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Meat based recipes submitted by the ThriftyFun community. Recipes include: beef, chicken, ham, ribs and more.

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Recipes Using Canned Pork

Recipes Using Canned Pork?This is a page about recipes using canned pork. Finding a recipe to use for canned meat can sometimes be difficult.


Lamb Chops on Plate

Recipes for Lamb ChopsThis page contains recipes for lamb chops. If you have shied away from trying lamb, you are missing a delicious alternative to beef and other red meats.


Recipes Using Leftover Pork Roast

Recipes Using Leftover Pork RoastLeftover pork roast can be reserved in a variety of ways. This is a page about recipes using leftover pork roast.


Canned Venison in Stew pot

Recipes Using Canned Venison?Canned venison can be used for a variety of dishes, especially stews. This page contains recipes using canned venison.


Canned Corned Beef

Recipes Using Canned Corned BeefThis page contains recipes using canned corned beef. When making corned beef and cabbage, corned beef hash, or a ruben sandwich, it may be as easy as opening a can.


A pulled pork sandwich

Recipes Using PorkThis page contains recipes using pork. Many delicious main and side dishes can be prepared using pork.


Knife Cutting Summer Sausage

Recipes Using Summer SausageThis page contains recipes using summer sausage. Summer sausage is a delicious addition to many recipes.


A rotisserie chicken, ready for carving.

Copycat Kenny Rogers Rotisserie Chicken Recipe?Kenny Roger's chicken restaurants are almost completely gone from the United States. So if you want to enjoy this flavorful rotisserie chicken, you will need to copy the recipe at home. This page contains Kenny Roger's rotisserie chicken.


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Recipes Using Deli Meat?I work in a local deli. Every week, I am able to bring home sliced deli meat (usually roast beef) that is perhaps a day or two too old to be sold to the public but is still good. Other than sandwiches, any ideas for using this meat for meals?


Duck Dinner

Recipes Using Leftover Duck?This page contains recipes using leftover duck. Leftover duck is great used in a number of delicious recipes.


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Recipes Using Canned Beef?I would appreciate recipes for using canned beef.


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Rotisserie Recipes?Rotisserie Recipes. I am looking for some good recipes for a rotisserie. we found one on sale the other for next to nothing and would like some good recipes for it.



Rib Eye Roast with vegetables.

Rib Eye Roast RecipeRib eye roasts are quite delicious. There are many great recipes for preparing one. This page contains a rib eye roast recipe.


Recipes Using Leftover Roast

Recipes Using Leftover RoastThere are often leftovers after a roast dinner. This page contains recipes using leftover roast.


Pork Chops and Rice

Pork Chops and Rice RecipesRice is a perfect accompaniment to pork chops. This page contains pork chops and rice recipes.


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Recipe for Pulled Beef Without BBQ?I am looking for a recipe for pulled beef without BBQ in it.


Beef Liver Recipes

Beef Liver RecipesBeef liver is a good source of protein, calcium, and several important vitamins. This page contains beef liver recipes.


Lamb Loin Chops with Garlic Brandy Butter with sweet potaoes on plate

Lamb Loin Chops with Garlic Brandy ButterThis elegant lamb loin chop dish is quite easy to prepare. The garlic brandy butter with a bit of oregano adds just the right flavor.


Pot roast with potatoes and carrots.

Pot Roast RecipesEven cheaper cuts of meat come out moist and tender when cooked as a pot roast. This page contains pot roast recipes.


Crispiest Roast Chicken Recipe

Crispiest Roast Chicken RecipeIf you like the skin on your roast chicken very crispy, then this is the recipe for you. This page contains a crispiest roast chicken recipe.


Smoked Brisket

Use a Pressure Cooker to Tenderize a Smoked Brisket?Cooking meat in a pressure cooker is a great way to tenderize tougher meats. Here are some tips about finishing off a brisket in a pressure cooker. This is a page about using a pressure cooker to tenderize a smoked brisket.


Instant Pot Orange Pork Tenderloin

Instant Pot Orange Pork TenderloinThis Asian-inspired pork tenderloin dish is easy take make in the Instant Pot. The juices from cooking the pork are then used to create a delicious sauce to drizzle on the tenderloin before serving.


A finished plate of garlic honey balsamic steaks.

