3 minutes
3/4 cup of white rice - add to the pan and saute for 2 minutes
1 1/2 cup of chicken broth - mix into the rice and simmer for 20 minutes
add 1 can drained black beans, 1 can drained corn, 1 can diced tomatoes
add 1 tsp chili powder
add 1/4 tsp. crushed red pepper
stir and simmer for 5 minutes

Top your tacos as you normally would, lettuce, cheese, sour cream (what we used) or for nachos, layer the chips, add the shredded pork, then the black beans and rice, cheese and sour cream if desired.

This meal was great and the taste was surprizingly amazing. I prepared it and it did not taste anything like "canned or processed meat". If I acquire any additional canned pork, I will certainly make this again. Also, I will try something like chopped BBQ (like from hursey's BBQ)

October 31, 20131 found this helpful

I buy canned pork at Walmart.

October 28, 20152 found this helpful

Lakeside Foods another pork with juices.

January 31, 20160 found this helpful

You can can your own. It's great. I'm just looking for more recipes to use it with.


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May 25, 20162 found this helpful

Occasionally, we will have fried Spam. I slice it and batter each slice in flour and fry until brown and crisp on each side.

May 25, 20163 found this helpful

I make sandwich spread from canned pork, ranch dressing and pickle relish. Mash with a fork, and add 1/3 to 1/2 cup of ranch dressing and pickle relish. The amount of dressing and relish you add depends on the texture you prefer. I like the 1/3 cup results. Mix well, and serve as a sandwich filling, or on crackers as a snack.

July 19, 20161 found this helpful

Going to try crock pot recipe tonite

October 4, 20164 found this helpful

This post was so funny and true. I have 3 cans of lakeside pork - from a food bank, not very attractive to look at, and I hate to just toss it. So all these recipes are great ideas. Thank you so much. Lol.

July 17, 20172 found this helpful

Remove the pork from can as a whole piece, drain and remove fat. Place the whole piece over indirect coals on grill in an aluminum pan with small holes poked in the bottom. Brush on your favorite BBQ sauce. Allow the pork to get a little bark and smoke from the grill. Transfer into a small crock pot and add the jar of BBQ sauce, a little garlic powder, onion powder, and black pepper. Once heated and mixed through Serve on Hamburger or Slider buns. The charcoal gives it a better taste and also adds that charred bark to the mix.
*Some hints:
~Keep lid on grill and close the air vents on bottom and leave 1/16" gap on lid vent.
~I have found that if the can is refrigerated before opening it will stay together longer. It also congeals the fat and fatty juices and they can be scraped off with a spoon or fork.
~You can also keep some of the congealed fatty juice on the pork "blob" In the pan and start the pan with meat over the coals, allowing the fatty liquid to drip through the holes into the coals causing more smoke.
~Be sure to move it away from coals so it doesn't burn once you get good smoke going.

May 23, 20180 found this helpful

I actually made this for my patient but j added chicken broth, mushrooms, pepper flakes ad salt. We shall see if he likes it or not!

August 28, 20181 found this helpful

This one looks delicious and I have all the stuff here so I am trying this tonight. :)

September 8, 20181 found this helpful

May be stupid question but did you heat up the pork and the cream of mushroom to?

October 15, 20180 found this helpful

Go to amazon.Com they have another brand but same pork. 12 cans lunchroom size $168.00. Extra large suze.

January 23, 20193 found this helpful

Times are rough,w
Sent to food bank ,I was blessed with some Lakeside canned pork,decided to look up recipes for it ,thanks.


Silver Post Medal for All Time! 267 Posts
January 24, 20194 found this helpful

Do let us know what you make and how it turns out.

Also, we are running many contests for our members. If you take clear photos of any recipe, craft or DIY and submit it to us, we pay $5-10 for accepted posts. It is also entered into a contest for $50. This might be another way to stretch your budget.

Good luck!

January 29, 20190 found this helpful

What's your recipe for canned pork and egg noodles ?

February 18, 20193 found this helpful

Just got me some food bank canned pork in juices & appreciate these recipes cause I hadn't the slightest clue..

February 26, 20194 found this helpful

The best recipe I created for canned pork is a delicious casserole. You will need one large Vidalia onion (sweet onion) Caramelized. 1 clove garlic toasted in frying pan. 1 and half bags of frozen green beans. 2 cans or 1 large can of Campbells cream of mushroom soup. Half pound of bella mushrooms sliced. 2 cans of can pork,or more. Depending on how meaty you want it. (REAL CAN PORK IN ROUND CAN.) mix all together and place in casserole pan. Salt pepper too taste. Then add 1 or 2 boxes of stove top stuffing depending on your liking. I use 2 boxes of stove top stuffing. Mix one stick of real butter with stuffing mix and lay on top of casserole . Bake at 350 degrees until stuffing looks crunchy . Very delicious....

March 29, 20191 found this helpful

I have a suggestion for using the canned pork. My fiance and I have three cans of pork from the food bank and were trying to figure out a way to use it. We went on this site looking for ideas, there were a lot of good suggestions, we came up with one using what we had on-hand. We cooked up a can of the pork along with some potatoes and onions. It's easy to make and doesn't take long at all. Chop up a couple of medium-sized potatoes and a couple of small onions into cubes, cook separately adding garlic salt and Montreal steak seasoning to your liking. Drain the juice and skim the fat off the pork, shred the pork somewhat, when the potatoes and onions are almost finished cooking, add the shredded pork and heat it through. It turned out good!

April 14, 20192 found this helpful

Good idea except I first make the gravy, add the pork, then pour it OVER mashed potatoes or rice.

April 22, 20192 found this helpful

I use the pork in buffalo pork sandwiches. it is amazing!! just open pork pour off juices, add ranch dressing , buffalo sauce or lousianne sauce a little mayonaise. and horsey sauce if you like. mix and put on Hawaiian sweet rolls. yum

April 23, 20192 found this helpful

I used the canned pork to make pork fried rice. First, I made the rice. Then I sauteed onions, garlic, canned corn, canned peas and canned carrots. I moved the vegetable mixture to the other side of the pan, then I scrambled an egg in the pan. After the egg was done, I mixed the egg and the vegetable mixture together. I then added the rice. I then added soy sauce and fish sauce turning the pork fried rice often to ensure that it was all heated evenly. Serve and enjoy.

May 22, 20194 found this helpful

I love home fried potatoes and onions. I bet this caned pork would be good fried in with this.

June 17, 20191 found this helpful

Can I make pulled pork with a can of pork meat

July 22, 20194 found this helpful

I saw people asking about canned pork and where to buy it and then someone says one avoids buying canned pork and you acquire it at a food bank. Guess what, they sell canned pork and canned chicken at walmart and also at Kroger. So it must not be all that bad, Gregory

August 25, 20190 found this helpful

where can i buy the pork can ?

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June 10, 2019

I have some canned pork. Can I use this for egg rolls?


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June 10, 20190 found this helpful

If you drain it you could


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June 10, 20190 found this helpful

Yes, absolutely.


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June 22, 20190 found this helpful

Haven't thought about canned meat in some time but this sounded interesting. Most egg roll recipes call for 'ground' meat so think about this when preparing your meat.

Canned meat was popular many years ago and used in a lot of different recipes so if you're interested in trying something else you should check out past recipes on ThriftyFun.

Here are some other ideas as well.


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June 23, 20191 found this helpful

You can. My only suggestion is to drain it if there is liquid, skim off fat if there is any collected at the top, and reduce or eliminate the salt in the egg roll recipe as most canned meat products are very high in salt. The last one is a personal preference.

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