Garlic Honey Balsamic SteaksYou can use this marinade on any cut of meat. It tenderizes so well, you could even go for cheaper cuts and have a nice flavourful meal. I cooked this out on the barbecue grill, but you can use a hot pan on the stove, as well.


cooking Patties in pan

Corned Beef PattiesI'm working on canned goods at this moment. We usually replace canned goods in two to three months. So that old stocks doesn't mix up with new ones, we consume them. I make snacks or meals out of them. Today I'm upgrading a canned corned beef for breakfast. Here's my recipe.


Cooked lemongrass pork in a pot.

Sautéed Lemongrass PorkGrowing lemongrass has it's perks! You can make this delicious sautéed lemongrass pork dish, that is easy to make and very flavorful.


Leftover Roast Pig in Sweet Pickle and Pineapple Sauce

Breaded Leftover Pork in Pineapple Pickle SauceOur famous "lechon" (roast pig) can be cooked in a variety of ways. Whenever there's leftovers from previous parties, we store them in the freezer. The one I'm cooking is very similar to a sweet and sour recipe. The only thing that's different is the cucumber pickles. The syrup is the main sauce ingredient. Instead of tomato sauce, I substituted tomato ketchup to add a sweet and sour blend to the dish.


A plate of crispy pork roast with apple onion gravy & veggies.

Crispy Pork Roast with Apple Onion GravyThis is a juicy, tender pork roast with crispy crackling on top. It pairs beautifully with the gravy made of apples and onions. Smooth and velvety, it really compliments the savoury roast. Serve this alongside oven-roasted veggies and you'll be everyone's favourite chef!



Honey-Orange Glazed Pork in bowl

Making Honey-Orange Glazed PorkBreaded and fried chopped pork belly or chops are then coated with a delicious citrus glaze. The recipe and instructions follow.


finished Grilled Lamb Shoulder Steaks

Grilled Lamb Shoulder SteaksLamb steaks are marinated in a delicious blend of olive oil, garlic, thyme, and rosemary. Then grilled to your liking.


steak pinwheel on plate

Spinach Bacon Parmesan Steak PinwheelsRolled up steak filled with garlic, spinach, bacon, and Parmesan cheese. These pinwheels are a delicious main entree drizzled with a balsamic sauce.


Beef with carrots on tortilla

Spinach Beef With OrzoThis ground beef recipe is made with spinach and aromatics like garlic and onion. Mixed it with orzo and serve in a tortilla. This makes a great weeknight dinner or quick lunch.


pork shoulder roasted in pan

Making Roast Pork ShoulderPork shoulder is a great option for roast meat, and frugal too. This recipe is seasoned with fennel, garlic and olive oil.


Pot Roast with veggies

Making Pot Roast in an Instant PotAn instant pot is a wonderful addition to the kitchen to save you cooking time creating hearty meals. Make a tender pot roast in record time.


Bratwurst sausages on a grill.

Recipes Using BratwurstThese German style sausages are typically made from beef, veal, or pork, with pork being the most common ingredient. They are delicious grilled, pan fried, baked, or included in a cabbage stew. Sauerkraut is an excellent addition to a brat sandwich or casserole. Try one of the recipes found below.


A frying pan filled with liver and onions.

Making Liver and OnionsSliced liver of pork, beef or lamb and sliced onion bulbs are eaten commonly in the UK and Germany. It is often served with potatoes.


Homemade Pork Back Ribs

Homemade Pork Back RibsMaking pork back ribs ribs at home will give you control of the seasoning, marinading and cooking time. A delicious recipe here with Asian influenced seasoning.


plate with Honey Mustard Pork Loin with veggies

Honey Mustard Pork Loin with ApplesMake a delicious pork roast surrounded with apples, carrots, and onions. A honey mustard sauce can be prepared from the drippings. The recipe and instructions for making this amazing main dish follow.


Pork Roast  served with mashed roots and veggies

Pork Roast with Crispy CracklingTo create the delicious crackling on a pork roast, start with one with the rind still on. The instructions and photos needed to make this tasty roast are found on this page. Serve with a side of veggies.


Balsamic Crispy Garlic Steak on plate

Making Balsamic Crispy Garlic SteakMarinate a flank steak in balsamic vinegar and chopped garlic. Then cook in a skillet at a moderately high temperature for 5 or 6 minutes per side. It is ready to serve. The garlic is crispy and the vinegar cooks down into a nice sauce. This meal is quick and delicious.


Party Sausages in bowl

Making Party SausagesThis tasty Filipino creation made with hot dogs fried with onion slices and then simmered in a banana ketchup sauce is easy to make and has added chicken sausage bites. The recipe follows for making this quick and easy dish.



Instant Pot Beef RibsMake bone-in beef ribs at home in your Instant Pot. You may never go out for them again.


formed meatballs in pot

Instant Pot Porcupine MeatballsWhen you use an electric pressure cooker, you can cook these delicious porcupine meatballs fast. They get their name from the rice sticking out like quills on the meatballs.



Apricot Marinated Steak on plate

Apricot Marinated SteakApricot preserves, cider vinegar and pureed onion can make a different sweet and savory marinade for a steak.


Ham with Sweet Mustard Sauce cooked in casserole

Ham with Sweet Mustard Sauce RecipeMustard and ham are a wonderful flavor combination. This recipe pairs baked ham with a homemade sweet mustard sauce. It is also delicious on vegetables.


Buttered Pork Chops in Gravy

Buttered Pork Chops in Gravy RecipeButter is the base for these savory pork chops. Finish with a simple pan gravy to serve over potatoes, pasta or rice.


Balsamic Steak and Veggie Rolls

Balsamic Steak and Veggie RollsBalsamic vinegar adds a wonderful flavor to these steak rolls. Add some aromatic veggies and this makes a wonderful meal, perhaps served with rice.


Bacon Wrapped Porchetta

Bacon Wrapped Porchetta RecipeBacon is said to make everything better. In this case, it is used to make a delicious pork tenderloin for a party or special dinner.This page contains a recipe for bacon wrapped porchetta.


Heavenly Ham Dinner

Making a Ham DinnerHam is a favorite main course for a special dinner, especially in the spring and at Eastertime. This is a page about making a ham dinner.


Pork Riblets on plate

Pork RibletsThis is a delicious and inexpensive meal to prepare. Serve with side of rice and vegetables. Pork riblets were only $1.09 lb. This would be a good alternative for finger food if you're hosting a party, inexpensive to serve and easy to make, in addition to drumsticks, wings, etc.


Beef Rib Roast.

Beef Rib Roast RecipeA delicious beef entree for a special dinner or event that can feed a group. This page contains beef rib roast recipe.


Berry glazed chicken with cranberry on rosemary garnish.

Black Raspberry Glazed Chicken RecipesThese simple recipes are easy to make but are perfect for a fancy meal. The sweet tanginess of the raspberry preserves and whole raspberries is the perfect pairing for chicken. This page contains black raspberry glazed chicken recipes.


Honey baked ham with cloves, partially sliced.

Honey Baked Ham RecipesHoney baked ham is a favorite holiday dinner for many and it's easy to make at home. This page contains recipes for honey baked ham.


Raw pork on skewers.

City Chicken (Pork) RecipeThis Depression era recipe comes from a time when chicken was expensive and difficult to get in the big cities so pork was used instead. This is a page about city chicken (pork) recipe.


Pork Cutlet with Apple Slices.

Braised Boneless Pork Cutlet with Apple SlicesPork and apples pair nicely together in this delicious dinner option. This page contains a recipe for braised boneless pork cutlet with apple slices.


Ground Pork Tossed with Herbs on plate

Ground Pork Tossed with HerbsThis will pair perfectly with classic white rice and side of pickled cucumbers, one of my favorites!


serving dish of stew and bowl of rice

Lamb and Herb Stew (Ghormeh Sabzi)This has been one of my favourite Persian stews since I was a little kid. There is truly nothing like it. This is another one of those recipes people ask for my instructions on often and it's best I put it up here with pictures for everyone get use out of. This is my late grandmother's recipe, taught to me by my mother. You can use beef in place of lamb, or just make it vegetarian.


Chipped Beef on toast on a red plate

Recipes Using Chipped BeefChipped beef is thinly sliced beef that has been pressed, salted, and dried. It can be used in numerous recipes from dips to casseroles. This page contains recipes using chipped beef.


Sautéed Steak with Onions and Spinach

Sautéed Steak with Onions and SpinachI like to take advantage of sales. The steak, onions and spinach were all on special. So easy to make and it all cooks in one pan.


Prime Rib Roast with bone-in on wooden cutting board

Preparing a Bone-in Prime Rib RoastThere is no need to bury the amazing flavor under heavy seasonings. Here is a simple recipe for preparing a melt-in-your-mouth prime rib. This is a page about preparing a bone-in prime rib roast.


Pork ribs on a cutting board.

Pork Rib RecipesPork ribs are a favorite for summer barbeques and potlucks. This page contains pork rib recipes.


Short Ribs on dinner plate

Pressure Cooker Short RibsTender, falling-off-the bone ribs is what you will get when you make this. I clipped this recipe a while ago: a Christmas gift of red wine and a sale on short ribs resulted in a great dinner tonight.


steak on plate

Coffee Rub Sirloin SteakA local store had a fantastic sale on prime sirloin steak, so I took advantage and made this recipe. I used Truvia blend instead of brown sugar and used less chili powder than the recipe called for.


Raw rabbit ready for cooking in roasting pan

Country Rabbit RecipeRabbit is a lean meat that is still popular in rural areas. This is a page about country rabbit recipe.


Mustard rabbit in a baking dish.

Mustard Rabbit RecipeA mustard sauce adds flavor to rabbit meat. This is a page about mustard rabbit recipe.


Tray of uncooked meatballs ready to be baked.

Baked Meatballs RecipesBaking your homemade meatballs is easy and less messy than frying them on top of your stove. Make enough for several meals and freeze for later use. This page contains baked meatball recipes.


Ham Hocks With Vegetables

Using Ham Hocks in RecipesHam hocks are perfect to use when preparing soups, dried beans, and more. This is a page about using ham hocks in recipes.


Slider burgers

Making Burger Sliders on a George Foreman GrillThe George Foreman Grill can cook slider patties quickly and does a great job of removing fat from the meat. This page is about making mini burger sliders on a George Foreman Grill.


Honey Baked Ham on dinner plate

Honey Baked HamMy family loves the official golden wrapped Honey Baked Ham that is very famous. Well, I just don't have a golden wrapped Honey Baked budget! This year, I scored a huge ham for under $5 and honey'd it up myself. Here is how to turn a store bought cooked ham into a Honey Baked Ham.


Baked chicken covered in cheese.

Teriyaki, Bacon Ranch, and Cheese Chicken RecipeAre you looking for a new chicken recipe to try? This unique combination of flavors is sure to be a hit at dinner. This page contains a teriyaki, bacon ranch, and cheese chicken recipe.


Cajun Beef and Vegetables

Cajun Beef and Vegetables RecipeThis page contains a Cajun beef and vegetables recipe. If you have left over pot roast, it is perfect for this recipe. Cajun spices make this hearty dish of beef roast and vegetables, flavorful and delicious!


Baked Chicken Breast

Baked Chicken Breast RecipesChicken breasts can be prepared in so many ways. Here are some delicious recipes to try! This page contains baked chicken breast recipes.


A meatball sandwich on french bread.

Recipes Using MeatballsFrom sandwiches to spaghetti to soups, meat balls can be used in all sorts of dishes and can even be a main course themselves. Here are some delicious recipes using meatballs.


Grilled Pork Shoulder Skewers on plate

Grilled Pork Shoulder SkewersYou can't go wrong with a nice sweet marinate for grilled pork skewers! This is a tasty recipe that we love to prepare when we host BBQ parties. No one is ever disappointed. You can substitute the meat, but on hand I used pork shoulder.


Baked Pork Tonkatsu on plate with rice

Baked Pork TonkatsuThis is a highly requested meal that is often prepared in our household. Instead of deep frying the pork cutlets, we bake them for a healthier alternative. This is very easy to make and you can make a lot too! Since the common household does not make this many the recipe will display enough for 4 people.


Caramelized Yellow Tail and Baby Back Ribs with red pepper slices

Caramelized Yellow Tail and Baby Back Ribs RecipeMake your baby back ribs even more savory and delicious by adding some caramelized onions to the dish. This page contains caramelized yellow tail and baby back ribs recipe.


Grilled Chicken and Macaroni

Grilled Chicken and Macaroni RecipeMacaroni is a perfect base for many dishes, especially grilled chicken. This page contains grilled chicken and macaroni recipe.


Moroccan Chicken

Moroccan Chicken Thighs RecipeThis healthy and delicious chicken recipe is a meal your family will want again and again. This page contains Moroccan chicken thighs recipe.


Mason jars of venison.

Canned Venison RecipeIf you have extra venison to store for later use, canning is a great way to accomplish that. This page contains canned venison recipe.


Cubed Steak

Slow Cooker Cubed Steak RecipeCubed steak is a perfect meal to cook in a crockpot. This page contains slow cooker cubed steak recipe.


Ground Beef

Ground Beef Parmesan RecipesGround beef makes a great base for many dishes, add some Parmesan cheese to give your ground beef some extra flavoring. This page contains ground beef Parmesan recipes.


A cut of meat and a metal meat tenderizer.

Recipes with Tender MeatPreparing meat so it is very tender will make it much easier to chew. This is a page about recipes with tender meat.


seasoned steak

Herb and Garlic Steak RecipeAll you need to make a delicious steak are some herbs and garlic. This is a page about herb and garlic steak.


chicken breast, potatoes and broccoli on plate

Orange Zest Chicken Breasts RecipeThis delicious quick and easy to make chicken dish is perfect for a busy day. This page contains an orange zest chicken breasts recipe.


Asian Glazed Pork Chops

Asian Glazed Pork Chop RecipePork chops are a favorite dish in many households, add a little zest to your normal recipe by trying these Asian glazed pork chops. This page contains Asian glazed pork chop recipe.


Chicken wrap on plate

Healthy Rotisserie Chicken WrapsChicken wraps are a delicious and healthy meal option and makes a great lunch any day of the week. This is a page about healthy rotisserie chicken wraps.


Crockpot Spinach and Artichoke Chicken

Slow Cooker Spinach and Artichoke Chicken RecipeA crockpot is a perfect way to make chicken. Adding spinach and artichokes will make it an extra delicious meal. This page contains crockpot spinach and artichoke chicken.


Crockpot Honey Garlic Sesame Chicken

Crockpot Honey Garlic Sesame Chicken RecipeCooking chicken in a crockpot is great way to keep it moist and delicious. This is a page about crockpot honey garlic sesame chicken recipe.


Sweet and Sour Meatballs in pot

Easy Sweet and Sour Meatballs RecipeSweet and sour meatballs are a mouthwatering dish that makes a great main dish or appetizer. This page contains easy sweet and sour meatballs.


Smothered Chicken

Smothered Chicken RecipesSmothering or cooking meat in a flavorful sauce is a delicious and easy to make meal that requires little prep. This page contains smothered chicken recipes.


An uncooked beef roast with a sprig of rosemary on top.

Glazed Rosemary Roast BeefA delicious glaze of balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, Dijon mustard, and horseradish separate this roast from the mundane. This page contains the recipe for glazed rosemary roast beef.


Pork & Veggies in Sweet Sauce

Pork and Veggies in Sweet SauceMake this delicious stir fried pork dish with vegetables and rice. This page contains pork and veggies in sweet sauce.


Bottom Round Roast with Onion Gravy on plate

Bottom Round Roast with Onion GravyThis tasty pot roast practically cooks itself. This is a page about bottom round roast with onion gravy.


A pork roast made with pesto.

Pesto Pork Roast RecipeThe delicious flavor of pesto melds with savory roast pork to create a tasty meal. Add a side of pesto pasta and a salad and you are ready to serve. This page contains a pesto pork roast recipe.


Venison Jerky

Venison Jerky RecipeThis page contains a venison jerky recipe. Venison has long been used to make delicious jerky.


Rib-Eye and Roasted Garlic Vegetables

Roasted Rib-Eye and Vegetables RecipeThis is a page about roasted rib-eye and vegetables recipe. Make this delicious one pan dinner for your family.


Braised Oven Baked Pork Chops

Braised Oven Baked Pork Chops RecipeThis page contains a braised oven baked pork chops recipe. An easy tasty pork chop and gravy main dish, where the oven does most of the flavor melding.


Crockpot Kalua Pork

Crockpot Kalua Pork RecipesGet a taste of Hawaii with this slow cooker kalua pork recipe. This page contains crockpot kalua pork recipes.


Grilled burger on mashed potatoes with au jus.

Au Jus Burger RecipeThis is a page about au jus burgers. Enhance your burger patties with beef broth for a moist, delicious burger.


A ladle of au' jus served with roast beef.

Beef Au' Jus RecipesA roast dinner can be enhanced with addition of beef broth and seasonings for a thin gravy. This page contains beef au' jus recipes.


Braised Pork in Soy Garlic Sauce

Braised Pork in Soy Garlic SauceBraising is a great method for cooking pork and keeping it moist. This page contains a recipe for braised pork in soy garlic sauce.


Braised Pork on a bed of lettuce

Braised Pork RecipesWhen braising, first the food is cooked at a high temperature and then finished with the addition of liquid to keep it moist. This method lends itself to preparing meat. This page contains braised pork recipes.


Raw pork medallions surrounded by fresh seasoning ingredients

Pork Medallion RecipesTender pork medallions are perfect for use in a wide variety of recipes. This page contains pork medallion recipes.


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A plate of lamb chops with asparagus.

Herb Butter Lamb ChopsIt's easy to make your lamb chops super elegant with this quick and easy method. All you need to do is pan sear the lamb, then use its juices to make a pan butter with sizzling herbs. I used mint and parsley here.


Pot Roast with veggies

Instant Pot Pot RoastThis recipe uses an Instant Pot to make a savory and tender pot roast in under 2 hours. This is a basic, simple recipe and the results are the same as slow cooking it in a crockpot all day.


Baked Chicken

Baked Chicken RecipesThis page contains baked chicken recipes. Include delicious baked chicken recipes as part of your weekly menu planning.


Balsamic Crispy Garlic Steak on plate

Balsamic Crispy Garlic SteakThis is a quick and easy way to make a very flavourful steak with very few ingredients when you're short on time. The balsamic vinegar works great as a rapid tenderizer, too.


Cooking a Turkey With a Brine

How to Make Moist Turkey With a BrineBrining a turkey before cooking it, can help keep the meat moist and flavorful. This page contains tips for making a moist turkey using a brine.


plate with Honey Mustard Pork Loin with veggies

Honey Mustard Pork Loin with ApplesThe flavours of this roast pork loin smothered in apples is perfect for the fall season. Use the freshly roasted pork's juices, along with some honey and mustard, to make the perfect sauce to accompany it. The apples, once browned and cooked down, can be pressed down on with a fork to make an effortless applesauce for your dish. This is one of my favourite pork dishes, by far!


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Herbed Lamb Chops

Herbed Lamb ChopsIf you love lamb chops you have to try out this delicious recipe. Check out this video and learn how it is made.


Greek Chicken Breasts

Greek Chicken BreastsThis is a really tasty and wholesome chicken recipe. Check out this video and make this recipe tonight.


Slider Patties

Making Slider PattiesSliders are a fun meal to make at home. Check out this video and learn how easy it is to make perfectly shaped patties.


Easy Cookie Sheet Sliders

Easy Cookie Sheet SlidersSliders are a great party food. This video shows you a quick and easy way to make them.



White Adobo in jar

White AdoboAdobo is a common recipe for the Filipinos. Why most of us likes to cook the dish is because it is simple and doesn't spoil easily. The Covid-19 outbreak has gone worst in my country and most of the people, though advised not to panic, it is still normal to see them get scared for themselves and their families.


Corned Beef Patties on plate

Corned Beef PattiesI'm working on canned goods at this moment. We usually replace canned goods in two to three months. So that old stocks doesn't mix up with new ones, we consume them. I make snacks or meals out of them. Today I'm upgrading a canned corned beef for breakfast. Here's my recipe.


Cooked lemongrass pork in a pot.

Sautéed Lemongrass PorkGrowing lemongrass has it's perks! You can make this delicious sautéed lemongrass pork dish, that is easy to make and very flavorful.


Instant Pot Pot Roast on plate

Instant Pot Pot RoastSomedays I just don't want to spend hours hovering over the oven. This pot roast made inside of the Instant Pot is easy and tastes like effort! You can use almost any cut of meat and it will turn out brilliantly. Give it a try!


A plate of crispy pork roast with apple onion gravy & veggies.

Crispy Pork Roast with Apple Onion GravyThis is a juicy, tender pork roast with crispy crackling on top. It pairs beautifully with the gravy made of apples and onions. Smooth and velvety, it really compliments the savoury roast. Serve this alongside oven-roasted veggies and you'll be everyone's favourite chef!


pork shoulder roasted in pan

Roast Pork ShoulderEasy to whip up, roasted pork shoulder with fennel seed, garlic and olive oil rub. This is perfect for a special dinner or special occasion served with side of roasted vegetables and rice (or however you would like to serve this).


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Recipe for Stuffed Veal Breast?My mother use to make a stuffed veal breast. She would have the butcher put a slit on on the side and I think she stuffed it with a bread stuffing. I would hope someone would have a recipe similar to this.


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Uses for Pork in Juices?I have some canned pork. Can I use this for egg rolls?


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New Recipes for Beef Liver?Is there any way to fix beef livers without frying or throwing it out?


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Making Cookie Sheet Sliders?I'm planning to make your cookie sheet sliders and I would like to confirm how many you get from the 3 lbs of meat - is it one sheet of 24?


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Slow Baking a Pork Loin Overnight?How can I bake a large pork loin roast in the oven overnight?


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Preventing Crunchy Rice in the No Peek Pork Recipe?On the no peek pork chop recipe, I want to use around 12 thin tenderloin slices and my rice is usually a little crunchy even being cooked for 2 1/2 hours. Will adding more soup, milk, or butter keep it less crunchy but more creamy?


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